Saturday Morning Musings!

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Doing my second load of laundry, but THAT is a GOOD thing because it’s my brand-new clothes!  All in Size LARGE!  Going to wear a new outfit tonight, we’re going out for dinner, to celebrate my birthday EARLY since hubby won’t be here on Wednesday.

Hubby leaves tomorrow for a conference in Las Vegas.  He’ll be back on Thursday.  Daniel is already missing him.  He doesn’t handle separations well, poor kid.  Luckily, though, Ron doesn’t travel much for work, maybe just once a year.

I’m not envious of him going to Vegas.  Some of the wives tag along with their hubbies (I would just have to pay airfare, the room would be with him, so it’s covered), but I’m not tempted to go to Vegas.  Gambling and booze?  No thanks. 

We’ll miss him for the four days that he’s gone, though.

Wanted to try the new steak house in town but it’s STILL not open yet.  So we’re going to another restaurant about 15 minutes from here.  Hopefully the food will be good.

Got my haircut on Thursday, it’s very short!  Daniel got his cut yesterday, it’s short, too, but not as short as he first wanted.  I convinced him to NOT get it all shaved off LOL

Need to call school to set up parent-teacher conference Thursday or Friday. 

Daniel should get the cast off his wrist Monday!

That’s all for now!

~ Patty


Tuesday Evening Musings

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Just finished dinner.  Tuna melts (a spoonful of tuna salad on an English muffin, topped with a slice of cheddar) with fruit salad – or as hubby calls it fruit SOUP.  Pretty good dinner.  I made the fruit soup with strawberries, blueberries, peaches, raspberries, bananas, green grapes and cherries.  YUM!

Now the dishes are in the dishwasher, hubby is in his workshop, Daniel is planted in front of the television (yes, homework is finished for the night) and I’m planted in front of my computer.

It rained a bit earlier and is supposed to continue for the next day or so.

Getting my hair done on Thursday; Daniel gets his cut on Friday. 

Made his appointment with the bone doctor, he goes in to see Dr. Woodbury on Monday (no school that day).  Hopefully he’ll get his cast off that day!

That’s all for now!

~ Patty

Ouch! Fractured Wrist!

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Last night, Daniel wanted to go to the skate park and ride his bike, so we (he and I) went after dinner.  Hmmm, well, he crashed.  I didn’t see it happen but he was going up a ramp and somehow got twisted around and fell backwards.  Went home, iced it and sent him to bed with Tylenol.  When he got up this morning, he was holding his wrist and arm and complaining a lot, so I gave him more Tylenol and sent him to school, knowing that I would call the doctor at 8:30.  Our family doc is out on Mondays but luckily her partner could see him at 9:30.  Went in for an Xray and found out he’s got a small fracture.  Now he’s wearing a blue sling and thinks he’s pretty cool.

The weekend was alright, other than that.  He had a soccer game on Saturday, which ended up being scoreless, 0-0.  Now he can’t play soccer this week or have recess or go to PE because of his wrist.  We go back to the doctor (ours this time) on Friday and she may need to order an MRI to get a good look at the damage.

Poor kid!

I am a happy camper – down 60 pounds since surgery!  And since I’m at my 3-month anniversary, I get CITRUS, so I’ve been snarfing down oranges and grapefruit all weekend.  YUMMY!

OH and I didn’t get the preschool teacher job.  Almost forgot about that LOL

They decided to hire someone who is bilingual.  Fluently bilingual.  I can speak Spanish but am not fluent.  Oh well.  Hubby says that if I want a job so badly, to go to Walmart but it’s not that I wanted "a job" it’s that I wanted "this job!"

Anyway, that’s life.

Today is the first day of AUTUMN!  Happy Autumn!

~ Patty

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