Happy Monday!

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Nobody has school today and hubby is home from work. It’s my normal day off, so I’m home, too. Doing laundry! It never ends.

We had a nice Valentine’s Day. I had to work that morning, from 9 am until 1 pm. Daniel had a basketball game at 12:35 so after work, I drove over and got to watch the last half. Then we went to McDonald’s for lunch. After McDonald’s, I needed to get gas in my car, hubby took a nap and then we three went to Joplin to eat dinner at The Red Lobster. WOW was it packed! We had to wait about 45 minutes to get a table; they first told us 60-75 minutes of waiting but somehow we got in sooner. Daniel and I had crab legs. YUMMY! Hubby had a platter with crab legs and scallops and lobster. Daniel wanted to taste the lobster but he wasn’t impressed with it (silly kid) so I had his taste plus an extra bite. For dessert, Daniel and I shared a piece of strawberry cheesecake and hubby had Key Lime pie.

Today hubby is in his shop, hopefully he’ll be putting chairs together soon. I’ve got laundry to deal with and Daniel is BORED. He wanted to go bowling but the bowling alley is closed today. So is the movie theatre. You’d think they’d realize that children don’t have school today and they would OPEN. They’d make money! Oh, well.

Daniel is fixing dinner tonight. He went with me to the store yesterday and purchased a pie crust, tomato (just one), sweet Italian sausage and a red and green pepper. He says it’s going to be “like pizza but not pizza” so we’ll see what it turns out to be. He loves to mess around in the kitchen.



Sunday Evening Musings

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We just finished dinner.  YUMMY!  I made a corned beef with red potatoes and corn.  We hadn’t had corned beef in a LONG time and hubby loves it (so does Daniel).

Hubby is in his workshop….Daniel just went up to find him for some reason? 

Speaking of Daniel, he’s got bronchitis.  I’m keeping him home from school tomorrow and calling the doctor.  It didn’t warrant a trip to Urgent Care or the ER but he needs to be listened to tomorrow.  Please pray that he doesn’t develop pneumonia!

Today was the special fund-raising luncheon at church for a parishioner named Christy.  She’s battling breast cancer.  Christy is a young mom (under 40, so to me she’s young) and has four children (three daughters, one son).  Her hubby works at the same place as my hubby, so they’ve got good insurance coverage but as we well know, cancer is an expensive (and nasty) disease.  Please keep her in your prayers.  Chemo is very rough on her.

Thinking of Christy and her battle with breast cancer had me thinking of my best friend last night.  She had breast cancer and it took her away from us after just a 15-month battle.  I still miss her every day.

~ Patty

Tuesday Evening Musings

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Just finished dinner.  Tuna melts (a spoonful of tuna salad on an English muffin, topped with a slice of cheddar) with fruit salad – or as hubby calls it fruit SOUP.  Pretty good dinner.  I made the fruit soup with strawberries, blueberries, peaches, raspberries, bananas, green grapes and cherries.  YUM!

Now the dishes are in the dishwasher, hubby is in his workshop, Daniel is planted in front of the television (yes, homework is finished for the night) and I’m planted in front of my computer.

It rained a bit earlier and is supposed to continue for the next day or so.

Getting my hair done on Thursday; Daniel gets his cut on Friday. 

Made his appointment with the bone doctor, he goes in to see Dr. Woodbury on Monday (no school that day).  Hopefully he’ll get his cast off that day!

That’s all for now!

~ Patty

I think this is Sunday…

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because we went to Mass this morning.  Otherwise I wouldn’t know what day it is LOL

Things are getting back to normal around here.  Thank God, my husband has NOT gotten the nasty stomach virus that Daniel and I had last week.  And, thank God Daniel and I are feeling MUCH better!  The last couple of weeks have been rather crazy and it’s good for things to be calm again.

Went to Walmart today.  Twice.  Forgot the milk so I had to go back.  What a ding-a-ling I am!

Daniel is up at the shop helping Ron – they’re working on shelves for the school library.

I’ve got a roast in the oven and laundry in the washer and a load in the dryer.

Would love to take a nap but there’s too much going on.

~ Patty

Thursday Morning….Stuff to do Today!

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Today is our Region 2 Council of Catholic Women general meeting; we are hosting it here at St. Lawrence.  I’ve already dropped off my Creamy Jello Salad.  I get to be an altar server at Mass.  Our speaker today is Marlene, a parishioner from Sts. Peter and Paul who has been to Ground Zero at the World Trade Center.

It will be a busy day.

Yesterday our interim school principal called me to ask a question of my husband; they need more shelves in the library and she would like him to build them.  Of course, he will.  While she had me on the phone she asked about my previously being a preschool teacher.  Our assistant preschool teacher gave her 2-weeks notice yesterday and she (the principal) wondered if I would be interested in the job.  It would be 5 mornings a week, from 7:20 until shortly after 11:00.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm……..

~ Patty

Happy Labor Day!

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Happy Labor Day!

Have you labored today?  I have.  I’ve done three loads of laundry so far and the dryer just buzzed at me (again).  Laundry never ends around here.

Dinner tonight will be the sausage and rice skillet meal that I posted here a couple of days ago. 

Hubby is in his workshop completing a library table for the school.  Daniel is watching television and is bored out of his mind – his buddy that comes over almost on a daily basis can’t come over today. 

Speaking of Daniel, he’s wanting to sell his POKEMAN cards.  He’s got 387 and wants $100 for them all. 

Yeah, right!

Anyway, not much going on around here besides laundry!

~ Patty

Happy Friday!

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It’s been a rainy morning here in the Ozarks and it’s finally stopped.  The sky is bluing up and the humidity is starting to RISE!  Yuck!

We have a three day weekend for Labor Day.  Hubby is planning on working in his shop over the weekend, he’s building a table for our school library.  As soon as he finishes the first, he’ll start the second one.  Busy guy!

My mom finalized financing this morning on her new home.  She’s going through the same mortgage company we went through six years ago when we purchased our new home.  She had planned on going through a local bank – but the day after she LOCKED IN her rate, the processor called and said that the rate was HIGHER and that there was nothing to be done.  So I just called their office and raised a bit of Heck and told them where to put their rate LOL

I’m at the local library, waiting until it’s time to pick up Daniel from school………

~ Patty

Yummy Dinner!

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Well, it was the BEST MEAT that he ever ate!  That’s what my Daniel said after taking a bite of lamb.  He finished off two chops and ignored his roasted new potatoes and fresh green beans, too.  What a carnivore!  Hubby said it was a really good dinner, too.  Yay, me!

I was able to eat only one tiny chop.  And some green beans and potatoes.  

Now hubby is up at his workshop finishing a project that he promised delivery on for tomorrow.  Daniel is on the couch watching television – no homework tonight!  And I decided to play on the computer for a while.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!

We might go see a house with my mom tomorrow.  Would you believe that after having a realtor help us for a couple of weeks and having NO success at finding my mom the perfect house, we were driving around with no destination in mind and we happened across the PERFECT ONE.  We just need to sort out the financing part of the project.  You know, the fun stuff such as the sales price and will they accept her bid and how much of a down payment is needed in order to not have to get PMI…that fun stuff LOL

Anyway, this house would be great for her.  We’re all praying about this one!

~ Patty

7 more days! 1 week from today!

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Let’s see, we are due at the hospital on the 23rd by 7:00 am, so we COULD be through surgery by now!  Could be!

Hmmmmm, I just realized that the clock on the computer says it 8:39 am, but actually it’s 9:39 am.  Wonder what happened?  Oh, well.

We had a quiet weekend; not much went on.  Yesterday we had church, our beloved Father Daniel gave all of the fathers a special prayer and blessing.  After church, we went out for brunch as usual….hmmmmm, what to eat? or shall I say, slurp? LOL  I ended up having a bowl of oatmeal, with milk and a shake of sugar (yeah, the real thing).  I ate only about 1/4 of the bowl, I actually got full, which surprised me!

Then on home, hubby wanted to spend Father’s Day in his workshop so my son and I hopped in the car and went to the pool.  The sun was so HOT, it was an ideal day to be in the ice cold water LOL

Then back home, I fixed baked cod and cooked carrots for dinner; they each got a slice of whole wheat bread for their starch.  Hubby looked for his potatoes but I said, “Nope!”

After dinner, hubby and son watched tv, while I read Jeanette Oke.

We were supposed to go to the pool today with one of my son’s buddies but it’s cloudy and overcast and scattered storms are scheduled, so I doubt we make it.  We can try tomorrow.

Okay, that’s it for now!

Hasta la vista!

~ Patty

Happy Saturday!

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Woot!  Woot!  We just got home from my ds’s soccer game – they won again!  They kicked butt, 8-0!  They haven’t lost a game all season!  And guess who made a goal?  Daniel!!!!!

He’s off at a neighbor’s house, dh is in his workshop, I’m doing laundry and decided to check in here.

Got my letter from the bariatrics center…..uh, remember the liquid diet that they warned us about?  The one that you start TWO WEEKS prior to surgery?  Mine doesn’t start two weeks prior…..it starts JUNE 9.  EEEEEEEEEEEK!

I have to have a MINIMUM of five protein drinks a day, in addition to the allowed tea/coffee, sugar free Kool Aid, Crystal Light, flavored waters (like Propel), clear broth (chicken, beef, veg), sugar free jello and sugar free popsicles.  

That’s IT.  Oh, I can do it, I think LOL 

I warned my dh that he and ds would have to be very very supportive of me and I already apologized to him for being a bitch because I’m sure I will be one occasionally, a hungry one LOL

It came with my schedule for June 12.  My day starts at 7:45 and lasts all day….finishing up with a hospital visit with the anesthesiologist.

My dh has an idea of staying in Columbia that whole week with ds, rather than trying to leave him with friends and dh traveling back and forth twice.  I am going to research and find some fun stuff for them to do while I’m in the hospital.  My ds mentioned a while back that there’s a skateboarding park there that he’d like to check out.  He’ll be overjoyed at the prospect of going with us.

There’s a load of laundry in the dryer and two baskets that need folding or clothes hung up…both are too heavy for me to drag up the stairs.  I’ll be glad to lose all this nasty weight and finally be able to make it UP the stairs by myself and to be able to handle the laundry baskets.

Okay, off to see what the rest of the world is up to!!!

~ Patty

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