Hi again! Long time no see!

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It’s been a couple of days….

Went to the endocrinologist today and he took me off the Avandamet….put me on Metformin and so I took it right before dinner and couldn’t eat.  Very nauseated.  Managed to eat one taco and a glass of water.  Felt nauseated for a whole hour….thought I was going to toss my cookies.  Feeling better now (not quite 100% though) but not looking forward to taking Metformin again, let me tell you!  I’m supposed to take it before breakfast and before dinner but think that I’ll skip the breakfast pill and only try it in the evening for a few days to see if the nausea goes away.  I don’t want to be sick in the morning, having to take ds to school….would rather deal with it in the evening.

Good news is that I’ve lost 12 pounds since my April doctor visit.  He said everything looked good.  We discussed weight loss surgery and he stated that I’m an excellent candidate and wished me well.  And that I need to check with the kidney doc before surgery to make sure my kidneys are functioning well-enough and that I’m on the right meds.  Then he sent me to the lab and they poked me in BOTH arms and took FOUR vials of blood.

Anyway, that’s a quick update for me.

Hasta manana!

~ Patty



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He’s still having pain from the surgery but thank God he’s home!

now we have to wait until Tuesday to hear from his doctor and to decide what to do….we can either have the same surgeon remove the bad kidney, or if possible, drive to Columbia, MO to have laproscopic surgery. the bad news is, Columbia is about five hours from us and we would have to leave Daniel with his grandma. the possible good news is that lap surgery would be quicker and Ron would heal quicker.


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Bad news today:

the first was my urologist, who tells me after an ultrasound, CAT scan and IVP that there is NOTHING wrong with me, that the blood in my urine is just “one of those things that some people have to live with”

the second was my family doctor, who tells me that my AC1 Test came back at 6.8 which is an increase of a point, which isn’t good (I have since forgotten what an AC1 Test is supposed to measure, blood sugar, I think?). She also tells me that my albumin is low, my kidneys aren’t in good shape (du-uh, I know I’m in kidney failure, tell me something I DON’T know) and that the low albumin is causing me to swell like a sponge  She said to eat a lot of potassium-rich foods and to avoid salt like the plague.

how do people with chronic illnesses keep going? I’ve got bipolar disorder which I am living with, thanks to my meds, psychiatrist and therapist; I’m diabetic and have high blood pressure and am in kidney failure. today it feels as if everything is sitting on the top of me and I can’t breathe.

I just want to quit. no matter what I do, I keep having these health problems. I have cut out the salt, am watching my sugar regularly and have been eating bananas (potassium).

how do I keep going when my mind is telling me to quit?

Kidney Problems…..

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I’m 44 years old (will be 45 in October) and am in kidney failure; my kidneys are operating at 56% and the nephrologist thinks it’s due to high blood pressure which was never caught until recently (I’m on Coreg now and am also on Zemplar).

Since my diagnosis, I’ve had three kidney infections with severe pain; I’ve got one now. My family doc is sending a urine sample off for more tests. They found NITRATES, blood and protein in the sample tested in her office this morning.

I’m wondering if we should contact the nephrologist about this? I haven’t seen him since my diagnosis (March).

I’m tired all the time, have trouble walking up the stairs at home and up the hill from my mailbox to my house  I’ve read that being tired and short of breath are symptoms of kidney failure disorder.

Kidney…Answer to Problems

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My kidney doctor has informed me that I am in kidney failure, Stage Three (Stage Five is the worst). I’ve gone through denial, anger, etc., and am finally (I think) at acceptance. Sometimes it comes and goes, kwim?

I’ve been trying to read up on kidney failure and have learned that it won’t ever get any better BUT we (me and my medical team) can work together to keep it steady instead of going to Four and then Five…..

I’m on two new medications, one for the kidneys and one for my blood pressure. And am taking my blood pressure readings every day to fax to the doctor; he thinks that is what caused the kidney damage. Amazing, isn’t it? I didn’t even realize that I had high blood pressure and look what it did. No wonder they refer to it as “the silent killer”

I also know that even though I’m a chronic kidney disease patient, I CAN and SHOULD exercise. It is good for me physically – it can lower my blood pressure and help with the depression.


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I haven’t been working out much  nor have I been watching my portions or what I’ve been eating.

I’m in constant pain now, from my right kidney. When I take the meds my family doctor gave me, it knocks me out 

Am going to Journeys 2 Class tonight and see what my instructor says; maybe it’s just time to concentrate on getting this kidney problem straightened out – put the weight loss on hold temporarily, kwim?

Kidney problems?

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I had a fasting blood work done on myself this past Monday morning.

The good news is that my thyroid levels are good; she told me to keep taking the medicine at the same dose.

They hadn’t received any numbers back on my blood sugar testing.

The bad news is that as far as the urine testing, there was a lot of protein and blood and ketones being dumped.

She is sending me to a Nephrologist (spelling?) to get my kidneys checked out. They didn’t say it was because of diabetes but what else could be causing me to dump those things into my urine? I didn’t get to speak directly with the doctor but her nurse.

I expect a call today or tomorrow about the blood sugar testing.

This is really starting to worry me 

Anyone have any ideas on whether it’s because of diabetes or what else it could be? DH said it could be something as simple as a kidney infection….

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