Tuesday Night

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Spent most of today up at the hospital and watched my husband sleep.  He wasn’t really awake even when he was awake, which is good, because that means that the pain meds are helping him.  Finally, he can rest.

Now if only they’d find out what’s causing the pains and severe nausea he’s been having….

Tonight sitting here listening to my iPod, Carrie Underwood’s song, “Who Are You?” came on and it touched my heart because I know that God is watching over all of us.

I couldn’t copy and paste the lyrics – but here’s the link for those of you who don’t recall them.

Thank you all for the prayers.




Monday…Another Long Day.

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My sweetheart is in the hospital.

God-willing the doctors will be able to figure out what’s wrong.

I was sitting here listening to my iPod when this song came on…tonight, I dedicate it to my beloved.

Lady Antebellum and Jim Brickman, “Never Alone”


Sunday Night Musings

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It’s been a long weekend.  Hubby went to the family doc again on Friday and she said he did NOT have pneumonia.

I ended up taking my beloved to the ER on Friday night.  We were there for TWO HOURS before we were able to get to the back, and then we waited ONE HOUR to see the doctor.

Then it was one mistake after another.  Hubby has rotten veins and they have to use an ultrasound to get a good IV in.  Well, guess what?  The first one, the nurse put in on the bend of his right arm and it FELL OUT.

So, the second nurse came in to put another one in.  Apparently this is the nurse who is in charge of the program of training other nurses to do these specialized IVs.  He put the IV in near hubby’s wrist.  Then he left and the ER nurse was able to give him another dose of pain meds.

Within about 10 minutes, hubby noticed that the IV was starting to hurt.  His wrist was starting to SWELL.

He called the ER nurse and she had to take it out.  So much for the pain meds.

The doctor had supposedly spoken to another one of hubby’s docs and they decided which tests to do – but then the hospital computers went down – and everything came to a complete HALT.

By then it was after 11:00 and I went in search of the doctor to find out what was going on.  He FINALLY came in to talk to us at nearly midnight with no idea when the testing could start, on account of the computer problem, the fact that there was no IV in my husband’s arm….

It was then that hubby said, “I want to get out of here!”

I tried to convince him to hang on but he was very upset at being poked and prodded TWICE for IVs that fell out.  He was exhausted and grumpy and so was I.  Finally, he asked the doc for a prescription of pain meds to get him through the weekend and we drove home.  In the FOG.

It was so foggy I could barely see at times.  By the time we got home – we live an HOUR away from the hospital – I was shaking and near tears.  My mom was there; we had called her to come spend the night with Daniel.  She was sleeping in his room while Daniel was sleeping in our room.  Hubby climbed in bed with the teen and I crawled into Daniel’s room to sleep on the mattress on the floor.


By then it was nearly 2:00 a.m.

The next morning I went to the pharmacy to fill the pain med script.  Guess what?  The ER doc wrote it WRONG.  And since it’s a narcotic, it couldn’t be corrected by fax or phone call.  I called our family doc – who was on call – to see if she could meet me at her office to write a new script but she was in OKLAHOMA.

Oh.  My.  Gosh.

So, I called the ER we had been in the night before to see what we could do….I knew that hubby wouldn’t want to go back and going to the ER here in our small town would be more of a nightmare than the one Friday night…..

Well, God smiled on me, because there was an incredible guy in the ER named Tom that worked a MIRACLE for us.  He worked it out and found out that there was an ambulance transporting a patient and once the EMTs were finished with their job, taking care of the patient, they’d be going to the ambulance station and Tom would have an ER doc fill out a CORRECT script and give it to the EMTs and they’d give it to me once we met at the station.

And that’s exactly what we did.  Tom called me once the EMTs called him to say that they were in route to their station, so I tore out the door and met them there.  After checking my ID and asking me what I needed and who it was for, they gave me the script.  Then I raced to the pharmacy – it was closing in half an hour – and got hubby his pain meds.

Oh.  My.  Gosh.

I should have gotten Tom’s last name so I could present him with a gold medal or something.

Tomorrow we go back to the hospital for SCHEDULED scans and a doctor visit.  God willing, the doctor will find out what is wrong.  He’s in serious pain, very uncomfortable, unable to eat – he’s barely eaten in over a week.  We’re continually offering him water or soda water or milk or Diet Pepsi to drink so he doesn’t get dehydrated.  Poor guy, he’s got both me and his son picking on him about drinking.

I just want him feeling better.


This Week

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This will be a busy week for our family.

My husband is having an aneurysm repair on Tuesday.  Yes, in addition to dealing with kidney cancer and the joys of chemo and everything involved therein, he has an abdominal aneurysm.

It’s been there for a while.  In fact, it was first repaired 19 years ago but over the past year or so, the doctors (his oncologist and cardiologist and vascular surgeon) have been watching it and together, they’ve decided that it’s gotten to the point that it needs repairing.  Again.  So, on Tuesday morning, we’ll make the trek to Cox South and he’ll have surgery that morning.

Thankfully a LOT has changed in 19 years.  Way back when he had the first repair, the surgeon had to do an “open repair” and the recovery was very, very difficult.  Thank God, today’s doctors and patients have it made:  the vascular surgeon can operate by inserting a couple of stents through a vein in each leg (it’s called endovascular repair).  According to Dr. Vorheis, Ron might get to come home on Wednesday!  What a difference two decades makes.

So if I’m not online Tuesday or Wednesday, that’s why.  I’m going to try and remember to update from the hospital computer, or if I remember, will take my iPod and can update from that.  Daniel wants to come to the hospital with me.  Hopefully he won’t be too bored.

Thank you all for your prayers, we really appreciate them!

YAY! Good News! NO, wait, GREAT NEWS!!!

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We finally learned that hubby’s CT Scan came back NORMAL, with NO sigh of cancer!  YAY!

We still don’t know where the clots are coming from and that IS a concern – he has an appointment with a pulmonologist soon, though, and hopefully we’ll get some results from him.

OMG, I am SO relieved!

I’ve been so afraid….trying SO hard to pray and trust God….it’s been a rough couple of days.


Today was the last day of school – my son got a B in Math and As in Everything Else!


Today was his first time getting his allergy shots and he didn’t fuss (much LOL)!


We are going out to celebrate tonight, not sure where, Daniel gets to choose.

Hello, summer!

~ Patty

Okay, So Here’s the Scoop!

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I have made reservations for next month’s visits to Columbia.  I couldn’t get them at the same hotel, though, so we are staying in one downtown for the first visit and then in another one (a nicer one!) for surgery.

We haven’t heard yet from the doctor about my hubby’s CT scan yesterday, yet.  Still praying!

Yesterday I went with our son’s school on their annual field trip.  It was to the Nature Center and it darn near killed me.  We HIKED in the woods about a mile down a trail, and all the way DOWN, my brain kept saying, “what goes down, must go back up!” and sure enough, when we hit the bridge at the bottom of the trail, our leader said, “Let’s turn around and go back now” and wow, was it tough.  I had to stop a couple of times to catch my breath…

But it was fun!

Today I’m taking it easy.  I’ve gotten groceries for the next few days, am going to make – yes, I said MAKE some spaghetti sauce for dinner tonight, then take a nap and call hubby to see if the doc has called him about the CT scan.

Tomorrow is a half day of school, the last day.  We’ll have morning Mass, the awards ceremony, then Field Day and cook out hamburgers and hotdogs and wheeeeeeeeeeeee!  No more school until August!

~ Patty

Need Prayers and Positive Thoughts, Please

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Rushed my husband to the ER last night, he was having severe chest pains.

They began at around 3:00 pm, but he said they were nothing to worry over – they got worse at 5:00 and by 7:00, he knew he had serious problems.  Trouble is, he didn’t tell ME until 7:00 and he was driving home from dinner in Arkansas….

We got to the hospital around 8:00 after driving through tornado damaged Purdy…one person was killed there!  We were at the ER for around 5 hours and then they sent us over to Springfield because they couldn’t get an IV in him to do a CT scan for clots.

I took him up there at around 2:30 am and stayed there until around 4:00, then returned home and crashed on my friend’s couch (she was caring for Daniel for us).  Woke up at 11:30, still in the same clothes I had on yesterday, ran to Walmart for a few supplies Ron will need while in the hospital and came home to shower.

He called and the doctor was in.  Yep, he’s got numerous blood clots.  He’ll have to stay in the hospital until at least Thursday and will be on blood thinners for around six months.

Daniel is handling this pretty well, although I have to say that driving through tornado damage and thinking that your dad is having a heart attack is pretty upsetting stuff!  He’s watching television right now, though, and I think is doing better than me.

Me, I’m a mess.  My stomach hurts and I’ve got hot sweats – maybe from not taking my high blood pressure meds last night or this morning?

We’re going back to the hospital at 3:00….I’ve got laundry in the dryer that needs to finish up so I can pack Ron’s bag.

Please keep us in your prayers.

Thank you.

~ Patty

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