June 11, 2011

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OK, so it’s been forever again since I’ve posted.  Things are going well!

Schatzi’s Shadow is 4 months old today and weighs at least 30 pounds….we’ll have to weigh her at puppy kindergarten on Monday.  YES, we are taking her to kindergarten.  It’s doing her well and it’s doing me a LOT of good, too.  Her teacher is incredible, I wish he could LIVE with us and teach us 24/7 what to do!  His name is Tristan Jolivette and he’s a PROFESSIONAL dog trainer, not just a person who thinks he knows enough to train a dog.  You’ve got to check out his website, T’s Dogs.  He’s done wonders with me, er, I mean, with Shadow!  NO, seriously, he’s teaching ME more sometimes than he’s teaching Shadow.  Ron is tough enough that when he speaks, she listens.  Me, I tend to not be strong-voiced with her and she KNOWS that she can get away with nips and bites and tugging on the leash.  So I have to learn how to be a good dog handler and Tristan is working with me on that.  As far as Daniel goes, he gets bored with Shadow, which is pretty sad but both Ron and Tristan agree that as they BOTH mature, they’ll find ways to be together.

Ron’s last scans were great:  no spread of cancer and the nodes in his lungs are shrinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We spent a week in Branson and had a blast, staying at The Falls Village which is part of our vacation time-share.  Mom and I will go back in September; the three of us will return in October and then during Thanksgiving the three of us will spend time there, as well as The Wilderness Club at Big Cedar.  Then all of our points will be used up for the year.  Wish we had discovered time-shares earlier but hey, it was fun.

Work is great….summer reading club activities have started so I’m busy busy busy!

OK, time to re-check email and re-check my Listia profile, then going to read some more.  Am reading DiAnn Mills newest, A Fire in Ember.  Almost finished!  It’s really really good – she’s a great author, you have to check her out if you like Christian romance.


Just me….how’s life?

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Just me. I’m plugging along, taking things one moment at a time. I tried taking things one day at a time but that became too hard. So I’m cutting back to moments. It’s a bit easier.

School is almost out for the year, May 20 to be exact. Daniel will be going to a really cool child care center for the summer. They have an exciting summer program with field trips and trips to the pool. Since I work three days a week, we decided that it would be worth it to let him go all five days. It will help keep him occupied and happy, hopefully.

Ron is tolerating his chemo pills well. He had a 2-week break but had to re-start them on Saturday night. I pray that he can keep taking them without any major side-effects.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, which means my babies and toddlers and preschoolers come in for story time at work. Tuesday mornings are my favorite time of the week. Thankfully my job fills me up and keeps me from thinking about my woes.

~ Patty

Another thrift store WOW!

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Today we went back to the thrift store downtown…found some jeans for Daniel, just $12 a pair plus a shirt for $5.  Then found myself a BOB MACKIE 3-piece outfit from QVC, regular $50 and paid $12 for it!  It’s so cute!  It’s got a top with a huge sunflower on it, black capris and a white skirt with black sunflowers all over it.  Gee, I love shopping!

I used to always love to shop but now that I’ve lost so much weight, it’s so much more fun, kwim?

Anyway, got my release in the mail today, so I can return to work on Thursday.  It’s only half a day on Thursday, so I won’t have to work too hard.  Then I have to work all day by myself on Friday, and then half a day on Saturday.  My paycheck for July 1st is going to be pretty small…darn it!

~ Patty

Well, shoot, back to work in a couple of days

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My doctor’s office is mailing my release so that I can return to work on Thursday.  Yeah, it’s been almost two weeks since surgery and I think I’m ready to go back.

Surgery was the 27th, came home the 28th and went to Walmart grocery shopping on the 29th and started my chores (cooking, cleaning, laundry) on the 30th.  Going up and down the stairs can hurt, I have to hold onto my belly still.  Oh and I tried on my swimsuit today (size 6) and my belly is still puffy, so I couldn’t wear it LOL

Took Daniel to the pool today for a few hours.  It was cloudy and windy, felt too cool to me to be swimming but he doesn’t seem to mind.  I can’t get into the pool yet (stitches) but sat in the sun and read.  Visited with a few of the moms from Daniel’s old school.  It was nice to be outdoors.

Made a killing at the thrift shop today – got a four-piece outfit from Sport Savvy (from QVC) regularly $60 and I got it for $15.  It’s a top, jacket, capris and skirt set.  Very cute!  And I got a really cute polo dress, from Sport Savvy for about $9.  Love to go thrifting!  Love to have a paycheck to spend, too!  My next paycheck is going to be little but oh well.

~ Patty

Wednesday again!

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I miss posting daily and being able to have time to play. Working after having so many years off is different. Not bad in the least, but just different. And it’s just 24 hours a week, so it’s not even hard or long days LOL

I’m off today and tomorrow since I went to a workshop on Monday. But I do have to work on Saturday, which is Valentine’s Day. But only from 9 am until 1 pm. Then I get to see if hubby and son have planned anything for that evening. Daniel has a basketball game that morning and it’s going to be the first time I’ve ever missed one of his events but we’ve talked about it and he’s okay with the idea.

It’s been raining since around 6 pm last night but thankfully we didn’t get any bad weather. In fact I didn’t even hear the weather radio go off once last night.

We got our taxes finished and are very happy to announce that we don’t owe Uncle Sam one red cent! Yahoo! I need to take one form to hubby and have him sign it, then they can electronically file for us and then we can get our REFUND!

Daniel is getting into the groove of his new school; the other morning he told me he gets nervous at times. It’s hard being the new kid! He had so much homework to do on Monday: math and history and penmanship. He was able to finish the math and history on Monday night but had to finish his penmanship work on Tuesday morning before school. Only thing we (hubby and I) don’t like about his new school is that they don’t have a reading program. So we’ve decided to have Daniel read nightly plus on the weekends; then he’ll do a book report for us.

Anyway that’s about it for now!

~ Patty

Hello, I think it’s Wednesday?

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Yeah, it’s Wednesday, my day off.

Things have been quiet today; after taking Daniel to school, I returned home and had a nap. First time in a long time I’ve done that. Then I woke up and went to lunch with the ladies from the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks. We’re having a blood drive next month so we had to meet and get our posters and talk about life.

I will pick up Daniel from school around 3:30 and then he wants to go to the store downtown where we purchased his Bible for school. He wants a cross necklace and I told him we could LOOK. I didn’t commit to buying, just looking.

I hope his elbow is better; he went to basketball practice last night and somehow crashed with another player and came home in pain. Hubby wrapped it in ice for him while he did homework, then he showered and went to bed complaining of the pain. I gave him some Motrin, too. He woke up complianing still, telling me he needed an X-ray. So far the school hasn’t called me so I’m hoping that he’s feeling better. If not, we’ll call the doctor after school and swing by for an X-ray. Poor kid, he’s already had a fractured wrist, he doesn’t need anything else fractured!

I worked yesterday and will go in tomorrow and Friday. Having fun at work! Wow, what a concept LOL Yesterday was my first “Storytime” with the preschoolers and I was a bit nervous but we had FUN! Tomorrow the Homeschoolers come in and we’ll talk about Washington and Lincoln and then about American Heart Health Month and make Valentines for the bulletin board.

It’s supposed to be warmer tomorrow. It was bitter cold yesterday. Silly me, I took a walk for lunch and just about froze my butt off. The walking is good but jeepers it was COLD! Maybe tomorrow I’ll eat lunch at work and then just walk around the block, it’s supposed to be in the 50s.

~ Patty


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I went a whole week without posting!

It has been a wonderfully busy and yet stressful week.

A new school, a new job after not working for over 12 years……..yippee!

I love my job.  I trained for three days at the main branch of the library and next Tuesday, will be at the branch where I’ll be the Children’s Coordinator.

Daniel is adjusting to school.  He’s meeting new friends and that’s always fun yet stressful.

~ Patty

Happy Friday!

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Wow, what a week this has been.

Talk about roller coasters…UP and DOWN and everything in between.

Daniel was sick yesterday with a fever and tummy ache.  He actually napped for 2 hours yesterday afternoon.  He hasn’t napped in years.  Thankfully he woke up feeling better today.

We have purchased all of his school supplies for Tuesday; I am also ready for work on Tuesday.  I go in on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30 until 5:30. 

Things are going to be different around here with me working part-time.  We are used to eating supper around 6 pm every night but if I don’t get home until 5:45 or later, we’ll be eating around 6:30.  Oh well!

Got my hair colored anda highlighted today…have never gotten highlights.  Daniel said I have BLONDE highlights but they are NOT blonde!  They are caramel colored LOL

~ Patty

Wednesday Evening

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Just finished dinner and wanted to post my update.

Daniel WAS accepted into the Christian academy we applied for yesterday!  He starts on Tuesday.  They need time to get his desk and chair up from the basement and to set up a computer station for him.  Plus we need time for buying school supplies (I left the others at the old school, silly me!).

He’s VERY excited.  And nervous, which is understandable.  But very excited.

I start my new job on Tuesday, too, so we’ll be excited and nervous together LOL

~ Patty

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