Still Sick…yucky!

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Still feeling yucky.  Finally caved and called my doctor – I’ll go see her at noon today and hopefully she’ll give me something to clear this gunk up.  Am blowing out yellow gunk and coughing it up, too.  Don’t think I have a fever, though.  Just feeling yucky.

It’s a gorgeous day today, when we woke up it was already 57 degrees.  It is supposed to rain later on, though.  Welcome to early spring in the Ozarks!

Daniel’s last basketball game is this Saturday.  I have to work from 9 am until 1 pm, so am hoping his game is late…maybe I can get there for part of it.  Last week he scored 6 points and was so excited.  He’s a totally new child since switching schools.  No more stomach aches in the morning and searching for excuses to stay home.  I do need to run over to the church office today, though, and get him enrolled in Sunday school.  He learns about religion and the bible at the new school, but it’s not a Catholic school and he needs to learn the special facts of Catholicism.

We went to 6 pm Mass last night to celebrate Ash Wednesday.  We talked on the way home about needing to do something as a family for Lent and have decided to read the Bible nightly.  This morning, I started a book of devotions for women, called A Woman of Faith.  I’d like to find a book of devotions for both my husband and my son….they probably have some at the Catholic book store in Springfield.  Or of course at my favorite online book store Amazon.  Maybe I can search around and find something for the both of them. 

We went out for dinner last night (Chinese) after Mass.  I had dinner in the refrigerator but since Mass was at 6 pm, Ron doesn’t get out of the office until 5 pm, there wasn’t time to eat.  I doubt whether the strata is still any good from last night, it’s been sitting for over 24 hours.  So tonight I’ll make something with the pound of hamburger I took out this morning.

Okay, that’s about it for now….maybe I’ll BBL?

~ Patty


It’s Thursday!

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My ds is home from school today.  Nope, he’s not sick, it’s a Holy Day – All Saints Day.  I would have hoped to sleep late on a day with no school but nope, we didn’t get to.  My podiatrist appointment was at 8:15 this morning and then I had an appointment for lab work at 9:00 so I was up and out of bed at 6:00.  At least ds got to sleep until 7:00.

The good news is that I don’t have to see the podiatrist again!  He’s very happy with the way my toe has healed.  He said it would be gunky and leaky for about another month but then should be fine.  I’m actually wearing SHOES again, thank goodness, because it’s gotten rather chilly!

And the lab tech at Dr. P’s office didn’t terrorize my veins this morning!  I was quite concerned when I went in and almost grabbed Penny, Dr. P’s nurse and asked her to do the poking…but thankfully I didn’t need to.  She took a LOT of blood…I lost count of the vials.  There were big ones and little ones.

Then we came home from running around and I crashed on the couch.  For two hours!  Nap time is nice!

Tonight ds has soccer practice, we have to have supper and then he has basketball evaluations.  He’s never played team basketball and is so excited about it.  We didn’t sign him up at the local YMCA because I’ve heard from others that the coaches only play the really good players, and this is through Upward Bound, which is, from what I’ve been told, an excellent program.

Tomorrow I have to stop at the store for those disposable roasting pans to bake my ham and turkey in (for the Fall Feast on Sunday).  Then I have to bake the ham on Friday and the turkey on Saturday.  I need my dh to carve them up for me into the roasting pans after they’re baked.

Last night, Trick or Treating was good…my child came home and counted his candy:  almost 200 pieces!  He did very well and I have no idea how he’s going to EAT all that stuff without rotting his teeth!  I cheated and had a PAYDAY candy bar, it was a miniature…me bad!  Oh it was so good!

Okay, off to play around…

Tra La Laaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Patty

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