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I haven’t been working out much  nor have I been watching my portions or what I’ve been eating.

I’m in constant pain now, from my right kidney. When I take the meds my family doctor gave me, it knocks me out 

Am going to Journeys 2 Class tonight and see what my instructor says; maybe it’s just time to concentrate on getting this kidney problem straightened out – put the weight loss on hold temporarily, kwim?


Blood Sugar & Diabetes

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Back in December, my doctor ordered blood tests to check my med levels (because I am bipolar) and it showed that my blood sugar was 106. My nurse said it wasn’t TOO high but that we should keep an eye on it.

Last week it was 118. And then on Monday it was 110.

I’m going to the doctor at noon today to see what she thinks. It doesn’t make sense to me that if I am eating healthy and losing weight, that my sugar is off 

Diabetes is what my dad died from, at age 54. So you can see why I am scared.

Nancy (the leader of the class at the hospital) said I am pre-diabetic, but that losing weight and healthy eating should control it.

Eating REAL Food!

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We are eating regular food again 

but we are counting calories and or points. it reminds me of what I hear of WW.

I am allowed 1500 calories or 20 points per day. I can split that either 3 ways or 5 if I want snacks.

they gave us a little book with breakdown of what a good meal is, how many points are in particular foods, etc.

it feels good to be eating “regular food” again! of course, I have to be careful with portion sizes, which I was doing already. the other night I made a lasagna and was a very good girl and only had a 2×2 slice, instead of eating half the pan LOL

I may just survive this journey after all 

I started my “Journey” on Tuesday night!

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We worked out for an hour, which was a real killer! I’m glad that I’ve been going to Curves, because otherwise, there would have been a bunch of things I couldn’t have been able to do. We did step aerobics w/weights, crunches, leg lifts, donkey kicks w/weights behind our knee, etc., etc.

We are allowed one “real meal” per day; of course, they gave us guidelines, such as don’t fry when you can bake or broil, avoid lots of butter, etc., etc.

Our other two meals have to be “meal replacements” such as liquid (Slim Fast), bar (Atkins, Slim Fast, etc.) and frozen dinners (Weight Watchers, etc.). There are guidelines for these too, like minimum of 220 calories, maximum of 330; less than 4 grams of saturated fat and I forgot how much protein – 8 or more grams I think?

Also, no snacking in between meals. If we are hungry, we are allowed to munch on salad w/FF dressing or veggies (except for corn and potatoes). I’m missing my snacks……I just bought a lot of jello puddings/jellos/and yogurts 

This is going to be a toughie but I think – no, I know it will be worth it.

Fat, Fat, Fat….

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I saw hubby at lunch and when he heard it cost $450 and I said, “That’s expensive, isn’t it?” he said, “So is a heart attack”

I called the lady in their insurance department and she told me to call the main insurance company for information; she said if the program meets a certain criteria, then it can be covered by health insurance. I have a feeling that even if it doesn’t get covered by insurance, dh will support me in this.

he also has health issues (his mother died in her 40s due to heart problems, he is borderline diabetic, has high cholesterol, has had surgery for an aortic anyeurism (sp?) and other stuff). our family doc said that HE would benefit from my going through the program even more than I would benefit, since he has so many more health issues.

I’m not wanting to give up but sometimes it’s so hard to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

ds wants spaghetti for supper and I’ve got a pot of sauce cooking upstairs and it smells so good – it’s one of the things I can totally pig out on. how do I *not* do that?!? can I eat what I want of it and behave tomorrow? SEE, it’s this kind of thinking that gets me and keeps me so overweight….

oh here is a link about the program in case anyone is interested, it sounds great:http://www.coxhealth.com/highlights/…itInMonett.htm

Fat & Depressed, Depressed & Fat

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it’s like which came first, the chicken or the egg? I am fat and depressed.

I didn’t want to hijack anyone else’s thread so am starting one here.

went to see my family doctor on Wednesday because of hip pain, she said it’s bursitis. she said I should continue to do my WATP videos and take pain pills for the bursitis. if the pain pills don’t help, I need a shot for the bursitis.

anyway, while I was there, we discussed my weight; I am losing and gaining the same five pounds. I am at the highest ever, 230, and hate myself. I have zero motivation. she recommended a program at the local hospital, it starts in January, called “Journeys”. all of her patients who took it lost at least 40 pounds and have kept it off. here’s the kicker: it costs $450 for 11 weeks. WWYD?

I told dh that I wanted to do it, my Christmas present to myself (this was before I found out the cost).

I want to lose weight and get off my blood pressure pills, I am tired of being a size 24, of huffing and puffing while I walk up and down our stairs, of not being able to tie my own d@rn shoes, but I don’t have $450 and don’t know what dh will say when I tell him the cost.

again, WWYD? I am tempted to call his insurance office at work to see if they will cover the program…..some insurances cover WW now, the doctor said it would be worth the call. she didn’t say it would cost $450, she thought it was like $200, which would be easier to afford.

anyway, I’m rambling and am feeling blah. ds and I are meeting dh for lunch at his office. maybe I should tell him there so he won’t blow up in front of everyone in the cafeteria LOL

how do you keep going when you want to quit? I just want to curl up and sleep under a rock someplace…..

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