We’re back!

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Okay, so we got home late Sunday night, exhausted and excited from vacation.

We’re already planning to return to Texas…Port Aransas to be exact. For a whole week. We want to spend time there and in Corpus Christi.

Sea World and San Antonio were TONS of fun, don’t get me wrong – we enjoyed everything we did there, but the BEACH…wow, what can I say??

We LOVED the beach. Yeah, it was hot and sunny and we went through all of our sunscreen and paid too much to rent an umbrella ($20 a day) but HEY, it was INCREDIBLE! Daniel got a boogie board (we purchased that) and played in the waves until we pulled him out. The beach was clean, not crowded and we had a lifeguard and outhouses available within walking distance. Our hotel was .1 mile from the beach. We drove there because we had a cooler filled with lunch stuff and snacks and too many toys to carry LOL

Next summer we may rent a condo. We’ve already invited our next-door neighbors to go with us — if they can’t all four make it due to job and school constraints, we will still take the daughter (she’ll be 12, Daniel will be 11). It would be so COOL if all four of them come. We could rent a condo on the beach and it’d be cheaper to split the cost between the two families. The only problem with a condo is there’s no maid service LOL and you know me, I love maid service!

Anyway, we had a blast and can’t wait to go back!

I’ve taken film to Walmart to get developed and will be posting them in my Facebook once I get the disc (next week). I hope lots of my pics come out. I took my digital camera but used disposable cameras (including one waterproof) because I was nervous with all the water and sand, didn’t want to wreck my good camera.

Hasta luego!

~ Patty


Live from San Antonio….it’s me!

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We got to Waco on Saturday night and arrived here in San Antonio on Sunday. It’s HOT – the temp today was supposed to hit 104*

We are sunburned and having a blast! We went to Sea World twice and tomorrow are leaving for Port Aransas and the Gulf of Mexico.

~ Patty

Two more days to go!

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Can you tell that I’m ready for vacation? I can!

Tonight for dinner I made enchiladas for the very first time. Ron really liked them…I lost count of how many he had. Me, I had three along with some rice and beans. Daniel thought they were too spicy. Even though I used the mildest enchilada sauce I could find, they were too spicy for him. It’s tough to find food that he and my husband will agree on sometimes and sometimes I get so frustrated. But then I remember that he’s only ten and has different taste-buds than a grown-up.

One night, about two months ago, we sat down for dinner and he (Daniel) totally got upset about it and complained and complained. Know what I did? Got up and walked away in tears. Went to the bedroom and shut the door and cried. It surprised me and it totally surprised Ron and Daniel. I typically don’t respond that way, but oh, boy, that night was just too much. It gets tiring trying to come up with healthy and nutritious meals for everyone. So I fell apart that night…eventually Daniel came to me and apologized. And thankfully it hasn’t happened again LOL

So tomorrow I will fry cod and make macaroni and cheese. Daniel loves fried fish, but only cod for some odd reason. I’ve made other types of fish and he always asks, “Is this cod?” before he’ll take a bite. Once we fibbed to him and said “Yep” even though it was flounder. He ate it anyway and loved it. But tomorrow it’s definitely cod. I have enough cheddar cheese left over from the enchiladas so that I can make homemade macaroni and cheese.

Is it Saturday yet?

~ Patty


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Is it Saturday yet?

Daniel is already packed for vacation. He wanted to pack last night but I wouldn’t let him. So he waited until this afternoon, dragged out one of the duffel bags and filled it with shirts, shorts, underwear, his toothbrush and his deoderant. Then he filled another bag with his PS2 and a ton of games and announced that he was ready to go.

I had to call Ron to tell him about it and of course, he laughed. I think we’re all so excited about this. We haven’t had a real vacation since the spring we went to Tulsa for the weekend. Daniel must have been three that year…so it’s been seven years since we’ve done this!

Anyway, I think I’ve purchased everything on my list and now I just have to check it twice (just like Santa Claus) by Saturday morning. The laundry is caught up for now, although I might have to come home and do a load on Friday. Ron is going to mow on Wednesday and Thursday. The next door neighbor is coming over one night to learn where we keep the food for our pets; he’s promised to take care of our dog and three cats for us.

We are READY to ROLL!

~ Patty

We’re going to the BEACH!

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Yep. We’ve updated our vacation plans to include a couple of days at the beach…Port Aransas, TX.

My hubby was on the internet last night (a very rare occurance) when he asked me if I had any idea that San Antonio was ONLY 2 hours from the Gulf of Mexico. Well, of course I had no idea…

The more we talked, the more excited he got. This morning he called and arranged for us to stay Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in San Antonio. Then I called and got a hotel off the beach for Thursday and Friday. YAY!

I’m getting more excited. I’ve done a ton of laundry, have a list made up of things to take, a list of things to purchase to take, a grocery list since we’ll be here until Saturday morning and need to eat until then LOL

Daniel was curious as to why my list of things to take included Tylenol and a thermometer. Like it or not, people get sick on vacation. My list also includes Swimmer’s Ear (for Ron) and nail clippers and cotton balls and vinegar in a spray bottle since we’ll maybe get sunburned.

Just 6 more days!!


~ Patty

Sitting here munching on a chocolate mint cookie… yum!

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I love cookies.


Yeah, I’ve lost 102 pounds and I still have an occasional cookie. Especially if there’s chocolate and mint involved LOL

Today is Friday and I worked all day. Also I work tomorrow for four hours. Then I work three days next week and then we go on VACATION! Wheeeeeeee! Time to start making my lists of things to pack. I’m obsessed with lists. Because I know that if I don’t MAKE one, I’ll forget half of what I’m supposed to pack. And in this family, I am the one who packs. We’ll be gone for 8 days so that’s a lot of clothes and stuff. Of course, my hubby says we should do laundry while we’re there so we don’t have to pack too many things, but HEY, it’s VACATION and since I’m the laundress, I REFUSE to do laundry on VACATION!

Who the heck does laundry on vacation?

Not me! If he wants laundry done, I’ll hand him a few quarters and send him on his merry way LOL

Anyway, it’s been a good week and thankfully it’s almost over.

The new movie, G-FORCE, started today. We’ll probably go see it. Maybe tomorrow?

Dinner was alright…some kind of creamy chicken stuff I found at ALLRECIPES. It was pretty basic and boring and of course, Daniel ate it up. Both Ron and I agreed that it needed something more…like mushrooms and seasoning. Of course if it had mushrooms and seasonings, Daniel wouldn’t have eaten any of it LOL

Anyway, that’s about it for me for now.

Hasta luego!

~ Patty

Hello, is this still July? or is it August?

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Wow, I haven’t posted since forever.

Things have been busy.  We are counting down days until our week-long vacation in SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS!  Only 13 more days until we leave!  We leave on the 1st and drive all day, spend the night in Waco – then wake up on the 2nd and go the rest of the way to San Antonio.  A week later on the 8th we turn around and come home.  It’s probably going to be over 100* all week while we’re there but I don’t care.  We’re going to have to drink a lot of water, that’s for sure!

It’s been a quiet weekend.  Yesterday I did laundry all day, did the grocery shopping and today after church, took a long nap.  Before church, I put a brisket in the crock pot and then after it was finished, shredded it and poured BBQ sauce all over and wow, it was good!

HEY, good news!

I have lost a total of 102 pounds!  Yep, yesterday morning I jumped on the scale and it is down to 133!  I was so happy!

I am craving bing cherries.  Luckily there are some in the fridge….they’re calling my name LOL

Tuesday is the last day for the summer reading program at work.  We’re having a huge party and it ought to be fun.  I’m tempted to run over to my mom’s at lunch to pick up Daniel and bring him back to work with me.

Oh well, I know I haven’t been around much but really, nothing is going on LOL

~ Patty

Hello, It’s Wednesday!

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Thank goodness Ron was feeling well this morning and went to work.  He slept until around 8:15 last night, woke up and told us goodnight.  He told me he was hungry as he was walking out the door this morning and I just spoke to him and he is still feeling alright.

We’ve got to make a decision today about our vacation.  I’ve been in contact with our AAA travel agent and she’s unable to get us a better deal on our vacation package.  Isn’t that funny?  I can go to the Sea World website and get an entire package for less than she can.  Ours will cost about $1,045 and we have a studio suite at the Residence Inn Downtown, three passes to Sea World and a Vacation Pass to San Antonio which gives us free parking at Sea World plus discounts inside the park (like for food!).  Anyway, I’ve printed off a ton of paperwork and Ron says we’ll go over it tonight.  Yay!

~ Patty

It’s a Rainy Night in the Ozarks

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It was about 70 degrees this afternoon and now, at 7:30 pm, it’s about 40 degrees.  It’s wet and rainy but thank goodness we didn’t have any severe weather, which they were forecasting.

My husband came home from work sick and is now in bed.  He called me before he left to say that he was feeling really bad.  For him to be in bed sleeping at this time of the evening, he must be sick.  It’s a stomach bug.  Hopefully, neither Daniel or I will catch it.

We’ve decided to do San Antonio for our August vacation.  We can have an entire week’s worth of fun and spend around $2,000.  We’ll do Sea World and the San Antonio Zoo & Aquarium and tour the Alamo and walk the Riverwalk and go to the Imax Theatre plus a Cowboy Ranch and a few other Texas-Things!  I’ve got to set up the hotels in Waco (our halfway point) and in San Antonio and get the tickets ordered.

~ Patty

Here’s what I’ve come up with!

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We can do Disney for about $2,000 if we drive and spend a night in Atlanta both ways.  That’s for five days, the Magic Your Way Ticket, including the Park Hopper Option and the Quick-Service Dining program.  We’d drive on Saturday/Sunday and start having fun on Monday, then return the next Saturday/Sunday.

We can do San Antonio for about $2,000 and that’s for a week’s stay at a Marriott Hotel including three vacation passes to Sea World, and three really cool interactive programs (one with beluga whales, one with Shamu and a meal with Shamu).

I’ve emailed hubby and let him know what’s up.

Daniel thinks we should fly to Orlando but that’s about $350/person and it’s cheaper to drive and get a hotel in Atlanta.  So, sorry, child, no flying on this trip!

~ Patty

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