Sunday Night Musings

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It’s been a long weekend.  Hubby went to the family doc again on Friday and she said he did NOT have pneumonia.

I ended up taking my beloved to the ER on Friday night.  We were there for TWO HOURS before we were able to get to the back, and then we waited ONE HOUR to see the doctor.

Then it was one mistake after another.  Hubby has rotten veins and they have to use an ultrasound to get a good IV in.  Well, guess what?  The first one, the nurse put in on the bend of his right arm and it FELL OUT.

So, the second nurse came in to put another one in.  Apparently this is the nurse who is in charge of the program of training other nurses to do these specialized IVs.  He put the IV in near hubby’s wrist.  Then he left and the ER nurse was able to give him another dose of pain meds.

Within about 10 minutes, hubby noticed that the IV was starting to hurt.  His wrist was starting to SWELL.

He called the ER nurse and she had to take it out.  So much for the pain meds.

The doctor had supposedly spoken to another one of hubby’s docs and they decided which tests to do – but then the hospital computers went down – and everything came to a complete HALT.

By then it was after 11:00 and I went in search of the doctor to find out what was going on.  He FINALLY came in to talk to us at nearly midnight with no idea when the testing could start, on account of the computer problem, the fact that there was no IV in my husband’s arm….

It was then that hubby said, “I want to get out of here!”

I tried to convince him to hang on but he was very upset at being poked and prodded TWICE for IVs that fell out.  He was exhausted and grumpy and so was I.  Finally, he asked the doc for a prescription of pain meds to get him through the weekend and we drove home.  In the FOG.

It was so foggy I could barely see at times.  By the time we got home – we live an HOUR away from the hospital – I was shaking and near tears.  My mom was there; we had called her to come spend the night with Daniel.  She was sleeping in his room while Daniel was sleeping in our room.  Hubby climbed in bed with the teen and I crawled into Daniel’s room to sleep on the mattress on the floor.


By then it was nearly 2:00 a.m.

The next morning I went to the pharmacy to fill the pain med script.  Guess what?  The ER doc wrote it WRONG.  And since it’s a narcotic, it couldn’t be corrected by fax or phone call.  I called our family doc – who was on call – to see if she could meet me at her office to write a new script but she was in OKLAHOMA.

Oh.  My.  Gosh.

So, I called the ER we had been in the night before to see what we could do….I knew that hubby wouldn’t want to go back and going to the ER here in our small town would be more of a nightmare than the one Friday night…..

Well, God smiled on me, because there was an incredible guy in the ER named Tom that worked a MIRACLE for us.  He worked it out and found out that there was an ambulance transporting a patient and once the EMTs were finished with their job, taking care of the patient, they’d be going to the ambulance station and Tom would have an ER doc fill out a CORRECT script and give it to the EMTs and they’d give it to me once we met at the station.

And that’s exactly what we did.  Tom called me once the EMTs called him to say that they were in route to their station, so I tore out the door and met them there.  After checking my ID and asking me what I needed and who it was for, they gave me the script.  Then I raced to the pharmacy – it was closing in half an hour – and got hubby his pain meds.

Oh.  My.  Gosh.

I should have gotten Tom’s last name so I could present him with a gold medal or something.

Tomorrow we go back to the hospital for SCHEDULED scans and a doctor visit.  God willing, the doctor will find out what is wrong.  He’s in serious pain, very uncomfortable, unable to eat – he’s barely eaten in over a week.  We’re continually offering him water or soda water or milk or Diet Pepsi to drink so he doesn’t get dehydrated.  Poor guy, he’s got both me and his son picking on him about drinking.

I just want him feeling better.



Speed Bumps in an Ordinary Life

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Nothing ordinary about today.

I woke up thinking it would be an ordinary day but we hit a speed bump.  My husband woke up at 8 a.m. with chest pains.  Ron showered, brushed his teeth and got dressed; came into the kitchen to take his medicine and couldn’t.  He walked over to his recliner, moaning in pain.

The world stopped spinning.

We ended up in the local hospital ER and then he was sent via ambulance to the ER in Springfield.  I just left him there, he’s going to be there for a few days.

Diagnosis:  dissected aorta

Ron was diagnosed last year, in May, with this problem.  At the time he and I were told that he wasn’t a candidate for surgery because of his cancer.  The specialist said that he’d have to watch his blood pressure and that HOPEFULLY, the dissection would heal on its own.

Today, March 1, 2013:  speed bump time!  The dissection grew about 2 cm.

The specialist today (a different one, but in the same partnership) told us that it would heal on its own.  My beloved is in severe pain.  The problem that the doctors have with him is that, because Ron has cancer and has been on morphine for pain, he’s built up a resistance and they’re having to experiment with dosage and adding an extra med for pain.

Ron was finally admitted to the hospital tonight around 6:30 p.m., and given one dose of each pain med.  When I left him around 7:15 p.m., he was in pain.

I haven’t prayed this much in 12 hours since I can’t remember when.  My mom picked up our teen son from school; I tried to explain over the phone what happened to his dad.  He (Daniel) wanted to come to Springfield but Ron said “Not today” and so, hopefully, tomorrow.

God is awesome.

Want to know why?

Friday mornings, I always run errands.  Always.  Can I tell you again, always.  Always.  I go to the library, post office, bank, and then to get groceries.  Sometimes I don’t get home until 11:00 a.m.

Today I didn’t go anywhere.  I was here, hanging around at the computer, checking my email when my husband came into the kitchen and when he struggled into the living room.

God is awesome.

Want more proof?

A cousin of mine is in town from Kansas City.  Because I couldn’t leave Ron’s side and come home and then drive back, my cousin was able to bring me some very important items from home; things that Ron needs, one of them being his chemo.  And, his eye drops from his cataract surgery yesterday.

God is awesome.

More proof?

My husband is ALIVE and the doctor is hopeful.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

As for me, I’m exhausted and feeling a bit manic at the same time.  I’ll probably play around on the computer to un-wind and then call my son and tell him goodnight.  Tomorrow, my cousin is in a bowling tournament in Springfield and he offered to come get Daniel and take him out for supper, to break up his afternoon.  He’s a dad and a grandfather.  Jesse understands teenage boys.

God is awesome…..speedbumps or not, God is awesome.

Tonight’s News

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Tonight I fixed my Linguini Alfredo.  Yum!

I needed to fix something simple because I’m rather loopy and out of sorts.  This past Saturday morning, when I woke up and went into the bathroom for my shower, I discovered that SOMETHING – probably a brown recluse spider – had bitten me during the night.  The bite was just a tad bit bigger than a quarter yet smaller than a half dollar.  I’ve been bitten before – it’s been a few years – and when that happened, my family doctor had to cut the area open and drain it and put me on antibiotics.  So, I’ve got a little experience with spider bites.

Of course, being Saturday, there was no doctor in the office, so after waking up my hubby and showing it to him, I went to the ER.  Saturday afternoon in the ER is no picnic, let me tell you….they took me to triage immediately and then told me to wait.  I mentioned to the nurse that I hadn’t eaten yet and she suggested a visit to the cafeteria since it would be a very long wait.  So, I marched down the hallway and had a turkey sandwich and a bottle of water.

Three hours later, they took me back to a room.  Thirty minutes later the ER doctor came in and without even looking at me, asked what brought me in.  I told him that it was a spider bite; he remarked that many people think that they have been bitten by spiders when in fact it’s a staph infection.  Hmm.  Okay, well, that’s nice to know.  He looked at the hole in my left flank and said, “Yes, that’s definitely a spider bite.”

Good.  My self-diagnosis was right.

He gave me an antibiotic but said not to fill it unless the bite worsened in appearance.  If I wanted to, he said I could come back to the ER and visit just the nurse in triage for her opinion before filling the prescription.  Otherwise, he said, not to worry, it was just a localized reaction and should clear up in a couple of days.  I drove home, feeling hopeful, and had my teenager take a picture so that we could keep track of the bite.

That night, I noticed that the bite area was a bit more red and larger plus there was a streak of redness from the site, aiming north.  The next morning, it was even more pronounced in redness and size.  I had my son take another picture; adding more money to a hospital bill was not a good idea, so I skipped the triage visit and got my prescription filled.  It was for Keflex, 500 mg and the instructions were to take it twice a day.

My family doctor is part of a medical community with a great communication system, so I sent her an e-mail, letting her know what happened, asking her to look for the ER visit paperwork when she got in and wondering if she would see me on Tuesday.  Mondays are her days off from seeing patients; she usually pops into the office for paperwork and other assorted things.

Monday morning came and the bite was bigger and even more angry looking and the streak seemed wider.  Hmm.  I took more pictures and wondered what to do.  My doctor’s nurse called – perfect timing!  I gave her the update.  The doctor wanted to see me on Tuesday, but if things were worse, the nurse had instructions to send me back to the ER.

I sat around most of the afternoon debating on this.  Not wanting to spend hours in the ER caused a delay in action.  My husband had gone to Springfield for the day; my son was at school and I would have to pick him up around 4:00.

I ended up leaving home around 3:30 and called school, telling the principal that I’d be coming early for my teen.  He and I ended up stopping at Sonic for a quick bite before heading over to the ER.

We arrived at the ER and explained why I was there; they immediately took me to triage, then back to a room.  Good!  Action!  I was feeling hopeful that something could be done for this nasty looking, painful bite.

My husband called once he arrived at home, and he came and picked up the teenager, knowing that he would get bored sitting around the ER with me.  The two of them left and I promised to call as soon as I knew something.

Eventually, the same ER doctor that saw me on Saturday afternoon walked in.  Oh.  Hello again.

He put on a rubber glove, took a peek and said that it was just a localized reaction.  I mentioned the streak and he said that he had seen things like that before.  Oh.  Nice.  What does it mean to me, though?  He said to fill the prescription.  I told him I had been taking the meds since Sunday afternoon.  Oh.  He said he could give me a second one, to take in addition to the first, but that it could cause problems for my gut plus you know, taking too many antibiotics wasn’t healthy, I could build up a resistance and that wasn’t smart.

Hmm.  Ok.  No, I passed on the second antibiotic but asked for something for the pain.  He gave me a prescription for a pain pill on Saturday but once I filled it, discovered that it’s on the “do not take” list that my bariatric surgeon gave me.  So, he left the room telling me that the nurse would be back in a few with paperwork and that I should be fine in a day or two.

I left without the prescription for pain meds.  I was too upset to let the nurse take my vitals again.  The doctor wasn’t taking this seriously.  I wish there had been another ER doc available but living in a small town, there’s only one.  Even though it was her day off, I called my family doc and told her what was going on, explained that I wasn’t being cared for properly, and asked her what she could do.  She was in the middle of something – I apologized, crying, but, something had to be done.  She told me to come in Tuesday, she promised to take it seriously, just go home and try to relax.

So I did.

I saw my doctor this morning.

I have an infection.

It’s not a localized reaction.  She measured the area, from one side to the other it’s 12 cm wide.  The bite area has two blisters next to it; those are new as of this morning.

She gave me a new antibiotic, one that I’ve never taken before.  And, thankfully, pain meds that I can take (they make me loopy but hey, loopy can be fun).  I have to go back and see her tomorrow afternoon.  She is concerned.  Thank you!  Someone in the medical profession is concerned!

I found a website that the State of Missouri has, for the Board of Healing Arts.  I’m going to file a complaint about the ER doctor.  My doctor asked me if the site looked like this yesterday; if the ER doctor measured the red area; if the streak was present.  I answered, “Yes, no, yes” plus she asked other questions.  I’m going to e-mail her office tonight and ask for the records of both ER visits, so that I can mail them in to the Board of Healing Arts with my complaint.

As of now, the area looks the same – I’ve only had two doses of the antibiotic.  My doctor said it might not look better; in fact, she said it might look worse before it gets better – ugh!  But, she is taking care of me, which is what a doctor is SUPPOSED to do.

Thank God for good doctors.  And my camera; I’ve been taking pictures or having my husband and son taking pictures daily.

When it rains, it POURS

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Daniel went to basketball practice, remember I mentioned that in my previous post? Well, apparently another boy pushed him and he fell, landed on his knee and screamed in pain. He came home and I iced it while he did some homework. He was in his room, came out and fell again. So he was very upset and in serious pain so off he and I went to the ER. Three hours later we find out it’s not broken or anything, just seriously bruised. They wrapped it in an Ace bandage, he’s to ice it 3x a day and take Motrin every 6 hours, no PE for a week, no basketball either. His last game is Saturday but he has to sit it out. We just got home around 11 pm after stopping at McDonald’s for a quick dinner. Ack! Can I go back to sleep and re-do this whole day?????????

~ P

It’s Monday….

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Last week sucked. Big time.

Saturday woke up with the earache.

On Sunday I had a stomach ache…felt like I was dumping although I hadn’t eaten much nor had eaten any sugar.

Tuesday my stomach was still hurting, so didn’t go to work. Got an antibiotic for the earache.

Wednesday went to my new therapist. After waiting 20 minutes, asked where the heck he was…wasn’t even in the building. He claims he told me my appointment was at 10:15 not 10:00 and he turned it into MY fault that he was late anyway. Walked out on that jerk and am not going back. Will go see the same therapist that Daniel is seeing. Thankfully she is taking new patients.

Wednesday night was having chest pains. Ron helped me to calm down and realize that it wasn’t a heart attack.

Thursday woke up with my right side numb. Couldn’t feel anything. Went to the ER and they said it wasn’t a stroke.

Friday went to my family doc and she put me on an anti-anxiety drug and told me to find some release for all this stress that I’m under.

Saturday, Ron was very emotional and remembering special times we had and we cried a lot, he and I.

Sunday he couldn’t eat much all day. Daniel and I worked outside Saturday and Sunday. I realized that I’m going to have to sell the house because me and Daniel won’t be able to keep it up after Ron is gone.

Crap. I’m praying that THIS WEEK will be BETTER!

~ Patty

Another TIA and Another Trip to the ER

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The TIA started during Dr. Phil last night…..around 3:45 pm.  So I called Ron, we delivered my son to my mom and took off for the city.  Went directly into the ER/Trauma department and they did blood work and a CT scan and took the DVD we got from the hospital here at home (with the first CT scan and MRI).

Eventually the Trauma doc said that the blood work was fine and the CT scan was perfect and sent me home.  Part of me didn’t want to leave the security of the hospital but part of me wanted to RUN home and hide.  The Trauma doc said that he’s not positive about TIAs but that something they think about with "women my age" is Multiple Sclerosis.  I have a cousin with MS.  She inherited it from her mom, who is not a blood relative, but was related to me by marriage.  So it doesn’t officially run in the family.

Hubby and I stopped at Waffle House on the way home for pecan waffles.  Yum.

I had more tingly numb stuff once I was in bed but didn’t wake up hubby.

He’s taking off on Monday to drive me for the appointment and to see the doc with me.  He’s frustrated and concerned and wants answers, too.

I need to find a book about MS to do some research.  Wouldn’t it be showing up on BOTH sides of me and not just one?

~ Patty

What day is this?!?

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OKAY, I have to ask someone, it’s Friday the 10th of October.  At least it’s still October.

My little Daniel got SO sick on Monday…throwing up and diahrrea.  He couldn’t keep anything down or in.  We ended up calling our family doctor at home and she sent him some phenegran suppositories but he couldn’t keep them in either.  So we ended up in the ER for a couple of hours.  Thankfully they didn’t have to IV him, he needed some zofran and ice chips and was as good as new.  Thank God little ones heal quickly.

And then Wednesday he went back to school but by lunchtime was feeling punky again so we decided to go home.  On the way home, I had to make an emergency stop at the library for the bathroom and barely made it…..yeppers, I had it too.  Couldn’t stop throwing up or having diahrrea for 24 hours, so I ended up in the ER yesterday for 5 hours.  They gave me 2 bags of fluids (guess I was dehydrated?) plus one of potassium because it was very low, too.

Today Daniel wanted to go to school and I took him, came home and napped.  Am feeling a bit better, but still am not eating right.  Just crackers and flat Sprite and some Ramen noodles for lunch. 

On Monday, my mom and I (OH, yes, she’s home from the hospital, thankfully her blockage got cleared out during a scope!) have appointments with our endocrinologists.  By then, things SHOULD BE back to NORMAL, whatever the heck normal is LOL

~ Patty

Oh what a Day this has been!

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First of all, I went to the doctor’s office to have my blood work done at 9:30.  After waiting 30 MINUTES, I go ask the receptionist if they’ve lost my file.  She goes back to check.  After a few moments, she returns to tell me that the lab tech is having troubles.  FINALLY the lab tech comes out to tell me that she CAN’T do the blood draws on me, that I’ll have to go to the local hospital.


So I go.

When I get there, their receptionist tells me that the paperwork I have isn’t an ORDER for bloodwork, and that she needs to contact the nurse at the bariatric center to have orders made and faxed back.

So I wait.

Finally, they get the fax and get me processed and sent to the lab.  Mind you, this is a FASTING lab, so I haven’t eaten all morning and by now it’s 10:30!  It takes two lab techs a few moments to gather up all the tubes they’ll need and then the hunt is on for the perfect vein!  I have very small veins, inherited from my Dad, thank you, Dad LOL

After a hunt of a few moments, they find one and we all three hold our breath until ALL the little tubes are filled.

11:00 am.  I’m STARVING by now so I run to Subway and have a mini ham & cheese sammy with a Coca Cola Icee.


Then I head home and do my laundry.

After a while, it’s time to pick up Daniel from school and go get his allergy shot.  We return home to find a message on the answering machine from the nurse at the bariatric center, telling me to RUSH to the ER because my potassium is at a CRITICAL LOW LEVEL and I need IV fluids with potassium.


I go to the ER after dropping off Daniel with my mom.  They admit me and take away my clothes and dress me in one of their designer gowns LOL and proceed to begin the hunt for the perfect vein.  Finally she jabs me with her needle and gets it in.  OUCH!

I sit and wait.  And wait.  And wait.  By now it’s nearly 4:45.

Finally a doc comes in and asks me why I’m there.


I explain to him what the bariatric nurse said and he laughs and says that I’m not in any danger, all I need is a potassium pill.  And his nurse gives me one with a bottle of water.

Just wait until tomorrow!  I’m calling the bariatric center to ask why they SCARED the heck out of me and sent me to the ER for a pill.  Wonder what this pill is going to cost me?!?


I get out of the hospital around 5:00, pick up my son and head home to start dinner.

My right arm, where I was going to get the IV is very very sore and bruised.  That nurse hurt me!

Oh what a day..

~ Patty

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