Last Post, April 27…today is November 21!

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OK, so I’ve been busy. That’s not a good excuse, is it? Anyway, I have been playing so much on and recently playing SIMS on Facebook. I think I’m addicted to Facebook and to SIMS.  If nobody bothered me, I’d probably be on SIMS 24/7.

Things are going well for my family.  Ron is doing well with his chemo and Daniel is…well, he’s not getting As and Bs in school but he’s doing “the best he can” according to him.  We’re trying to help motivate him.

As for me, I was recently diagnosed with spinal stenosis.  Interested parties can learn more at this really cool website,  My problems start at lumbar #1 which is in the middle of the spinal column and then the problem goes down, down, down.  I’ve had two injections (one today) and the first one did so well, that the other night, Daniel and I were doing The Twist in the kitchen LOL

Tonight, my legs are sore, which is to be expected.  In the morning, it’s going to be rough going for a bit until I walk around a while.  The first time I received a shot, on the Friday before Halloween, I woke up on Saturday and it felt as if my legs were paralyzed.  Talk about SCARED! I tried not to panic but gradually and very slowly got up and managed to get going.  So tomorrow I will take it slow.

The weekend of December 3, I’m taking my mom to KCK.  Her best friend from high school has cancer and her doctor has told her there’s nothing more that can be done.  It breaks my heart to know this, so I’m very glad to take my mom up so that we can see her.  We’ll stay over one night, coming home on December 4.  Please pray for Kathy and for my mom, too.  Cancer sucks.

Cancer stole my best friend from me…it’s taking my mom’s best friend…and I can’t fool myself into thinking that it will take my beloved husband.  BUT, he is doing well.  We’re going to Springfield on December 5 so that he can have scans.  Please pray that everything is still good.  His oncologist has been so glad at every visit.  So are we!  No bad news is GREAT NEWS, kwim?

Okay, that’s it for now.  Time to walk this puppy.  She weighs around 65 pounds and is a HUGE bundle of love and joy. Let me find a recent picture to post of my Schatzi’s Shadow.

Schatzi’s Shadow, 10 months old


June 11, 2011

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OK, so it’s been forever again since I’ve posted.  Things are going well!

Schatzi’s Shadow is 4 months old today and weighs at least 30 pounds….we’ll have to weigh her at puppy kindergarten on Monday.  YES, we are taking her to kindergarten.  It’s doing her well and it’s doing me a LOT of good, too.  Her teacher is incredible, I wish he could LIVE with us and teach us 24/7 what to do!  His name is Tristan Jolivette and he’s a PROFESSIONAL dog trainer, not just a person who thinks he knows enough to train a dog.  You’ve got to check out his website, T’s Dogs.  He’s done wonders with me, er, I mean, with Shadow!  NO, seriously, he’s teaching ME more sometimes than he’s teaching Shadow.  Ron is tough enough that when he speaks, she listens.  Me, I tend to not be strong-voiced with her and she KNOWS that she can get away with nips and bites and tugging on the leash.  So I have to learn how to be a good dog handler and Tristan is working with me on that.  As far as Daniel goes, he gets bored with Shadow, which is pretty sad but both Ron and Tristan agree that as they BOTH mature, they’ll find ways to be together.

Ron’s last scans were great:  no spread of cancer and the nodes in his lungs are shrinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We spent a week in Branson and had a blast, staying at The Falls Village which is part of our vacation time-share.  Mom and I will go back in September; the three of us will return in October and then during Thanksgiving the three of us will spend time there, as well as The Wilderness Club at Big Cedar.  Then all of our points will be used up for the year.  Wish we had discovered time-shares earlier but hey, it was fun.

Work is great….summer reading club activities have started so I’m busy busy busy!

OK, time to re-check email and re-check my Listia profile, then going to read some more.  Am reading DiAnn Mills newest, A Fire in Ember.  Almost finished!  It’s really really good – she’s a great author, you have to check her out if you like Christian romance.

Oh wow, remember me?

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Oh, I think I forgot how to blog LOL

It’s been since NOVEMBER since I’ve been here!

I think I’ll try to remember to come back more often………..

~ Patty

Oh My Look, She’s ALIVE!

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Nope, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth, it just seemed that way LOL

I have no excuse or reason for not posting since October. Just sheer laziness, I guess?

Anyway, it’s December 19 and Christmas is just around the corner, winter is in two days and I’m glad to be alive!

~ Patty

So, Where Have You Been? LOL

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I have been so bad about signing on and updating.

This week promises to be BUSY. I have an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon on Thursday morning to find out what he thinks about my hip/back pain. Then a training session at work all afternoon. Then on Friday, foot surgery and I’ll be off work for a week recuperating. Oh and on Thursday, I turn 48 *gasp*

I’m looking forward to having the foot surgery…I’ve been having problems with my toe nails for years and won’t miss them at all. It’s going to be painful, having NINE of them removed at once (I had one removed a few years back and remember how much that hurt). I’m stockpiling books to read for the week I’ll be home. Just think, next summer I can wear sandals and not have to worry about covering my toes anymore!

Just finished dinner…my own creation: raspberry chicken. Browned chicken breasts in a touch of canola oil, then popped them into a casserole dish, covered with some raspberry jam, onions and chicken broth. Yum!

We’re making plans for Halloween already. We’ve invited the neighbors over for a spaghetti dinner and then the daughter and our son will watch movies. We’re getting TWILIGHT and JURASSIC PARK. I’m going to watch with them, love that TWILIGHT and am looking forward to NEW MOON! I’ll be going to the midnight show when it arrives!

Anyway, that’s life in the Burke household.

~ Patty

Okay, so here I am again

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It’s only been like 100 years since I’ve posted anything…

Where have I been? Everywhere, I think.

Things have just been busy. No excuses. Well, I had the flu for a few days, does that count? LOL

Anyway, I’m back!

~ Patty

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