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My mom got her house!

I’m so excited and happy for her!


~ Patty


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– Say a prayer for my MOM!

She put a bid in on a gorgeous little house and they are going to call me back SOON with a counter-offer.  She bid $3,500 below their asking price and we don’t know if they’re going to come back and ask for the full $77,500 or what!  This house is perfect for her, it’s got three bedrooms (one will be her tv room, the second her guest room and the third, her room), a big living room with a built-in cabinet in one corner, a country kitchen with room for her dining room table, a nice and clean and bright bathroom, an attic complete with steep stairs and a beautiful yard, complete with birdbath and gardens!

They’ll be calling me around 12:30 or so.

I’m as anxious as if I were buying the house myself!

~ Patty

Hello, it’s MONDAY!

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What’s new in the world?

Not much for me.  Daniel is off to school, the first full week of school this year.  He had a rough time waking up this morning.  So did I – didn’t sleep well the night before.  Maybe later on today I can take a nap.

Still waiting to learn about the sort-of offer that my mom made on the house she wants; she asked them to lower the sales price by $500 in order to compensate for their not putting carpet in.  This was Saturday and we still haven’t heard back from them…good sign or bad sign?  Don’t know.

My car is in the shop, getting its tires checked.  The rear driver’s side tire keeps running out of air.  They’re supposed to call me when it’s ready.

~ Patty

Happy, Happy Saturday!

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It’s a rainy Saturday in the Ozarks but I’m in a good mood anyway LOL

The scale FINALLY moved this morning!  I’m down three more pounds and am such a happy person because the scale had been stuck for the past couple of weeks.

So far this morning I have:

1.  woke and showered and dressed

2.  fixed a banana-strawberry-yogurt smoothie for breakfast
3.  done three loads of laundry
4.  folded two loads of laundry
5.  put a chicken in the crock-pot for dinner (stuffed with a lemon, drizzled with honey & orange juice)
6.  checked my email

Doesn’t sound like much for someone who’s been up since 9:30 but it’s enough LOL

After while, we are picking up my Mom to meet with the sellers at the house she wants to purchase.  HOPEFULLY she’ll be able to write up a contract with them TODAY and put some earnest money down!  Woot woot!

~ Patty

Yummy Dinner!

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Well, it was the BEST MEAT that he ever ate!  That’s what my Daniel said after taking a bite of lamb.  He finished off two chops and ignored his roasted new potatoes and fresh green beans, too.  What a carnivore!  Hubby said it was a really good dinner, too.  Yay, me!

I was able to eat only one tiny chop.  And some green beans and potatoes.  

Now hubby is up at his workshop finishing a project that he promised delivery on for tomorrow.  Daniel is on the couch watching television – no homework tonight!  And I decided to play on the computer for a while.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!

We might go see a house with my mom tomorrow.  Would you believe that after having a realtor help us for a couple of weeks and having NO success at finding my mom the perfect house, we were driving around with no destination in mind and we happened across the PERFECT ONE.  We just need to sort out the financing part of the project.  You know, the fun stuff such as the sales price and will they accept her bid and how much of a down payment is needed in order to not have to get PMI…that fun stuff LOL

Anyway, this house would be great for her.  We’re all praying about this one!

~ Patty

Happy Sunday Evening!

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It’s Sunday evening.  Finally.  This weekend has felt busy although it wasn’t, not really.

Yesterday was semi-quiet…not much happened.  Today we (Daniel, my mom and I) were supposed to go into the city to shop at Sears for their family-night specials, but my mom came down with a bad headache yesterday and decided that she couldn’t make it.

So instead we hit the local Walmart for some basics for back-to-school.  Since my husband is going to do a LOT of work on the house she purchases and he won’t take money for it, we made a deal:  She purchased Daniel’s back-to-school clothes for the year.  

I think she’s going to buy that house I mentioned on Friday….cross your fingers, say a prayer that everything works out for her!

We will go tomorrow to look at it, and hubby will check it over with his magnifying glass to see what needs to be done.  We are pretty sure it will need a new roof; she wants to have the living room painted and get rid of the dark paneling.  And she wants to have carpet installed in the two bedrooms and the living room; right now it’s got hardwood floors (which I love) but she doesn’t want the headache of having hardwood floors.

Well, that’s about all that’s going on in my neck of the woods.  Off to see what’s new everywhere else.

~ Patty

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After spending the week looking for houses, looking at houses and thinking about houses, I am exhausted.

We just looked at one that I thought my mom would fall for, but she decided that both bedrooms were too little and she couldn’t handle it.  Personally, I thought that the house was PERFECT for her, but oh well.

Hubby is going to a doctor’s appointment this afternoon so Daniel and I are on our own for the evening.  I think I’ll take him to Mazzio’s for pizza and I’ll have spaghetti.

I should go home and take a nap but here we are at the local library again; I just did a search on for a house for her, but there are none in her price range that we can go look at.  They are either in raunchy neighborhoods (yes, we have raunchy neighborhoods in my hometown here LOL) or they are falling apart or they don’t have air conditioning.

Anyway, that’s it for me for now……..

~ Patty

What day is this?!?

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 I think it’s Thursday but I’m not sure.  It’s been such a busy week, house-hunting and all that goes along with it.  My mom found a house she wants but then after my husband looked it over with a fine-toothed comb, she changed her mind.  

So far today we have gone to lunch with our friend, Doris.  Mexican food.  My first try at real Mexican food.  I had part of a guacamole tostada and some of a cheese enchilada, along with a few bites of beans and rice.  Oh and of course a couple of chips with salsa.  So far, so good.

Tonight for dinner we will have pork chops, potatoes and veggies, along with applesauce.

~ Patty

Tuesday Evening Musings

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Last night, after dinner, we went to see MAMMA MIA! at the local movie house.  It was great!  Daniel wasn’t very interested in it, and frankly, if we had the time, I would have left him with my mom while we went.  The movie subject matter was adult and some of the scenes were slightly adult but he didn’t seem bothered.  Anyway, hubby enjoyed himself and that’s what matters.

Today we (Daniel and I) spent the day with my mom, helping her on the house-hunting.  She spoke to a mortgage loan broker today and was pre-qualified!  So now we find a house.  Tomorrow we are going to see TWO.

Dinner tonight was Hamburger Helper.  I am tired from all the stress of house-hunting and ididn’t have time to fix anything “REAL”

~ Patty

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