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Good morning!

I’m at the local library, spending time, waiting.  I have a lunch appointment with a girlfriend…the one who is MOVING to OKLAHOMA, doggone her!  She put her house on the market less than a month ago and it sold on this past Saturday.  She’ll be leaving about the same time my mom closes on her house and moves.  So next month – end of September – will be stressful.  I’m happy for my friend, on one hand…she is moving to live with her younger sister…family is FIRST and they need each other.  But on the other hand, she’s one of my best friends and I’m going to miss her like CRAZY.  But there is EMAIL and we can always use that.

My mom and I spoke last night.  She’s still dancing on the ceiling, in shock, that she is buying a home.  The realtor called yesterday and they’ve ordered the home inspection and the termite inspection.  Mom wants to go over to the house some time soon to see it again.  She claims she can’t remember what parts of it look like LOL Everything seemed to happen so QUICKLY…I mean, the realtor emailed me and phoned her about the house, then I called to set up a time to meet there and within an HOUR, she put a bid down.  The next day the sellers put a counteroffer out and my mom took it and that afternoon we met with the bank about a mortgage and she was approved.


But I think she’s got the PERFECT HOUSE….it’s so adorable and just the right size for her.

Anyway, off to see what’s new in the rest of the world….

~ Patty 


Here I sit, all alone….

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Well, except for the three cats I’m alone LOL

My son started fourth grade today.  Holy Cow!  It seems like just yesterday when he was starting preschool and here he is in fourth grade!

So, after dropping him off at school and leaving him there – sigh – I ran a couple of errands, went to the library and then to the Region 2 Council of Catholic Women board meeting, where I’m secretary.  After the meeting, three of us went to lunch (tortilla soup, yummy!) and now I’m home.

I’ve got the lamb chops marinating in their lemon and herb oil….got the new potatoes ready to slice and roast….got some fresh green beans to make, too!  Dinner will be GREAT!

Okay, off to see what’s new in the rest of the world.

Ta-ta for now!

~ Patty

Tuesday Afternoon

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Here we are, Tuesday afternoon, two days before school starts!

It’s another gorgeous day in the Ozarks.  The weather has been spoiling us, it’s been in the low 80s when it should be in the 90s and 100s.  I told hubby the other day that we’re gonna get punished next month, watch it be in the 100s for September LOL

We had lunch with hubby at his office cafeteria.  The guys had burgers and fries and I had salad bar.  Yummy!  I had a bite of macaroni salad, some cottage cheese and then some lettuce with sprouts, boiled egg, croutons, sunflower seeds and a dash of ranch dressing.  They had some raspberry vinegarette (SP?) but it was really THICK and I figured it had more calories than a dash of ranch (regular) so I skipped it.

Stopped at the butcher’s for some meat!  Ordered some lamb chops for tomorrow.  Daniel saw them on television and declared that he would like to try them, so we’ll have some on Friday.

Doing laundry…his new school clothes.

Hunting down recipes for fixing the lamb.  I love going to Allrecipes and hunting down recipes.  YUMMY!  I found a recipe that I will try, it’s for Lemon Herb Lamb Chops.  I need to get the chops tomorrow, along with a lemon or two for the marinade.

Anyway, that’s life for me right now.

~ Patty

What day is this?!?

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 I think it’s Thursday but I’m not sure.  It’s been such a busy week, house-hunting and all that goes along with it.  My mom found a house she wants but then after my husband looked it over with a fine-toothed comb, she changed her mind.  

So far today we have gone to lunch with our friend, Doris.  Mexican food.  My first try at real Mexican food.  I had part of a guacamole tostada and some of a cheese enchilada, along with a few bites of beans and rice.  Oh and of course a couple of chips with salsa.  So far, so good.

Tonight for dinner we will have pork chops, potatoes and veggies, along with applesauce.

~ Patty

Happy Sunday Evening!

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What a busy day.  We had the FUN-4-ALL at church today; hubby and I helped out from 11 am until 12:30 pm, selling tickets for the BBQ chicken dinner.  Then we had to eat!  Hubby got a hamburger and hot dog and chips and Diet Coke, and I had two tamales and an orange snow cone.  Daniel had eaten earlier (a hot dog and lemonade).  It was nice and thankfully the rain stopped!  They didn’t have the huge bouncey-games outdoors though, I guess the rain early on made them decide not to do them this year.  Last year it rained.  This year it rained up until the time Mass started.  We were doing really well with the chicken dinners, hubby counted over $500 cash taken-in when we left.

Then we came home and napped.  Well, it was HARD WORK selling tickets!

Dinner tonight was a ham steak, mashed sweet potatoes (out of a box, yeah yeah, I cheated and they weren’t as good as the real ones would have been but I was tired LOL) and corn.  I had a bite of ham, maybe a teaspoon of potatoes and a couple kernels of corn.  And then a handful of bing cherries.

I’ve been eating a LOT of fruit lately and the only thing wrong is that I’m not getting in enough protein.  Bleah!  I’m so tired of protein drinks.

Tomorrow I am going to call the realtor and we’re going to look over some houses for my mom!  Yippee!

~ Patty

Friday Morning

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Hello, world.  It’s been a few days since I’ve blogged.  We’ve been kinda busy around here, running around, spending time at the pool, shopping and going to a doctor appointment yesterday…..
Well, not my doctor appointment….took a friend to see her ENT yesterday….she’s got a bit of fluid in one ear plus some allergy problems, poor gal.  While we were in the city both Daniel and I got new shoes.  Mine are on my feet and his are in the box.  He’s so anxious to wear them but we said not until school.Also while we were in the city, went to MACARONI GRILL and OMG!  I had to order a plate of LINGUINE with CLAM SAUCE and it was incredible.  REAL clams in their shells!  I ate all the clams and part of the linguine.  I don’t think I’ve had that much to eat since surgery and it all stayed down and happy LOL  We are definitely returning there!Today so far I have washed strawberries and left them in the collander.  We picked a whole flat the other day and I have to do something with them before they all get funky.  Going to freeze them.  They’ll be wonderful mixed up with the blueberries we picked earlier this summer.

We have a doc appointment at 10:30 for Daniel to get his allergy shots and me my B12.  Then we are going to my Mom’s to wait for a REALTOR to call.  She might buy a house!  One of my best friends has her house for sale (she’s going to move to OK to live with her younger sister) and it would be PERFECT for my mom to buy!

~ Patty

Happy Tuesday!

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In a week, I’ll be waking up in the hospital!  Yippeee!

Right now, ds and I are at the local libary; he wants to get “Cheat Codes” for his PS2 games.  Hmmm, cheat codes?  Back when I was a little girl, there were no such things as cheat codes, were there? LOL

I didn’t weigh myself this morning, I was sorely tempted to, but didn’t.

Daniel’s legs are very sore this morning, especially the left one.  The bleedy part is about two inches across and maybe half an inch wide.  We stopped at the pharmacy and got fresh bandages, tape and Neosporin (the kind that stops the pain).  He’s got clean bandages on now.

Called a girlfriend to see about lunch.  Last week we found a restaurant that served soup, and I slurped up the broth.  This week we’ll do the same.

That’s about all for now.

Hasta luego.

~ Patty 

How long until surgery?

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Not long at all!  Today is the 30th of the month, tomorrow is the 31st, then May will be over and we need to get through 22 days of June, so just 24 days until surgery!


My son and I are at the library this morning.  Took him in for the allergy injections and he did well.  No red marks, no swelling….you can’t even tell that he received shots.

In a few, we are meeting hubby for lunch at the office cafeteria.

My sore throat is better today, thank goodness.  I was worried yesterday when I could barely speak!

The weather in SW Missouri is gorgeous today, nice and sunny and windy.

Okay, off to my Friends’ Page.

Hasta luego!

~ Patty 


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Hello world.  It’s Thursday afternoon and pretty soon I better go get in line to pick up my son from school.  It finally stopped raining here – thankfully it didn’t flood like the past couple of times it stormed – but still he won’t have soccer practice tonight.  Dinner tonight will be roast, mashed potatoes and veg.

I’m at the local library.  Had lunch with a couple of girlfriends at the new restaurant in town.  It was pretty pricey, $6.95 for a burger that wasn’t even cooked medium-rare, the way I asked for it.  The waitress made herself scarce so I couldn’t ask for it to be re-done, but it wasn’t half bad, so I ate it LOL

This weekend is ds’s next to the last soccer game.  He didn’t want to play baseball this spring….that disappointed me, he’s so good at it.  But it’s his choice.

His birthday is in 12 days.  We’re having a Pizza Party for him at one of the local pizza joints.  Need to address invites this weekend to send out on Monday.  

Picked up three of Debbie Macomber’s books, the Dakota trilogy.  I’m on the list for her newest book…number five on the list.  And number seven on the list for Beverly Lewis’s newest.  Darn!

Okay, it’s about time to leave…….

Maybe I’ll BBL.

~ Patty


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I got a letter in the mail yesterday from my bariatric surgeon’s office – telling me that the insurance papers WERE mailed in to the insurance company and that I need to contact the insurance company next week and ASK THEM if the papers were received and then to keep on calling them to make sure things go smoothly.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease, right,

the-new-perfect?!?  I’m going to SQUEAK as much and as often as I can until I get approved!!

I had lunch with my AA sponsor and good friend, Margaret.  Went for Chinese, YUMMY!  I didn’t overeat, either, isn’t that great?!?  I had a bowl of egg drop soup, an egg roll, two crab rangoon and one pot sticker.  Then a small serving of Mongolian Beef, a couple of Lemon Chicken pieces and some chicken fried rice.  And hot tea.  And a glass of ice water.  I know I’m not supposed to drink with meals as a practice for AFTER my WL surgery, but how can I have Chinese without hot tea? LOL

I’m already packed for tomorrow, for the DCCW Conference.  My stuff barely fit into my small suitcase, but I managed.  I’m just staying for ONE night, but jeepers, my suitcase is full LOL

Next Wednesday is our Salad Luncheon Extravaganza! at church….I need to find some workers for the Luncheon.  I can call tonight when I get home.

After picking up ds from school, I am going to the Y to work out.  I didn’t go yesterday because I was so darned upset over the fight with my mom.  It would have been an ideal time to work out…work off some steam, kwim?  But I wasn’t thinking straight.  So I’ll go today.

That’s all for now!  WOW, two posts from me in one day.

~ Patty


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