Still Sick…yucky!

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Still feeling yucky.  Finally caved and called my doctor – I’ll go see her at noon today and hopefully she’ll give me something to clear this gunk up.  Am blowing out yellow gunk and coughing it up, too.  Don’t think I have a fever, though.  Just feeling yucky.

It’s a gorgeous day today, when we woke up it was already 57 degrees.  It is supposed to rain later on, though.  Welcome to early spring in the Ozarks!

Daniel’s last basketball game is this Saturday.  I have to work from 9 am until 1 pm, so am hoping his game is late…maybe I can get there for part of it.  Last week he scored 6 points and was so excited.  He’s a totally new child since switching schools.  No more stomach aches in the morning and searching for excuses to stay home.  I do need to run over to the church office today, though, and get him enrolled in Sunday school.  He learns about religion and the bible at the new school, but it’s not a Catholic school and he needs to learn the special facts of Catholicism.

We went to 6 pm Mass last night to celebrate Ash Wednesday.  We talked on the way home about needing to do something as a family for Lent and have decided to read the Bible nightly.  This morning, I started a book of devotions for women, called A Woman of Faith.  I’d like to find a book of devotions for both my husband and my son….they probably have some at the Catholic book store in Springfield.  Or of course at my favorite online book store Amazon.  Maybe I can search around and find something for the both of them. 

We went out for dinner last night (Chinese) after Mass.  I had dinner in the refrigerator but since Mass was at 6 pm, Ron doesn’t get out of the office until 5 pm, there wasn’t time to eat.  I doubt whether the strata is still any good from last night, it’s been sitting for over 24 hours.  So tonight I’ll make something with the pound of hamburger I took out this morning.

Okay, that’s about it for now….maybe I’ll BBL?

~ Patty


Tomorrow is Halloween!

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Finally, I have time to sit at my computer and post an update.

What a week this has been.

Daniel still has bronchitis and FINALLY went to school today (he hadn’t gone all week!).  His fever finally broke the night before.  He’s still got that terrible cough, though.  And he’s still on his 2x a day Pulmicort, 2x a day Allegra plus Albuterol taken on the nebulizer every 3-4 hours.  I feel as though I’m a prisoner of the clock, having to keep track of everything.  Thankfully I’ve got a small notebook that I keep in the box with the nebulizer, where I write notes to myself…started that in 2004.  Daniel was amazed at his "history" and was reading it the other day.

I told him he could go trick or treating tomorrow, but that we are NOT going to stay out late like we usually do.  We’ll probably quit around 7 pm.  The weather is going to be in the 70s during the day, but once the sun goes down, it chills quickly and his lungs do NOT need to be out in the cold.

I told hubby that after the week that I’ve had, I deserve dinner out, so he’s already planning on taking us out for dinner LOL

Got my hair colored today, it’s called Autumn Red…very pretty.  Hubby didn’t notice.  Or if he did he forgot to mention it.

Had chili for dinner.  And homemade cornbread.

Should be upstairs folding laundry but am too lazy tonight.

~ Patty

Saturday Morning Musings!

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Doing my second load of laundry, but THAT is a GOOD thing because it’s my brand-new clothes!  All in Size LARGE!  Going to wear a new outfit tonight, we’re going out for dinner, to celebrate my birthday EARLY since hubby won’t be here on Wednesday.

Hubby leaves tomorrow for a conference in Las Vegas.  He’ll be back on Thursday.  Daniel is already missing him.  He doesn’t handle separations well, poor kid.  Luckily, though, Ron doesn’t travel much for work, maybe just once a year.

I’m not envious of him going to Vegas.  Some of the wives tag along with their hubbies (I would just have to pay airfare, the room would be with him, so it’s covered), but I’m not tempted to go to Vegas.  Gambling and booze?  No thanks. 

We’ll miss him for the four days that he’s gone, though.

Wanted to try the new steak house in town but it’s STILL not open yet.  So we’re going to another restaurant about 15 minutes from here.  Hopefully the food will be good.

Got my haircut on Thursday, it’s very short!  Daniel got his cut yesterday, it’s short, too, but not as short as he first wanted.  I convinced him to NOT get it all shaved off LOL

Need to call school to set up parent-teacher conference Thursday or Friday. 

Daniel should get the cast off his wrist Monday!

That’s all for now!

~ Patty

Tuesday Night…a Rainy Night

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Hello, world!

We just came home from dinner out.  BBQ ribs, seasoned fries, cole slaw!  Needless to say, I had a rib and a couple of fries and a spoonful of slaw along with part of a glass of iced tea.  Last year at this time, I would have demolished half the ribs and over half the fries.  Times change.

It’s been raining since Daniel got out of school.  He had wanted to go to the skate park after doing his homework, but nope, not tonight and not for the next few nights, either.  It’s supposed to rain for the next three days!

My mom’s house inspection paperwork is complete.  She has TERMITES!  The realtor is going to contact the sellers’ agent to see if they will pay for treatment.  Cross your fingers!  That’s all that’s left for her to be able to close on the deal.

I weighed myself this morning, even though it’s not Sunday LOL and I’m down another pound…so far I’ve lost 51!  Yay, me!  59 more to go until my goal weight.

Life is good.

~ Patty

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After spending the week looking for houses, looking at houses and thinking about houses, I am exhausted.

We just looked at one that I thought my mom would fall for, but she decided that both bedrooms were too little and she couldn’t handle it.  Personally, I thought that the house was PERFECT for her, but oh well.

Hubby is going to a doctor’s appointment this afternoon so Daniel and I are on our own for the evening.  I think I’ll take him to Mazzio’s for pizza and I’ll have spaghetti.

I should go home and take a nap but here we are at the local library again; I just did a search on for a house for her, but there are none in her price range that we can go look at.  They are either in raunchy neighborhoods (yes, we have raunchy neighborhoods in my hometown here LOL) or they are falling apart or they don’t have air conditioning.

Anyway, that’s it for me for now……..

~ Patty

Monday Morning

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Hello, world.

I haven’t blogged since Friday.  Things have been fine, not too busy, not sure why I haven’t blogged……..

Today I am cleaning bathrooms; they need a super good scrub.  It’s hard to keep STRIPEY out of the tub while scrubbing it though LOL  Thankfully I’m using a natural product to clean the tub so it won’t harm him if he falls in.  Goofy kitten.  Right now, I’m taking a break but will soon go back upstairs to scrub the rest of the master bath and then the hallway bathroom.  I’m sitting here sweating LOL

Went to the pool yesterday.  After church, on the way home, the temp at the real estate office said 102 and I’m sure it got HOTTER.  Were there two hours then came home and demanded asked dh to take us out for supper.  Went to the family restaurant and had a fruit plate with chicken salad.  Couldn’t eat the chicken salad….picked at it.  Ate the watermelon and strawberries, though, YUMMY!

Tonight is a PCCW Meeting; Doris asked me to take minutes since the secretary for our group is out of town.  They are providing dinner:  Beef sandwiches, veggies and a fruit pizza for dessert.  I’m going to have to stop at the store for some pre-cut fruit for myself.  Can’t have a beef sandwich yet or veggies; the pizza will probably have a lot of sweet cream cheese on it, which is a no-no.

Okay, off to the Friends Page.

~ Patty


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I’m still trying to smile LOL  Am feeling a bit better from Saturday…still have an occasional ache in my right side from the kidney infection, though.  Last night it was bothering me so badly, I just went to bed without my cpap machine and wanted to cry, it hurt so bad.

Today we had to get a new watch battery for my Fossil.  It’s not the kind of battery I can get at Walmart, so had to drive to Mount Vernon to a jewelry store.  It was Daniel’s first visit to a real jewelry store and he fell in love with the jewels LOL  He says he is going to save up his allowance and buy me diamonds.  Yeah, right LOL

Went out for Chinese tonight because I forgot to get anything out for supper.  Silly me.

~ Patty

Tuesday Evening

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Day Two of Liquid Diet.

My mom called first thing this morning to ask me a stupid question.  She asked, “ARE YOU HUNGRY?”


She claims to be supportive of me and my having surgery but then she calls me with a stupid question.  OF COURSE, I am feeling hungry.  I’ve barely eaten in the last 12+ hours.

Hubby says to ignore her.  So if she calls tomorrow, I’ll let the machine pick it up LOL

Went to the pool today for a few hours and got browner.  Me and Daniel were born with a head-start on our tans LOL

Got some sad news today while at the pool…one of the moms with children in our school has Stage Three breast cancer.  Her youngest (a boy) will be in 3rd grade this coming year and she has twin daughters who will be in 6th grade and her oldest daughter will be in 8th grade.  I am broken-hearted for them.  I hate cancer.  I will call her and offer support and see if there’s anything we can do to help out; one of the other moms at school is calling around and collecting money for gas and phone cards, since the oncologist and treatments will be in Springfield (one hour away from home).  We are so broke right now and having to pay for our own travel to and from Columbia (four hours away) but we can offer to help out with the children.  And of course, we will pray for her.

Went out for lunch today and had broth – yummy!  And then for supper to the Chinese restaurant and had won ton soup…..cheated and had three soupy won tons…..oh well.  For some reason, I feel FULLER after having broth than I do drinking my protein drinks.  Go figure.  Maybe it’s “in my head” or something.  Probably…..

Hubby is mowing, Daniel is planting a tree and I’m off to see what else is going on in the world.

We leave tomorrow around 4:00 for Columbia, will spend the night and come home late Thursday so I probably won’t post again until Friday!

Hasta luego!

~ Patty

Friday Night

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Here comes the weekend!  And on Monday, the start of my liquid diet.

Tonight, hubby and I had a DATE.  My mom volunteered to keep our son while the two of us enjoyed a quiet meal in a nice restaurant.  Well, the company was great but the food wasn’t so great.  For a dinner costing approximately $20, they served it with canned corn (overcooked, of course) and steak fries that came out of the freezer.  Hubby complained but to no avail.  Not even an offer of a free dessert!  Oh well.  We won’t be going back there ever again.

We haven’t had a date since the last time we ate at that particular restaurant, back in August 2007.  

It sure stormed a lot last night.  Thankfully, no tornadoes were happening in the area but sheesh, the wind blew!  My two Martin houses are still standing though.

Daniel is watching tv and hubby is doing homework from work, so I’m off to see what’s new in the rest of the world.

Hasta manana!

~ Patty

Still Wednesday!

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I picked up ds from school today….he was holding onto his tummy and had a miserable look on his face.  I shouldn’t have taken him this morning….he barely ate his lunch, had to do skipping excercizing during indoor recess which jiggled his tummy around, and he had to go to PE whether he felt good or not.  Next time he thinks he’s well enough to go to school, I’ll override his vote and keep him home where he belongs.

Poor kid!

As for me, I’m feeling MUCH better.  No more queasiness and I had a good dinner.  We went out for Chinese food, ds’s request since he felt like rice and soup.  And he didn’t even eat soup….he had rice though, and chicken and ice cream.

Well it’s thundering again.  Maybe I ought to get off the computer………

~ Patty

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