Hello, it’s Tuesday and I feel sick

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Actually, I was sick last night.  Probably got the stomach bug that my Mom had last week.  Called in sick to work and slept all morning.  I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow at 11:30 to discuss HRT options, so if I’m still feeling sick, we’ll discuss that at the same time.  Hopefully, though, I’ll feel better by then.

It’s no fun having a stomach ache when you don’t have all of your stomach…it’s very weird.

My hubby is due to come home tonight around 8:30 p.m.

Oh and Daniel supposedly stayed up all night and hasn’t slept at all.  I have no idea if that’s true, I was too busy being sick to listen in downstairs!  Right now he’s playing video games.

We are in a “Heat Advisory” and I told him he is to NOT go outdoors unless it’s a matter of life or death.  When the weatherman says it’s too hot to be outdoors, then it’s definitely too hot to be outdoors.

Okay, off to check my email.

~ Patty

OH and Happy Anniversary to Me!


the HOT FLASHES have begun

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and I’m upset!

I was hoping not to have to worry about these….I have an appointment to see my family doctor this Wednesday but don’t think I’m going to make it med-free until then.  I told Ron that if they started up again after dinner, that I’d be heading to Walmart for some black cohosh to get me through until I see the doc.

Ah, life!  Growing older is so much fun!

~ Patty

Ah, finally, FRIDAY!

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JEEPERS, what a LONG day this was…what a long WEEK this was.

I’m still recovering from this darned hysterectomy…the fatigue is killing me.  When hubby called me around 5:00 p.m., I told him that I didn’t think I could go home and fix dinner…too exhausted.  So we went out and had Cajun food…fried shrimp, catfish, clams, hush puppies, chicken wings, too.  Oh my tummy hurts but it was so delicious.

Thankfully I don’t have to work tomorrow, so am sleeping until 9:00 a.m.

I have laundry to take care of and hopefully will have the energy to make dinner.  I think we’ll have what I had planned for tonight:  cheesy eggs, bacon and muffins.

~ Patty

So this was Wednesday…

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and I went to the gynecologist for my 3-week checkup.  He said everything was great, that the pathology report was perfect:  no cancer.  My ovary was enlarged, yes, but it wasn’t cancerous.  Just one of those things that happens for no reason.  Hmmmm.  Okay.  Anyway, he was ready to give me some hormone replacement therapy but I stopped him and reminded him about my TIAs that I was having in the fall.  So he said not to take estrogen, but to take Black Cohosh over the counter.  And to call him if that wasn’t enough.  Well, since his office is an hour from home and it’s a pain in the rear to get there, I just smiled and said, “OK” and walked out, knowing that I was going to call my family doc for anything and everything I’ll need.

Went to lunch afterwards (Wendy’s) and then headed home.  Stopped off at my family doc’s office for my B-12 shot and to make an appointment to see her next week regarding HRT and my options.

Came home after picking up ds at my mom’s and then crashed on the couch for about an hour.  Man, was I tired!  The gynecologist said that this fatigue will last quite a while.  He wasn’t kidding.

Fixed dinner, then the guys went to Lowe’s and here I sit.  Exhausted again!

Tomorrow and Friday are 8-hour workdays.  Jeepers!  I know I’ll be tired again.  Thankfully, Thursdays are pretty slow at work, but Friday will be busy.

Tonight we are supposed to get the telescope out and peek at the stars.  Hope I can stay awake long enough to join the fun LOL

~ Patty

I think it’s Tuesday…another long day!

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Wow, was today long and busy!

It was my first Tuesday at the library for the children’s summer reading club. We had a scientist come in at 1:00 pm for an hour demonstration and experiments – the children LOVED him! We had about 50 children.

And then a short break, and at 3:00 pm, we played BOWLING with the wii system. Actually, I didn’t play, just watched, but still, I’m exhausted! We had seven teens playing.

Talk about a busy day!

Now I’m here, vegging out. I think I’ll go to bed early tonight.

Tomorrow I go to the gynecologist for my three-week checkup. We’re going to discuss hormones, since he took out both my ovaries and I’m going to be tossed into menopause. Bleah!

~ Patty

Well, shoot, back to work in a couple of days

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My doctor’s office is mailing my release so that I can return to work on Thursday.  Yeah, it’s been almost two weeks since surgery and I think I’m ready to go back.

Surgery was the 27th, came home the 28th and went to Walmart grocery shopping on the 29th and started my chores (cooking, cleaning, laundry) on the 30th.  Going up and down the stairs can hurt, I have to hold onto my belly still.  Oh and I tried on my swimsuit today (size 6) and my belly is still puffy, so I couldn’t wear it LOL

Took Daniel to the pool today for a few hours.  It was cloudy and windy, felt too cool to me to be swimming but he doesn’t seem to mind.  I can’t get into the pool yet (stitches) but sat in the sun and read.  Visited with a few of the moms from Daniel’s old school.  It was nice to be outdoors.

Made a killing at the thrift shop today – got a four-piece outfit from Sport Savvy (from QVC) regularly $60 and I got it for $15.  It’s a top, jacket, capris and skirt set.  Very cute!  And I got a really cute polo dress, from Sport Savvy for about $9.  Love to go thrifting!  Love to have a paycheck to spend, too!  My next paycheck is going to be little but oh well.

~ Patty

I’m home!

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Got home from the hospital yesterday.  Am doing well, I suppose. Still needing my pain pills every 6 hours, which stinks, but like Ron said, this is not the time to be “strong” it’s the time to take care of myself.  He and Daniel are doing a great job of taking care of me.  I got to sleep until 9 this morning, then had a bagel with cream cheese (I’ve been craving one since Wednesday morning) and then read a while, then had a bagel with leftover chicken, then napped from around 12:30 until 3.  Then Ron fixed dinner and Daniel and he cleaned the kitchen; Daniel loaded the dishwasher for me, too.  I’m so blessed to have these two to love me and care for me!

My mom called earlier to check on me.  I called my brother while I was in the hospital yesterday, since I had forgotten to let them know about the surgery beforehand.  Told him I’d call him in a couple of days…probably Sunday.

~ Patty

Two days to go

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I’m almost packed and ready to go.  Ready?  I don’t know about being READY for surgery, but I’m ready to go to the hospital at least LOL

I’ve done some grocery shopping and laundry to keep up.

Tonight we’re taking Daniel out to dinner and a movie to celebrate his birthday; he wants Chinese food.  Also we’re going to see Night at the Museum, the new one.  Should be fun!

Tomorrow I have to:

  1. go to the library and return a ton of books and pick up a few about menopause
  2. get Daniel a haircut
  3. get my B-12 shot and Daniel’s allergy shot
  4. finish packing
  5. take two Dulcolax at noon
  6. start my bowel prep at 4 pm
  7. be on a liquid diet so that my bowel prep doesn’t keep me awake all night
  8. I think that’s all

And then on Wednesday we report to the hospital at 9 am.  Surgery is supposed to be at 11.  He (the gyn) said it will take 45 minutes approximately to get me hooked up to the DaVinci Robot and then two hours to do the actual surgery and then another 45 minutes to get me unhooked….four hours pretty much.  Daniel gets to spend the day with my mom, and the night, too.  Ron will pick him up on Thursday to come pick me up.  Hopefully I’ll only have to spend ONE night in the hospital (cross your fingers and toes and your eyes for me!).

~ Patty

so, four more days until surgery!

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I’m packing my overnight bag, collecting phone numbers from friends to call them and let them know that it’s over….

just need to psych myself up for the darned thing.  Saw my gynecologist on Friday and we’ve decided to go ahead and have him remove BOTH of my ovaries.  One of them is the problem, but after doing some research and learning that a big majority of women have to return to the hospital for the removal of their second ovary within a few years, I decided to just have everything removed at once.

He said he’d give me a hormone shot while I’m still in the hospital, to prevent menopausal symptoms from occurring while I’m recovering from surgery…and when I return for my 3-week post-op checkup, we’ll discuss alternatives to HRT.

I’m looking forward to the end of my cycles, that’s for sure. Not looking forward to having to deal with menopause at age 47, though.

So here I sit, looking toward the future.


~ Patty

Oh, boy!

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I’m scheduled for a hysterectomy on May 27.  My baby’s 10th birthday and I’ll be in the hospital.

Y’know how I’ve been having troubles monthly since like December?  I finally got in today to see an ob/gyn and my left ovary is the size of a baseball.  A baseball!  OMG!

He was thinking about ablation therapy for the bleeding issues, but once he discovered the gigantic ovary, decided that it needed to come out and since he’ll already “be in there” we may as well remove the uterus and get rid of the bleeding problem at the same time.  I’ll get to keep my right ovary, which will help stop me from flying into menopause.  Which is a good thing because I can’t take hormones, due to the TIAs that I was having in September.

Oh, boy!

Daniel and I went out after school to Taco Bell (he was craving nachos) and I told him about surgery.  He was alright with the idea, but is sad that I’ll be in the hospital on his birthday.  The three of us decided at dinner to celebrate his birthday two days earlier, on Monday the 25th.

I’ll be pretty busy on the 26th drinking 4 liters of prepping poison, plus taking Dulcolax.  Me and the bathroom are going to be close intimate friends that day and probably most of the night, too.

Oh, boy!

So what’s new with YOU?


~ Patty

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