Tomorrow is Halloween!

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Finally, I have time to sit at my computer and post an update.

What a week this has been.

Daniel still has bronchitis and FINALLY went to school today (he hadn’t gone all week!).  His fever finally broke the night before.  He’s still got that terrible cough, though.  And he’s still on his 2x a day Pulmicort, 2x a day Allegra plus Albuterol taken on the nebulizer every 3-4 hours.  I feel as though I’m a prisoner of the clock, having to keep track of everything.  Thankfully I’ve got a small notebook that I keep in the box with the nebulizer, where I write notes to myself…started that in 2004.  Daniel was amazed at his "history" and was reading it the other day.

I told him he could go trick or treating tomorrow, but that we are NOT going to stay out late like we usually do.  We’ll probably quit around 7 pm.  The weather is going to be in the 70s during the day, but once the sun goes down, it chills quickly and his lungs do NOT need to be out in the cold.

I told hubby that after the week that I’ve had, I deserve dinner out, so he’s already planning on taking us out for dinner LOL

Got my hair colored today, it’s called Autumn Red…very pretty.  Hubby didn’t notice.  Or if he did he forgot to mention it.

Had chili for dinner.  And homemade cornbread.

Should be upstairs folding laundry but am too lazy tonight.

~ Patty


What day is this? Where am I?

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I can’t believe it’s been FOUR DAYS since I’ve posted….that must be the longest lapse I’ve ever had.

Yesterday was my birthday!  I turned 47.  Since hubby is still in Las Vegas, my mom took me and Daniel out for dinner.  It was nice.

Today, Daniel has a half day of school.  Lucky kid.  Although, he’s not feeling very lucky, he woke up with a serious sore throat.  Maybe I’ll have to call the doctor tomorrow?

I need to find some Halloween games and things to do for the kids next week at their Halloween party.  I’m one of the three room-mothers for the 4th grade.  One mom already told me that she will be out of town that day and can’t help.  I need to call the other mom to see if she can come help.

Hubby comes home today from Las Vegas.  He called last night and was so TIRED.  It will be good to see him – Daniel and I have been lonely without him.

Today, my mom wants me to take her to her hair appointment to get a permanent.  It’s for 1 pm.  So, I’ll pick up Daniel at 12:30 and go over to her place.

That’s about all that’s on my mind right now.

~ Patty

Happy Halloween!

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Trick or treat!
Smell my feet!
Give me something good to eat!

We used to say that when I was a little girl…taught it to Daniel this week.  Hopefully he won’t say it tonight while he’s trick or treating, ha ha.

So this morning I dropped him off at school with his costume in a bag; he carried in his ninja sword.  His teacher took the sword and put it in the classroom closet because she was concerned it would be played with.  Hmmm, she’s pretty smart, ha ha!

I dropped off the cooler with juice and ice, too, so I don’t have to worry about it later;  I pick up the cupcake cake at 1:30.  That should give me enough time to get to school before 2:00 when the party officially starts.  The children will get to dress in their costumes and then parade around the playground – then they’ll go to their classrooms.  Our 3rd graders will get cupcakes, juice and a treat bag.  Daniel wanted me to buy pop instead of juice but I refused.  They’ll have enough sugar as it is.

I’m in my cat shirt with my leopard print headband.  The shirt came out pretty cute.  I used a bowl to trace around with chalk for her head and a lid to one of my pans for her body…drew triangles for ears…used white paint to trace the chalk for her head, body, ears and tail…green eyes…a pink heart-shaped nose and a little pink mouth…all I need to do is FRIZZ my hair and I’m ready to be a hairball.

I’m meeting D at 9:30 to pick up turkeys and hams and a few other supplies for the Fall Feast.  I’m baking a ham, a turkey and a pie.  And will be working from 9:00 until 11:00 on Sunday.  I do not miss being president of the PCCW and having to be there all day long…I mean, it was exciting to be such a big part of church and to be involved is good, but it was so much WORK and such an awesome responsibility.  And my family needs me.  It took me away from them too much and my dh was upset about it a few times.  Now he reminds me if and when I am doing too much…he and my ds need me at home.

~ Patty

Sunday…What time is it?!?

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Okay, I’m totally lost.  My computer clock says it’s 2:29 but my kitchen clock and bedroom clocks say it’s 3:39.  When does Daylight Savings start?  I always thought it was the last weekend of October but obviously my computer thinks that it’s THIS weekend.  I called my mom and she told me her girlfriend in KCK called her to remind her to change her clock last night – so mom called my dh and he said not to do it until next weekend.  We went to church at the regular time and nobody was late…what is going on?!?

Anyway, back to my world…I’m doing laundry and need to fry some chicken wings for dinner.  We’ll have them and smashed potatoes with gravy and a veggie.  Daniel is at the skating rink…Ron took him and they were supposed to meet a friend there for a belated birthday celebration.  Last week was L’s party but Daniel was sick.

My toe is feeling much better, thank you very much.  Although on Friday, while preparing for a funeral dinner at church, my friend D dropped a container of gravy on it, ha ha!  It hurt (of course) but I made out like it hurt really really bad and made D feel awful, I love teasing her, it was so funny.  All day long (we were there from 10:00 am until around 1:30 pm) whenever I knew she was looking at me, I would limp and moan, ha ha!  I’m so terrible.  Of course at the end of the day I told her it was fine and that she was worried over nothing, then we looked down at my toe and saw that it bled through the bandage and then she got all upset again!  It’s been gooping ever since but not too badly…I go see the podiatrist on Thursday and will make sure and tell him about the “gravy incident” ha ha!

OH for Halloween, guess what I’m going to do?  My hair is naturally curly and it frizzes like crazy unless I put mousse in it…remember a while back my dh told me I looked like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket?  WELL, the other night I was brushing my hair before bed and played around a bit and had an idea!  I’m going to wear a gray sweatshirt and sweatpants and FRIZZ my hair all over the place and go to Daniel’s school as a HAIRBALL!  I might get some of that puffy paint and draw a kitty face on my sweatshirt…

I’ve ordered cupcakes for the party at school this Wednesday and purchased some juice packs and napkins, too.  I’ll call one of the moms and ask her to make some goody bags – she told me on Saturday that she wanted to help.  The children get to dress up and then parade around the playground, then come in for their treats.  It should be fun!

Okay, off to check laundry.

~ Patty

It’s Friday!

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And that means that yesterday was Thursday!  No, I’m not losing my mind, it just feels that way, haha!

Yesterday started out as a great day…all three of us were up and dressed and fed and ready to go to work and school – Ron left the house before us and then we left the house…BUT then my car wouldn’t start.  It clicked and nothing else happened.  I tried over and over to start it…finally called hubby and asked him what to do.  He turned around and came home…he got into my car and ZOOM! it started.  I was so upset!  Then he tried it again and it WOULDN’T start – HA!

So then he tried again and it DID start.  Very curious!  We left the engine running and he took Daniel to school and told me to take it straight to the car shop.  I got there right at 8:00 am and they said they could look at it, just leave it, it could be a couple of hours.  Huh?  I didn’t want to spend my day there so I called my mom and she rescued me.  Thank God for moms!

Anyway, my car needed a new starter (whatever that is).  They took the old one out and re-built it and charged us $185 and had the car all day, until after 3:00 pm.  Sheesh!  That was $185 that we didn’t need to spend.

Darn cars.  It’s almost paid off…just five more payments and it’s officially OURS.  My friend “D” told me today that’s why it needed a new battery a few weeks ago and now it needed a new starter…it knows it’s almost paid off!


Tonight Daniel is going to the YMCA for the “BOO BASH” and hubby and I get to have dinner alone.  We haven’t done that in months…

Tomorrow morning is soccer.  The weather is supposed to be nice.  It’s pretty darned cold out there right now, though.


~ Patty

Hello, Friday!

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We have survived another week!

I just ordered Daniel’s Halloween costume, it’s so cool, he’s going to love it. Want to see it? Here you go, click here!

Daniel complains that he never gets mail from the mailman or packages from the UPS man, so he ought to enjoy getting this box. We should receive it within ten days.

Yesterday was a Region 2 meeting in Aurora. Our afternoon speaker said that we need to become more than “Sunday Christians” and I’ve really been thinking about that. How often do we – or do I – share Christ with others? It needs to be more than just on Sundays. How can I share Christ with others throught my days? Wow, lots to think about.

I went grocery shopping this morning and did really well and didn’t buy any “extras” or anything we didn’t need. Now my stomach is telling me that it’s getting close to lunch time, so I better run……..

See you later!

Adios for now,


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