Things might be getting better

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Today was a better day. My dh took the initiative and called his oncologist and spoke with the nurse. He has NEVER done that before, so I know he was worried. The doc said that he is to STOP all meds except for his chemo and see how he feels in a couple of days. We are seeing the Nurse Practitioner on Monday. According to the message from the doc, dh should be feeling better tomorrow, hopefully by Friday.

Today he’s been quiet (he called me twice while I was at work) and hasn’t been eating much besides a banana and I just made him some butterscotch pudding. But he’s more alert than he has been. He’s really really cold, though. He’s wearing 3 shirts and is covered with his Snuggie and I just gave him the heating pad about 30 minutes ago to set on himself. I set it on really low so he doesn’t overheat.

We all have our own crosses to bear…I’m just so darned grateful that I have friends to help me carry my cross…of course, I’m mostly grateful to the Lord because without Him, I surely would have given up by now. I was praying on the way home tonight from work, “God is in control, God is in control, God is in control” It wasn’t a fancy prayer but it was prayer and I know He heard me ♥

~ Patty


We need prayers, please

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My hubby has been having knee pain for the past few months. He saw a local orthopedic surgeon who declared that “Nothing is wrong” and then drained some liquid from the knee. End of that surgeon’s care! So then I suggested that hubby see one of the orthopedic doctors at the clinic where I’ve gone for neck and hip problems. He saw a doctor a week ago, they scheduled an MRI.

He had the MRI yesterday. The doctor is pretty sure that it’s cancer. Supposedly the kidney cancer has metastisized. We need a full-body MRI to see if it’s gone anyplace else. He’s probably going to have to have his entire left knee and the tumor removed and have a knee replacement. Ouch!

Hubby goes in for a biopsy next Wednesday; we are to be in the hospital at 5:30 in the morning. Then we have to wait eight days for the next appointment with the orthopedic doc to see the results and figure out where to go next.

Needless to say, I’ve been crying a lot and praying a lot. His last checkup showed that he was in remission from the kidney cancer but apparently it’s still around somewhere.

Thank you.

~ Patty

Kitty recuperating from Surgery

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My snowshoe Siamese, Boots, age 6, had surgery on Thursday.

My 10-year old son (who feels guilty and very upset with himself) was holding her and swung her backwards and then forwards, dropping her.  When she landed, she cried very loudly.  My husband heard it happen but didn’t see it.  Me, I was asleep already.

The next day I took her to the vet and she (the vet) told me that her back left kneecap was out of whack.  She kept Boots for the day, gave her a shot for pain, sent her home that night with a mild morphine med for 3 days, and I was to call on Monday if she was still acting like it hurt.  On Monday, she seemed fine.  But by Wednesday, all three of us noticed that she was limping often.

Took her to the vet Wednesday and the injury was worse.  Every time Boots moved her back leg, the kneecap popped out.  She was in a lot of pain.  So after getting an estimate for surgery and realizing that it was important to do, we left Boots over night.

She came through surgery well.  Stayed at the vet’s Thursday and came home yesterday.  Upon returning home, she was attacked by our middle cat, Smokey.  It was extremely upsetting for both my son and husband…hubby had to separate the cats and we’re keeping Boots in my son’s room with food, water and a litter box.  We bring her out for cuddles every couple of hours, letting her get lots of rest in between.  She’s finally eating and using her box.

I called the vet about the attack and she says it’s normal.  Boots was gone, came home smelling like meds and all kinds of scary things, and Smokey reacted.  Smokey will go down the hallway and sniff at the bedroom door.  While Boots is in arms, she’ll walk up and growl and then run off.  The vet said to be patient and give them time.


Please send prayers for both my girls…healing for Boots and patience for Smokey, so she’s recognize her “sister”

Our other cat, Stripey, is fine.  He was shy after the attack but sits outside the bedroom door yowling at Boots…not in anger, I think he just wants her to come out and play LOL


~ Patty

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