Hello, Thursday! Lots of GOOD NEWS TODAY!

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 Finally it’s Thursday afternoon and I have good news – LOTS OF IT!

First, I went to the orthopedic surgeon and he was very happy with my progress – so happy that he took me out of the hard plastic neck brace and put me into a soft little one – YAY!  Even better, I can occasionally – occasionally – take it off and give myself a break, for example, during tv time or something.  I still have to be careful, no overhead lifting, but I don’t do any of that anyway.

Second, I can drive again – YAY!  It felt so good to be behind the wheel of my car again LOL

Third, I got good news from Missouri Bariatrics – my file will be sent into the insurance company TOMORROW and we should be hearing from them within the next four weeks!  YAY!

As soon as we get their OK, I can have my date set for coming back up once more – the date where I meet with their nutritionist (nazi nutritionist, according to dh, LOL), exercise physiologist, psychologist and anesthesiologist….lots of ISTS in that last sentence LOL….and then we can SCHEDULE SURGERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m at the local library again, waiting for time to pass. 

Got a few things to do…….maybe I’ll BBL.

~ Patty 


I forgot to Post about an Idiot Nurse I had in the Hospital

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And then I was looking up cervical collars to post a link to a friend to prove I’m not in an Elizabethan dog collar (the ones that will prevent me from biting out my stitches LMAO  –  ouch!) and then I remembered the CERVICAL DRAIN issue that we had on Tuesday night.  

He was a pretty cute nurse from what I could tell.  He turned on the light and said that he wanted to check my cervical drain, and I thought, okay, no biggie….then he started taking my blanket off my chest and lowering it and I was like, WTH are you doing?  Talk about coming awake pretty darn quickly LOL  I said, NO, not that kind of cervical drain, this kind (pointing at my cervical collar on my neck!).  

What a goof.

What if I hadn’t been awake enough to stop him?  Jeepers.

Anyway, I’m feeling really good today.  I slept all night through, for the first time since surgery on Monday.  Whew!  It felt so GOOD!

My dh and ds are supposed to be outdoors cutting grass but I haven’t heard anything from them for a couple of hours.  They probably ended up at Lowe’s or Walmart and forgot about the grass.

I have a call in to a friend for tomorrow….my son has speech along with hers and another little one and April was supposed to have been my month to pick them up after speech (at the public school, then to deliver them to our school).  Well since I can’t drive, I need to see if Christi will trade months with me.

I need to do some laundry but am not supposed to stoop or bend or carry heavy things.  So I sat there on the bed and stared at it for a while.  No good.  It just kind of sat there on the floor and didn’t move.  So now I have to wait for dh and ds to come home.

I can’t do much besides this.  OOOH!  I hear the lawnmower!  Maybe I can go out and find ds.


~ Patty

Hello, it’s Saturday!!

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I am just now able to get down the stairs to get to my computer. 

Surgery went well, the doctor was very pleased with the outcome.  Me, I’m just happy to be home!  I came home late Wednesday wearing this really sexy hard plastic neck brace, which makes everything from breathing to kissing darned near impossible LOL

I return to the surgeon on the 10th and am praying he’ll take me out of this hard plastic neck brace and let me wear a soft one.  Depends on what the xrays show….C’MON, NECK BONES, FUSE TOGETHER!!

We just went to church.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to deal with the crowd tomorrow so I got dh and ds to help me shower and dress for tonight.  Then we went out for Chinese.  This eating with the brace on is for the birds.  I am absolutely POSITIVE that I’m losing weight this week.  I can’t hardly eat and dh won’t take the darned thing off for me unless I’m going for a shower.

My dh and ds have been absoluate angels, taking care of me, helping me walk and getting me stuff.  So has my MOM, would you believe it?  I stayed with her on Thursday and Friday so as to not be alone; she ran to the DQ on Thursday (oops, maybe I’m not losing weight? LOL) and fixed me cottage cheese with peaches on Friday (oh well, maybe I AM!).  And she fixed dinner for all of us both nights.  Tomorrow my dh is fixing spaghetti….or ravioli.  One of those yummy Italian things with red sauce.

Anyhow, it’s nice to be home and I’m so grateful that things are working out.  Now if I can only be PATIENT ENOUGH to stay in this brace long enough for to let myself HEAL!

~ Patty

Tomorrow is Neck/Spine Surgery!

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I’m ready to go.  There is ds’s laundry in the dryer, then I can pack him and get him set to spend the night with my mom.  When I asked him Friday if he was happy to spend the night with her, he said he was trying not to think about it…not sure if he’s upset about just the surgery or just because his world is turned around a bit, or both.  Right now he’s up at the shop with dh.  Don’t know what they’re up to, but that’s where they are.

I’ve already fried up some chicken for dinner.  Will make mashed potatoes too.  Then after dinner will go over to mom’s to drop off our son.  I’m going to miss him……….

Also I’ve been to the grocery store and have made up a menu for the next couple of weeks….very simple suppers that I hopefully will feel like making for my family once I come home from the hospital.  I won’t feel like doing much, I’m sure, but neither will we be able to eat out or have carry-out every night either.

Okay, off to my Friends’ Page and to check my email.

See ya’ll on Thursday or Friday!!!

~ Patty

Hello, it’s Thursday….are you busy today, too?

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I’m at the local library again.  I have a ton of things to do today.  I’ve already gone to Mass and typed up the minutes from our Region II General Meeting (which was March 13, so I’m slow LOL).  I have to go by the church office and make copies so that I can mail them out this week.  Next I have to go to pay my car tags for the next year.  Then I have a haircut appointment at 1:00 and then a doctor’s appointment at 2:00 (annual exam, oh joy!).  At home, I’m trying to catch up on laundry so that I don’t have to worry about it next week.  I did three loads yesterday.  And of course, there will be more when I get home.

And I’ve checked out a couple of stacks of books from the library so that I have plenty of reading material next week since I won’t be driving myself all over town.  My dh and I had that discussion last night.  My mom is going to have to step out of her comfort zone and pick up my son from school until I am able to drive, which could be two weeks.  And dh has to take him to school for those days, too.  We are concerned that my mom may wimp out on us…..but as he stated, she has an obligation to help out since she’s family.  That’s what family does.  We help her out a lot so she needs to not wimp out and be helpful.

It’s rather gloomy outdoors, but that’s alright.  It might rain.  Oh well.

Off to my Friends’ Page for a short visit, then off to my errands!

~ Patty

Happy Wednesday!

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So far this morning I have:

1.  Gotten up
2.  Showered and dressed
3.  Woke up ds and got him ready for school
4.  Dropped him off at school
5.  Ate breakfast
6.  Went to hospital for Pulmonary Function Test 
7.  Got groceries for the rest of the week
8.  Stripped beds and threw sheets in the washer
9.  Called the mortgage company re: claim check for damage of storm in January
10.  Checked my email

Hmm, doesn’t sound like much considering I’ve been up since 6:00 am LOL

The Pulmonary Function Test was hard.  I was feeling a little lightheaded by the time it was over.  But the good news is that the tech said that I passed it.  She’s sending a copy to my family doc and one to the pulmonary doc in the city.  I’ll call my family doc later on today and ask her to get me a copy so that I can send it to the bariatric center.  I’ll have to get it sent in this week since I don’t know how long I’ll be out of commission after surgery on Monday.

I know now why I delayed in calling the mortgage company regarding the claim check.  Those phone systems where you call in and have to push your numbers in, including your account number, drive me batty.  And then once I got to the customer service department, they said I had to call a different number…they connected me, but somehow I didn’t get through and had to call back again.  Then once I did, they still sent me to the wrong department but this time, I didn’t get disconnected and finally spoke to a real human being.  SHEESH!

Anyway, I’m already packed for the hospital on Monday.  I figured I’m going to spend the next few days getting the house ready, including my family, so I better take care of my bag today.  Of course, my dh will laugh at me when he sees that I’m “ready to go” but that’s alright.  I’d rather be ready early than be rushing around on Monday morning at 5:00 am trying to find things!

OH and I went to the blood center yesterday (AGAIN) and they couldn’t find a good vein, so I wasn’t able to give blood for myself.  Hopefully I won’t need any during/after surgery but if I do, I trust the CBCO.

I don’t think I posted about my FIRST trip to the blood center (on Monday).  They wouldn’t take my blood – wouldn’t even TRY because I supposedly had a fever.  It was ridiculous, I told the nurse that I didn’t feel sick and didn’t think her machine was right but they sent me home and said to come back tomorrow (which was yesterday, Tuesday).

After yesterday’s fiasco – three nurses trying to find a vein and leaving me bruised and battered – I told them I would not be back!  I wasn’t mean or rude about it, I just told them that two times was enough.  I’ll use whatever blood they’ve got already from donors.

Anyhoooooooooooooo, that’s life.

Going to go and see what’s new on my Friends’ Page!

~ Patty

Hi again!

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 It’s me!  Feeling better and very relieved.  I finally heard from the doctor yesterday (the doc that I had in the hospital, not my family doc, she’s still out of town, darned her LOL).  He got the MRI results and thank GOD, there is no problem in my brain.  No bleeds, no damage, just a normal brain for your typical, average 46-year old woman.

I told my girlfriend, “Hey, at least they found my brain!”

I still feel occasional numbness.  Like yesterday, when I went to open the door for Daniel, I moved suddenly (he banged his head on the door and cried out, so I ran) and then I felt some numbness.  I hate it.  Oh, the hospital doc says that right now, he thinks my family doc will prescribe some physical therapy and maybe put me on NSAIDS but that eventually I will need surgery because a bone doesn’t go away.  And since it’s poking me on a nerve on my spine, it’s going to need to go away.


I don’t like the idea of surgery on my spine.  I can handle thinking that I can have my weight loss surgery, that’s no big deal but my spine is a whole other story.  The hospital doc (Dr. D) said that if the surgeon messes up and causes scar tissue, it could be worse than the initial problem.  Crap!  He didn’t have to tell me that, did he? LOL

Anyhow, I’m at the library using their computer and it’s snowing so pretty!  We’re supposed to get up to 9 inches.  Yahooo!  Maybe ds won’t have school tomorrow?

On Monday, I missed our School Walk for Diabetes.  I was stuck in the darned hospital, so a dear friend took over for me.  We did so great!  The children walked a total of 839 laps around the playground and raised a total of $1,683.01!  Isn’t that wonderful?  The 1st graders won the pizza party since they walked the most laps.  We had 3 children collect $100 or more (one of them was mine, he collected the most, $130!).  I am depressed that I missed it…….oh well, it couldn’t be helped.  I could not have managed to have been outdoors on Monday morning, I could barely walk……..there’s always next year!!

Okay, I’m finished for now.  I may be back later…………


~ Patty

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