Hello, Tuesday!

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It’s another stinking hot day in the Ozarks.  We are heading for the pool around noon and will hang out for a few hours.  Then at 4:30, my hair will make a disappearing act.  I am getting it CHOPPED OFF.  It’s too hot to mess with.  It’s not too long but it’s wild.  Maybe, Melissa will be able to talk me out of chopping it off, if she can style it pretty for me?

Yesterday we didn’t make it to the pool.  Today we are Definitely Going to Swim.

Last night was the PCCW Meeting.  Barbara made an excellent-looking beef that they served on hoagie buns.  Then, Geri made a wonderful tasting Chinese noodle salad, Rita brought some cherry salsa and chips (YUMMY), Marilyn brought tomatoes, Mary brought potato chips, and Phyllis made a delicious fruit pizza.  I loved the fruit.  Couldn’t eat the sugar cookie crust, but I ate the fruit LOL

It was nice to eat and hang out with the ladies.  Next month, our group is hosting the Region II General meeting.  That will be a lot of work, but it will be fun, too.  I get to be an altar server again.  I did it two years ago with Michelle and this time I’ll get to do it with Barbara.

I’ve already typed up the minutes for the meeting and should call Doris to see if she wants them………….

~ Patty


Monday Morning

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Hello, world.

I haven’t blogged since Friday.  Things have been fine, not too busy, not sure why I haven’t blogged……..

Today I am cleaning bathrooms; they need a super good scrub.  It’s hard to keep STRIPEY out of the tub while scrubbing it though LOL  Thankfully I’m using a natural product to clean the tub so it won’t harm him if he falls in.  Goofy kitten.  Right now, I’m taking a break but will soon go back upstairs to scrub the rest of the master bath and then the hallway bathroom.  I’m sitting here sweating LOL

Went to the pool yesterday.  After church, on the way home, the temp at the real estate office said 102 and I’m sure it got HOTTER.  Were there two hours then came home and demanded asked dh to take us out for supper.  Went to the family restaurant and had a fruit plate with chicken salad.  Couldn’t eat the chicken salad….picked at it.  Ate the watermelon and strawberries, though, YUMMY!

Tonight is a PCCW Meeting; Doris asked me to take minutes since the secretary for our group is out of town.  They are providing dinner:  Beef sandwiches, veggies and a fruit pizza for dessert.  I’m going to have to stop at the store for some pre-cut fruit for myself.  Can’t have a beef sandwich yet or veggies; the pizza will probably have a lot of sweet cream cheese on it, which is a no-no.

Okay, off to the Friends Page.

~ Patty

Friday, Friday!

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Wow, was yesterday a LONGGGGGGGGGGGG DAY!

I thought we’d never get to Columbia – and once we were there it was fine, but then – back into the car again to get home.  Four hours in the car, three hours “ON LAND” and then four more hours in the car again makes for a long day and a grumpy me.  I will NEVER do that again, it was too hard.

Anyways, enough griping LOL

The nurse and doctor gave me an excellent report – nurse said I was doing PERFECTLY!  I do need to increase my calcium and work a bit harder on my protein, but other than that, she and the doc were very happy with my progress.  I am very happy.

Today is D’s last day for Vacation Bible School.  He wants to go to the pool – I have permission to SWIM again and take baths so I can get in – but today he has Bible School.  Tomorrow I am planning on housekeeping duties, so maybe Sunday?  It’s supposed to get up to 99 degrees on Sunday, so that will be a PERFECT day to hop into the pool.

~ Patty 

Happy Thursday!

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Things are going well today – my son is with a neighbor, playing.  They’ll go to McDonald’s eventually and then at 1:00, I am picking them both up and we’ll go to the pool.  I wish I could get in the water, it’s going to be 88 degrees today!

Hey I have a new TICKER:

Yummy Dinner!

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I tricked my family for dinner….I fixed hamburgers which were 50% turkey and 50% beef.  My hubby would NEVER eat a turkey burger (I know, I’ve tried before) but he ate TWO this way tonight and he said that they were really good!  LOL

I also fixed them veggies and mac & cheese.  I know that mac & cheese isn’t the best thing in the world for them, next time I’ll find a whole grain mac & cheese.  The hamburger buns were 6% whole grain – I read the package wrong – I should have gotten 100% whole grain.

So much to learn!

Anyway, right now hubby and son are outdoors mowing before the rain hits.

We managed to hit the pool today for a couple of hours.  My hair was back in a headband and my forehead got burned a bit.  I didn’t get into the water today, it was too darned cold!

Okay, that’s my update.

Adios for now!

~ Patty


ETA:  Just came downstairs again after a quick nursing situation.  Let me tell you, there’s nothing worse than hearing your child CRYING and SCREAMING while you race up the stairs to get to him…..he crashed himself somehow on the concrete drive and bashed up both legs and his hands….was crying and bleeding and couldn’t even speak to tell me what happened at first.  Thank God we had some 4×4 bandages and tape and Neosporin (well, we always have Neosporin LOL) and I was able to get him soaped off clean and then bandaged up.  Poor little one!  Now he’s planted in front of the television.  Whew!

7 more days! 1 week from today!

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Let’s see, we are due at the hospital on the 23rd by 7:00 am, so we COULD be through surgery by now!  Could be!

Hmmmmm, I just realized that the clock on the computer says it 8:39 am, but actually it’s 9:39 am.  Wonder what happened?  Oh, well.

We had a quiet weekend; not much went on.  Yesterday we had church, our beloved Father Daniel gave all of the fathers a special prayer and blessing.  After church, we went out for brunch as usual….hmmmmm, what to eat? or shall I say, slurp? LOL  I ended up having a bowl of oatmeal, with milk and a shake of sugar (yeah, the real thing).  I ate only about 1/4 of the bowl, I actually got full, which surprised me!

Then on home, hubby wanted to spend Father’s Day in his workshop so my son and I hopped in the car and went to the pool.  The sun was so HOT, it was an ideal day to be in the ice cold water LOL

Then back home, I fixed baked cod and cooked carrots for dinner; they each got a slice of whole wheat bread for their starch.  Hubby looked for his potatoes but I said, “Nope!”

After dinner, hubby and son watched tv, while I read Jeanette Oke.

We were supposed to go to the pool today with one of my son’s buddies but it’s cloudy and overcast and scattered storms are scheduled, so I doubt we make it.  We can try tomorrow.

Okay, that’s it for now!

Hasta la vista!

~ Patty

Less than 3 weeks…….

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 I woke up this morning thinking that in three weeks, I’ll be waking up in the hospital LOL

This is just amazing.

Not much going on in my head today…….the weather is gorgeous, we may go to the YMCA pool today…….need to go to the grocery store and get some supplies for dinner this week.

~ Patty

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