I think this is Sunday…

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because we went to Mass this morning.  Otherwise I wouldn’t know what day it is LOL

Things are getting back to normal around here.  Thank God, my husband has NOT gotten the nasty stomach virus that Daniel and I had last week.  And, thank God Daniel and I are feeling MUCH better!  The last couple of weeks have been rather crazy and it’s good for things to be calm again.

Went to Walmart today.  Twice.  Forgot the milk so I had to go back.  What a ding-a-ling I am!

Daniel is up at the shop helping Ron – they’re working on shelves for the school library.

I’ve got a roast in the oven and laundry in the washer and a load in the dryer.

Would love to take a nap but there’s too much going on.

~ Patty


Sunday Afternoon

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I’m feeling much better today than I was yesterday.  Everything hurt yesterday!  I was sore from my neck on down.  Today just my shoulders and arms are sore.  Oh and my right knee hurts still.  The bruising is more apparent today.

Tomorrow I have to call the other driver’s insurance agent to make my report.  I hope that she (the driver) is alright.  Definitely will ask about her (and her passenger).

Still getting used to my rental car, it’s a Dodge something-or-other, a fancy riding car LOL  I’m used to my Toyota!  Went and saw it yesterday and picked up a few items (like lawn chairs that were in the back) and said my GOODBYE to it.  We may never see it again.

Just got home from Walmart, spent nearly $180 in groceries. 

Dinner tonight will be a ham steak, buttered potatoes and veggies.

Now I’m off to see what is new in the world……..

~ Patty

Saturday Afternoon…

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It’s a bit rainy here in the Ozarks this afternoon.  Rather cool.  Nice!

Woke up this morning and ran to the Walmart for a few groceries and then onto the Herb Depot for my Greek yogurt.  Then home for breakfast (watermelon) and onto the YMCA for a 30-minute bike ride.

Returned home and tried to nap….headache.  But couldn’t nap and got hungry for some lunch.  Made myself a yogurt, strawberry and blueberry and granola parfait – eat your heart out McDonald’s – mine was better than what you make LOL

Dropped some laundry into the machine and now it’s in the dryer…..finished up a book I started a few days ago…..and now am here just to see what’s new in the world.

~ Patty

Less than 3 weeks…….

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 I woke up this morning thinking that in three weeks, I’ll be waking up in the hospital LOL

This is just amazing.

Not much going on in my head today…….the weather is gorgeous, we may go to the YMCA pool today…….need to go to the grocery store and get some supplies for dinner this week.

~ Patty

Hello, Sunday!

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OMG!  Just another day and a half until we go to Missouri Bariatric Services in Columbia!  Um, I’m a bit excited about it, can you tell?!?

Tomorrow is Saint Patrick’s Day!  My saint’s day.  We have a blood drive for the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks and that’ll keep me busy LOL

Afterwards I’ll pick up ds at my mom’s and then we’ll go out for dinner.  In the morning after we drop him off at school, dh and I will head to Columbia.  I am trying to think of any questions I’ll have for the doctor…the appointment is supposed to take an hour, so I’m sure he’ll have plenty for me.  I have to remember to take an updated list of my meds; it’s changed since I put in my preliminary paperwork in August.

We’ve made reservations for Easter Brunch.  It’s going to be nice; hopefully my Mom will be able to join us.  Usually when there’s plans made, she can’t come for some reason.  Today I called her to have her put this on her calendar and she already moaned and groaned that she’s not sure she’ll make it….today she has a headache.  I hope it doesn’t last all week….but from the way she’s talking, it might….you have to know her to understand what I’m talking about.

Anyhow, that’s life.  Yesterday I did a lot of laundry and still have some to do.  I went to the grocery store this morning but got away with spending just $40.  I’ll have to go again next Sunday though, and that’ll be a bigger bill.  For dinner tonight we are having sweet Italian sausage with pasta.  My ds loves it.

Off to explore……

~ Patty


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My dh and I spoke last night after dinner and he AGREED that it would be worth it to ADD Medicare Part B to my insurance plan Part A.

So I have already emailed Justin at Missouri Bariatrics to tell him this and to ask him to go ahead and set up my first consultation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So hopefully on Monday morning, Justin checks his email immediately upon arriving at the office and will be able to get my appointment set up.

Speaking of Monday, my friend Doris is taking me to Springfield for my THIRD MRI.  Oh well.  I have my Valium prescription picked up and only need to take them in order to prepare.  I’m trying not to obsess over the whole thing.  After all, it can be fixed…not looking forward to any injections, but hopefully they’ll work.

I just hope I don’t act too dopey in front of Doris while I’m on the Valium LMAO

………….not that she’d notice!

Anyhow, ds and I just got back from his basketball game – he scored again!  I am so proud of him.  He’s beginning to really get into the game and is doing so well!!!

He knows that the date for me and dh to go to Columbia is getting close, but he doesn’t seem to be bothered like he was last year when we spoke about it.  Maybe if we (dh and I) go up on a weekend, we can arrange for him to spend the night with a classmate, like his best friend.  That would be more fun than his grammy LOL

So now there’s a load of laundry in the washer and many more to follow.  Dinnner tonight will be ham steak, mashed potatoes and a veggie.

I should go to the store and buy groceries for next week but the load of clothes in the washer in dh’s work shirts and they’ll wrinkle if I don’t keep an eye on them.

Okay, just wanted to share my good news!!!

Adios for now.

~ Patty

So it’s Wednesday…

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My little one is sick with a tummy ache and a headache; he’s planted in front of the television.  We left for school and weren’t even out of the driveway when he started complaining about his stomach.  I told him to try and manage an hour and see how he felt, that I would be just a phone call away.  He made me laugh, he said, “Grammy lives closer to school than we do and can get me faster, I’ll have Mary call her.”  He’d rather go down Grammy’s than go home!

Anyway, he seemed okay so we drove onto school but by the time we arrived at the building, he burst into tears and said it hurt so much, so I just brought him back home.  I tucked him into bed for a couple of hours and he rested a bit.  Now he gets a bit of television time but after while, it’ll be back to bed for him.  He said he was hungry so I fixed him some Ramen noodles, but he barely ate.


It has been a busy week.  On Sunday we (the PCCW) fed between 130-140 people for the funeral dinner.  On Monday we (our church) sponsored the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks blood drive at our church; we had over 40 people show up!  Yay!

Today I was going to go grocery shopping.  I’ve got a menu planned for the entire remaining month of January and have a list based on that menu.  It’ll be a DOOZY of a bill when I’m done, but then I shouldn’t have to go back to the store except for things like bread and milk and fresh veggies and fruits.

I may try to go to the store tonight after dinner.  Yum!  I fixed a pot of ham and bean soup yesterday and it made the house smell wonderful.  We didn’t eat it yesterday, we went out to Mazzio’s, so the soup will be really really good today since it’s had a day for the flavors to mingle!

I haven’t heard yet from the Missouri Bariatrics….every day I wonder if TODAY will be the day.  When I spoke with Amy in December, she said it MIGHT be that I’ll hear from them this month.  I’ll wait until February 1st, then I’ll call again.  I’m so anxious.  The bad news is that the 18 pounds I’ve lost…..I’ve gained some back…..grrrrrr!  I need to get back to Curves and back to eating less.  It feels as if I’ve been eating less but obviously I’m NOT.

Our American Diabetes Association School Walk is coming up…..silly me sent out a memo with a sponsor envelope to all the parents and put the wrong date for the Walk!  The school principal just called me to say that she told me it ought to be on January 28!  Not January 29!  What a ditz I am.  Anyway that’s the way my brain works sometimes…..there’s just too much junk going on upstairs for it to process and mistakes happen.  Thankfully, the school secretary will put the correct date in the weekly newsletter and people should call me when questions.

Hasta luego!

~ Patty

Another Day is PMS-Land

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So this morning I needed to drop off my car at the tire place…to have them fix the rear tire.  Of course they said to leave it and come for it later (figures!) so I had to call my mom to come get me.  Oh joy!  Don’t get me wrong – I truly love my mom and love spending time with her but with my PMS bugging me, I just wasn’t in the mood for her.  So while I was at her house waiting for my car, I slept.  I know, that’s cheating, but it’s better than getting frustrated with her silliness and yelling at her…which I have been known to do.

I was concerned about my ds and his cough again and wanted to call his doctor (the allergist – asthma doc) in Joplin but couldn’t get in…so I called our family doc here in town.  The receptionist said that Dr. P was on her way out the door, to call back on Tuesday but I got tough and said NOPE, please go chase her down and let her know that I am truly concerned about my ds and won’t wait until Tuesday…

Well it worked!  I got a call back saying to come in immediately…so I drove to ds’s school and snagged him out of class and took him in.  Thank God it hasn’t turned to pneumonia – she said it was a VIRUS and that the antibiotic that the nurse practitioner gave him on Monday was useless…she gave him a cough syrup and said to continue his puffer (Albuterol), especially 30 minutes before bed.

FINALLY my car was finished, so we dropped by to get my mom and have her take me to it.  Thankfully it only cost $7 to repair the problem.

Then I ran to the glass shop for the new kitchen window (long story) and to the pharmacy for ds’s cough syrup…and then home FINALLY to sit on the couch for a breather…only to remember that I forgot to buy MILK!

So I called dh and thankfully he said he would pick it up.  I needed it for the fish!  We (ds and I) fried cod and fixed mac & cheese, and mixed veggies.  Thanks to my Byetta, my stomach said “no thanks” and I barely ate.  Thankfully, too, my Metformin isn’t making me nauseated.  But I still didn’t eat much.  Yay!

I’m exhausted now…..

Gotta run to my Friends Page and see what’s new…

~ Patty

Friday Night…Movie Night

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We went to the movies tonight…saw The Game Plan.  It was cute.  I went in expecting to NOT like it since it has that guy, The Rock, in it, plus there was going to be football.  But it was a good show.  Daniel really enjoyed it, too.  We ate a huge bucket of popcorn and shared a huge Diet Dr. Pepper.  Then afterwards, dh wanted to go out for dinner.  Ack!  I ordered a salad and was only able to eat half.  Thank goodness for doggie bags!  I can have the other half tomorrow for lunch.

I’m making up my menu for next week.  I do that so that I will stick to my budget.  DS gets to choose the meal once a week and this week he wants pizza.  We (dh and I) aren’t crazy about Totino’s pizza so this week I offered to buy a pizza kit and we’ll make one from scratch.

I am so SLEEPY today.  Last night I was really restless…this morning after taking ds to school, I took a nap on the couch for a couple hours but ever since I’m still tired and could fall asleep if I just lay down…not sure what is going on.  Need to take my vitamins…that’s going to be a part of my life once I have surgery…

Speaking of surgery I am still waiting to hear from them to schedule my consultation.  I don’t care when they want me there, I’ll cancel everything else to get there!

Okay, it’s going to be 8 pm soon…going to sit with ds and watch tv a while.

Adios for now!

~ Patty

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