Home again, Home again!

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Just got back from the Upward basketball awards ceremony.  The entertainer was great.  He juggled fire, balls and bowling pins and he also rode unicycles.  Oh and he did it once with a female coach on his shoulders!  And two of the other unicycles were very very tall, one of them had to have been at least 10-feet tall.

After the entertainment part, he evangelized.  Big surprise LOL

We were given programs as we entered the building tonight and in those programs were little blue cards asking if we knew Jesus Christ as our personal Savior.  More evangelization!

I just don’t get how Protestants think that ONCE you are SAVED, that’s it.  It’s just beyond belief to me that that’s all there is to life.  The juggler/unicyclist said that he KNEW that if tomorrow he were to die, he KNEW where he’d be spending eternity…with Jesus in Heaven.


I prefer to be a Catholic who doesn’t know for sure that she’s going to spend eternity in Heaven and try to do the best job I can to be a good Christian every day and to serve God to the best of my ability.

Oh well.

HEY, my journal transferred over 100%

Very nice, WordPress, I am definitely IMPRESSED!

~ Patty


Today seems like a better day

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It helps that I’ve prayed a LOT over the past 24 hours. Some days/nights I can’t even pray and I don’t even know if God is there….that’s how scared I’ve been lately.

This morning, Daniel had a dental appointment so we went to Springfield to get his cavity fixed; then he needed breakfast so we stopped at McDonald’s. Then I delivered him to school (he made it to 2nd period, so that’s good) then I went to the Purdy library to deliver Roxanne’s alligator back to her. Of course we visited for about 45 minutes.

Then I went to the Monett library because they had a book for me; I checked my e-mail while I was there. Then I skedaddled over to the bank for grocery money/gas money for next week.

Lunch at mom’s. Oh ya, she made posole! I love love love posole. It was SO good!

Then to Walmart for a couple of things, then go get gas. It cost $57 to fill my tank. WOW!

Finally home. Ron had a rough night, he couldn’t sleep and was up until 5:30. He rested until around 9:00 and is resting right now. He finally ate something besides bananas and pudding; scrambled eggs. I offered him all kinds of food but he wasn’t hungry right now. Hopefully he’ll want dinner.

I doubt he comes tonight to the Upward basketball final party. Hopefully, Daniel will understand.

~ Patty

God is good.

Things might be getting better

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Today was a better day. My dh took the initiative and called his oncologist and spoke with the nurse. He has NEVER done that before, so I know he was worried. The doc said that he is to STOP all meds except for his chemo and see how he feels in a couple of days. We are seeing the Nurse Practitioner on Monday. According to the message from the doc, dh should be feeling better tomorrow, hopefully by Friday.

Today he’s been quiet (he called me twice while I was at work) and hasn’t been eating much besides a banana and I just made him some butterscotch pudding. But he’s more alert than he has been. He’s really really cold, though. He’s wearing 3 shirts and is covered with his Snuggie and I just gave him the heating pad about 30 minutes ago to set on himself. I set it on really low so he doesn’t overheat.

We all have our own crosses to bear…I’m just so darned grateful that I have friends to help me carry my cross…of course, I’m mostly grateful to the Lord because without Him, I surely would have given up by now. I was praying on the way home tonight from work, “God is in control, God is in control, God is in control” It wasn’t a fancy prayer but it was prayer and I know He heard me ♥

~ Patty

Christmas Eve!

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Our tree is up and is beautiful, Ron has been eating like crazy and in fact, has gained a couple of pounds (!) and is ready for the ham tomorrow. We’re going to celebrate the birth of our Savior and be together. Even my mom is coming over tonight for dinner, Midnight Mass and is spending the night and tomorrow with us. Incredible!

And I have to charge up my camera to take tons of pics.

~ Patty

Sunday again?

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It’s Sunday again? I haven’t posted all week…it’s been busy!

OK, update on my husband: we saw his oncologist on Wednesday and received EXCELLENT news! His bone scan was negative! and the cancer in his lungs hasn’t increased NOR has it spread to any other parts of his body! The oncologist said, “It doesn’t get any better than this!” and we agree. Thank You, God, for hearing our prayers!

OK, sad news. Our chocolate lab died this weekend. We think she got bit by a poisonous snake…her right leg was swollen and she had a fever of 105.5* when we took her to the vet Friday night around 7:30. He gave her an antibiotic shot and kept her overnight. She died some time during the night, poor girl. We are all heartbroken. She was seven years old, not an old dog, she still acted puppy-like. We have already discussed the future and probably this spring we’ll get another dog. We are animal people, there are two cats in our family that allow us to share their living quarters and having pets is vital to our lives. We just have to mourn our Tiger and wait until spring…every time I looked out my kitchen window, my eyes went to her doghouse and I looked for her smiling brown face, but it wasn’t there. I miss her so much! Rest in Peace, sweet girl! The vet is going to cremate her for us and I’ll pick up the ashes when he’s done. We’ll bury her under the oak tree with our two Siamese kitties. We’ve invited our next-door neighbors to join us for the ceremony.

Life has good moments, and then it has sad moments. The important thing is to remember that no matter what, GOD is with us.

~ Patty

Life is….

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Lots of stuff running through my head.

Talked with a friend on Friday about my dh. She suggested I contact the local hospice to ask them for help. Since my dh has signed up for a clinical trial, the insurance company may not pay 100% and hospice may help.

So on Monday, I went in and talked with the hospice nurse, had a good talk and a good cry. Hospice will provide nurses, volunteers and social workers for us during this time and will be able to help us financially, too, if necessary. I told the nurse (Joni) that you can find 100 million books about weddings, being pregnant and being a parent and even being a spouse, but there are no books on how to deal with the process of losing your spouse or what to do to prepare yourself.

Then that night, dh and I had a good talk and a good cry.

We discussed whether or not he would want to go through chemo, based on the side-effects. The hospice nurse said we need to get clear answers from the medical oncologist about what those will be. She said if he’s on oral meds, the side-effects could be as rough as those you get through an IV. My dh doesn’t want to end up sicker from the chemo than he would be from the cancer and so is thinking about that.

This morning we’re in Springfield. We have an appointment at 2:30 with the medical oncologist about the chemo. On the drive in, he said he’s been thinking hard about our conversation on Monday night. He said it’s the most serious he’s heard me talk about this since his diagnosis and he’s glad we got so much out in the open. He’s thinking and wondering about how much time he’s got left…

We’ve been joking about it, too, though, like the other day when I told him he was stuck with me for the rest of his life

Well, he is, isn’t he?

Life is so precious. I’ve promised him that I’ll never let Daniel forget him. I’ve told him he needs to write letters to Daniel so that he can “hear” his voice in the future. My camera is charged up and we’re going to be taking a lot of pictures and making tons of memories.

God is good. He blessed me with this man, my soul-mate, my best friend. It’s so much more than I ever dreamed possible.

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