Doctor Visit and a New Camera!

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Hubby had an appointment this morning with Dr. Waites.  It was a good appointment; his blood pressure  was nice and low and the doctor was happy with everything he saw and heard.  He told Ron that he was glad to see him up and about; that he had been a very sick man and that it was great to see him feeling as well as he is.

Afterwards, Ron and I went to the Springfield Family Restaurant.  He had breakfast and I had lunch; we both had banana cream pie for dessert (I know, I shouldn’t have but it sounded so good when Ron ordered his slice!).

Then, we went to the Sam’s Club.  Since I dropped my other camera and had been using my phone (which was alright but not as good as a real camera), we looked at cameras and picked out an Olympus SZ-12.  It came with a case and 4GB memory card, which is not a very big one, so I put in my 16 GB card.

I’ll use it tonight while preparing supper!


Migraine Headaches: Dr. Cady

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My first appointment with Dr. Roger Cady at The Headache Care Center was yesterday.  He and his staff were very, very friendly.  I have hope that we can get a grip on these migraines and I can live my life again.

He increased my Imitrix and gave me a prescription for a nausea medicine; told me to take Magnesium tablets and Vitamin B Complex.  I am also to learn biofeedback and practice daily so that when a migraine happens, it can help calm me.

Dr. Cady said he wanted to get as many medical records as possible; he might want to order an MRI and they’ll call me about that as soon as he goes over my medical records.  Ick!  I don’t like MRIs where they stick you in head-first for long amounts of time.  I get claustrophobic and need a Valium to calm me down.  I’ll need to remember to ask for something.

Today I need to go to the pharmacy and pick up my medicine for nausea and a couple for my hubby’s eye surgery next week.  He’s having one eye fixed next week for his glaucoma.  Thankfully his doctor is from Springfield and comes to Aurora and hubby can have his surgery done in Aurora.

My mom’s appointment for her glaucoa repair is set for March 13.  I’ve emailed the Water Tower Inn for reservations; they’re right on campus, across the road from the Eye Institute.  We need to be in St. Louis on the 12th since surgery will be early, early in the morning.  Dr. Shields will want to see my mom the day after surgery plus the day after that.  I don’t want to rush her home, either, that’s another reason to stay over on Friday.  Dr. Shields told me that the Water Tower Inn gives good rates for surgery patients and their families.  Hopefully, I’ll hear from them today.

Thumb Update

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Remember the other day when I sliced my thumb?  I think it was last Thursday.  The next morning, I went to see my family doctor because she wanted to take a peek at my left flank to see how my spider bite was healing.  She decided to give me a topical antibiotic cream because it was much better BUT still a bit red, plus the two blisters were still there and looking a bit too angry to ignore.

Anyway – she was typing her notes on the computer and we were just chatting when I was laughing about slicing my thumb and bleeding in the potatoes and having my son help the night before and next thing I knew, Dr. A wanted to look at my cut. I took off the band-aid and she was not happy.

ham 010

Out came the handy-dandy measuring tape (she’s been using one on me every day she’s seen me this week, measuring the redness of the spider bite).  The cut was .5 cm long and it was gaping a bit.  Uh-oh…I could tell by the look on her face that she was not thinking happy thoughts, so I said, “What?  What’s wrong?”

Dr. A inhaled, exhaled and told me that she wanted to put a couple of stitches on the cut.  My reaction?  “No! You can’t!”  I have never had stitches and didn’t want them.

Well, she finally said that she could use something rather than the stitches; it’s almost like super-glue, and there are no needles involved.  That made me a happy girl.  The nurse came in and washed my thumb with saline solution to clean off the Neosporin and get the area ready for the glue-stuff.  OUCH!  Saline solution on a gaping cut really, really hurts!

After the nurse was finished, Dr. A bee-bopped back into the room with her super glue and she had to squeeze the cut closed and squeeze the tube of glue over the cut.  OUCH again.  But it hurt less than I’m sure a needle would have hurt.

I’m wearing a band-aid over the spot.  Dr. A told me that the glue will eventually wash off and by then it should have healed.


Last week was a week to remember.  Or should I say, a week that I wish I could forget.  One nasty brown recluse spider bite and a sliced thumb.  A total of two ER visits, four prescriptions and four office visits to see my family doctor.

My husband said yesterday that he had been looking forward to 2013 but so far it had not been an auspicious beginning.  Well at least I’ll hit my insurance deductible quickly.

It can only get better from here, right?  Hope so!

November 2

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Well, I’m home from my trip to Columbia.  Had an abdominal CT scan on Wednesday, saw the surgeon and the bariatric Fellow and the next day, had a liver ultrasound.  The good news is that I don’t have any ulcers nor are there intestinal hernias.  The bad news is that the surgeon is concerned about my liver; thus, the ultrasound.  The bariatric office was supposed to get the results of my ultrasound today bu nobody called, so on Monday, I will call them.

Meanwhile, the dizziness continues.  It happened on Tuesday night, on the way home from eating supper.  We had a really yummy meal at an Italian restaurant called The Rome.  I had the half-order of veal parmiagiana.  Oh, it was so delicious!  Afterwards, we stopped to get gas in my car and it was while on the highway, going to the gas station that the dizziness started.  It must have been around 6 pm by then? By the time the car was filled and I put the cap back on my gas tank, everything was spinning wildly.  I scooted myself into the car and pulled forward into a parking slot in front of the building and sat.  My mom was talking to me, trying to keep me calm.  She didn’t offer to drive back to the hotel, though.  For one thing, she’s afraid of so much traffic.  For another, it was dark.  She’s had her glaucoma and cataract surgeries and can see better than she used to.  Eventually, I just felt like I had to get moving and go back to the hotel.

If I didn’t believe in angels before then, I sure do now.  There’s no way I drove myself and mom back to the hotel without some Heavenly intervention.  Once we arrived at the hotel, the dry heaves started (sorry if that’s TMI) and I could barely stand.  My mom somehow dragged me up the steps into the hotel and into the elevator and up to our room.  In the course of packing for the trip, I left my Meclizan at home, but thank goodness, she had some!  I took a pill and crashed onto my bed.

We had to change rooms because the heater was LOUD.  My mom was on the phone with the front desk at least twice (she told me this, I don’t remember) and then the maintenance man was in our room for a while.  He finally decided he couldn’t fix it and we’d need to move.  My mom packed her stuff, somehow I threw my clothes and things into my bag and wobbled across the hallway.  The vertigo didn’t stop until around 9 pm.

The next morning, the only problem I had was a headache but it wasn’t too terrible.  We went to the radiology center and I had my CT scan, then we went to breakfast.  Too bad the restaurant we ate at doesn’t have its own website.  It’s called Lucy’s Corner Cafe, 522 E. Broadway in the downtown area of Columbia.  I ate there last time I was in town.  Yum!  Real, homemade food.  Love it.  We also went there Thursday morning after the ultrasound.  Guess that makes us regulars?  LOL

Will be going back to see the surgeon and bariatric doc at the end of this month.  Hopefully, one of these tests will give us some definite answers.  At least it felt as if these doctors are LISTENING to me and understand that something is really wrong and they’re willing to help me.  My family doctor is very supportive, and the gastroenterologist that I saw in Springfield was very nice but all of the other doctors who’ve seen me in recent months just kind of look at me as though they don’t believe me.  All they say is, “Nothing is wrong, the tests are all negative” and then they send me home with no answers.



Columbia, Here We Come!

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Oh, here we go again! Off to Columbia, my mom and I. Thankfully, she’s ready, willing and able to go with me tomorrow. I have to have a CT Scan, one that requires my drinking a contrast solution the night before and the morning of the Scan. Earlier this morning, Natalie from Missouri Bariatrics called me and we talked about what’s up.  That’s when she told me about the need for the scan; it looks as though I have some type of hernia(s) due to surgery.  She explained it to me and at the time, it made sense but when I tried to tell hubby and my mom what Natalie said, I got my tongue and brain all tangled up.  It seems like when they do RNY Gastric Bypass surgery, they get everything in proper order before they close you up – I remember the morning after, they did some type of scan where I had to drink something nasty so that they could take an X-ray to make sure my pouch was entirely closed right.  Apparently, sometimes because of the amount of weight lost, things get tangled up and poked into wrong places.  Does that make sense?  I wish I had a better memory!

Mom and I leave tomorrow morning and we’ll be staying at the Hampton Inn near the hospital.  My test is early in the morning; I have to check in at Missouri Radiology and Imaging Center at 7:45 am and then later that afternoon, see the doctor at 2:45 pm.  There’s no way I’m going to feel like driving four hours home, so we’re staying another night.

I’ve already called Sister Romalia to tell her that I won’t be able to teach PSR on Wednesday; she wasn’t upset, just worried about me and my health.  She said she’d pray for me and I really appreciate that.

I need to get Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again” on my iPod.

Still Dizzy…

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Went back to the family doctor today. Still feeling dizzy and having ringing in my ears. Nobody wants to answer my ears.

Dr. A thinks part of the reason my ears are ringing is due to the loss of hearing.  Rats!  She also thinks I still have my sinus infection, so she gave me more antibiotic to take for ten more days.  Yuck, that means I have to keep eating yogurt to keep my insides happy.  I don’t like feeling dizzy.  She gave me some exercises to do – yes, believe it or not, there are exercises to do in order to help your inner ear balance.  I’m to take the antibiotic for a few days and if I don’t feel better, then she wants me to try them.

If I’m still not feeling well next week, she’s going to order a CT scan of my sinuses.  Boo!

Going to take it easy this weekend…hopefully, I’ll feel better by Tuesday because I have to go to Columbia to meet with the bariatric surgeon to find out the results of my endoscopy.

So, this is what 51 feels like?

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Doesn’t feel much different from 50, ha!

Today was such a busy day.  Ron and I had FIVE medical/dental appointments between the two of us today in Springfield.  Came home exhausted.  He rested for about an hour and then we went to Acambaro for supper.  We decided coming home from supper that we’re never going to schedule so many things in one day.  It’s one thing to schedule one or two things and save making multiple trips to the city but wow – five things in one day, plus lunch, plus he ran to Sam’s Club while I was at the dentist’s office.  Too much!

When we got home from the city, there was a really pretty birthday cake on the table!  My mom snuck in while we were gone and left it for me.  How sweet!


Right now, I’m too full to eat any cake but sooner or later tonight, this pretty cake with the red roses is going be cut into and eaten!


Off to Columbia!

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I’m leaving home around 9 am to pick up my mom and then we’ll head out to Columbia.  It’s a four-hour drive and we’ll probably stop for lunch…I’m guessing Dowd’s Catfish & BBQ!  Me, I love catfish and could eat it every day.  They also have BBQ ribs, which my mom loves.  There used to be a Dowd’s Catfish House in Neosho, but they left town.  Lucky for me, it’s in Lebanon, which is on the way to Columbia.

I’m leaving the laptop at home in case the teen boy needs it for homework, so I won’t be back until late Wednesday.  Typically on Wednesday, I teach PSR at church to the 7th graders.  This week, though, there’s a field trip to the Corn Maize and Daniel and I have opted out.  I’m a big chicken LOL

Check out time at the hotel is NOON so we don’t have to wake up and race home, especially since there’s no PSR at 7 pm.  That doesn’t mean I want to goof off all day in Columbia or on the drive home, it just means that we can relax and not rush.  As long as we’re home for supper, I’ll be happy.

I would appreciate prayers, that Dr. de la Torre can scope me and find out what’s up.

Hasta luego!

Update on my Trip

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Decided to look into finding a hotel closer to University Hospital; even tried to find one that offered shuttle service to and from the hospital.  None of them that I found offer shuttle service, but I found a closer hotel and made reservations there.  Mom and I will be at the Hampton Inn.  It’s less than 12 minutes from the hospital.

Hubby isn’t feeling too good tonight; he ate supper with us and told Daniel that he really liked the stir-fry but he only had one serving.  I tried to gently push him into having more meat (for the protein) but he didn’t go for it.  Now he’s resting and wants me to call him around 7:00 if he doesn’t wake up on his own.

I feel terrible leaving with him not feeling well, but I really need to make this trip and am hoping and praying that Dr. de la Torre will find something out and give me some answers.  If I have ulcers, then we can figure out what to do.  If it’s something else, we can figure that out, too.  I wish hubby could go with me, but the trip (4 hours one way) would just be too much for him, even if I drive.  Cancer sucks.


Life is….

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Lots of stuff running through my head.

Talked with a friend on Friday about my dh. She suggested I contact the local hospice to ask them for help. Since my dh has signed up for a clinical trial, the insurance company may not pay 100% and hospice may help.

So on Monday, I went in and talked with the hospice nurse, had a good talk and a good cry. Hospice will provide nurses, volunteers and social workers for us during this time and will be able to help us financially, too, if necessary. I told the nurse (Joni) that you can find 100 million books about weddings, being pregnant and being a parent and even being a spouse, but there are no books on how to deal with the process of losing your spouse or what to do to prepare yourself.

Then that night, dh and I had a good talk and a good cry.

We discussed whether or not he would want to go through chemo, based on the side-effects. The hospice nurse said we need to get clear answers from the medical oncologist about what those will be. She said if he’s on oral meds, the side-effects could be as rough as those you get through an IV. My dh doesn’t want to end up sicker from the chemo than he would be from the cancer and so is thinking about that.

This morning we’re in Springfield. We have an appointment at 2:30 with the medical oncologist about the chemo. On the drive in, he said he’s been thinking hard about our conversation on Monday night. He said it’s the most serious he’s heard me talk about this since his diagnosis and he’s glad we got so much out in the open. He’s thinking and wondering about how much time he’s got left…

We’ve been joking about it, too, though, like the other day when I told him he was stuck with me for the rest of his life

Well, he is, isn’t he?

Life is so precious. I’ve promised him that I’ll never let Daniel forget him. I’ve told him he needs to write letters to Daniel so that he can “hear” his voice in the future. My camera is charged up and we’re going to be taking a lot of pictures and making tons of memories.

God is good. He blessed me with this man, my soul-mate, my best friend. It’s so much more than I ever dreamed possible.

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