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Just me….how’s life?

April 26, 2010 at 6:57 pm | Posted in Cancer, Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to Work I Go, School! | Leave a comment

Just me. I’m plugging along, taking things one moment at a time. I tried taking things one day at a time but that became too hard. So I’m cutting back to moments. It’s a bit easier.

School is almost out for the year, May 20 to be exact. Daniel will be going to a really cool child care center for the summer. They have an exciting summer program with field trips and trips to the pool. Since I work three days a week, we decided that it would be worth it to let him go all five days. It will help keep him occupied and happy, hopefully.

Ron is tolerating his chemo pills well. He had a 2-week break but had to re-start them on Saturday night. I pray that he can keep taking them without any major side-effects.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, which means my babies and toddlers and preschoolers come in for story time at work. Tuesday mornings are my favorite time of the week. Thankfully my job fills me up and keeps me from thinking about my woes.

~ Patty

Happy Monday…at least I think it’s Monday?

March 22, 2010 at 7:12 pm | Posted in Cancer, School! | Leave a comment

Is it Monday?

Oh yeah, it is. It was my day off, so it’s either Monday or Wednesday and I didn’t work yesterday so it must be Monday!

Things are going along well. Ron has been on his chemotherapy meds since a week ago Saturday and is only having mild tummy problems.

Daniel got his report card tonight, lots of As and Bs and one C. He’s got the highest score in reading; the teacher says he’s had the highest score all year. Yay for Daniel! He’s such a bookworm! Just like me and Ron!

Anyway, that’s my update.

~ Patty

Hi there!

January 6, 2010 at 7:26 pm | Posted in Cat: Boots, School!, Snow | Leave a comment

Just thought I’d drop a note to say HELLO, WORLD!

My kitty (BOOTS) got her cast off today. We’re leaving here alone for the day and night. She’s very grumpy, poor baby. The vet was taking the cast off and I was holding her and she BIT me! Poor Boots was so upset over the whole thing…she’s never bitten anyone before.

Anyway, life is plugging along. We’re supposed to get 2-4″ of snow tonight and they announced at 11:30 this morning that Daniel’s school will be closed tomorrow. Hmmm, wonder what they’ll think if we don’t get the snow?!?

Life is good.

~ Patty

wow, another post…2 days in a row…wow!

September 28, 2009 at 6:13 pm | Posted in School!, Sick! | Leave a comment

Today my son stayed home sick with a cough and congested nose. No fever, thankfully. Just in case (since I just got over the flu), I called his allergist for support. He said to increase his Veramyst nose spray and to give him Sudafed. I had to go to the pharmacy for the Sudafed and give them my driver’s license to buy it; maybe they’re worried I’d make meth with it? Seems like that’s what people down here do with it.

Anyway, I hope he’ll be fine to go to school tomorrow. I missed work last Tuesday and don’t get sick days. And it’s not good for him to miss school!

Tomorrow is picture day at school. I have to find that envelope they sent home a few weeks ago. Why do they send envelopes home weeks in advance? Don’t they know my kitchen is a disaster and that by now the envelope is buried under other paperwork?!?

Oh well.

~ Patty

Hello? [knock, knock] Is this thing working?

August 26, 2009 at 6:46 pm | Posted in Mammogram, School!, Sick! | Leave a comment

This has been a long day. First thing this morning, I had to drive an hour to the city to get a mammogram. FUN! Of course, while I’m sitting there waiting, I realize that it was six years ago August 10th that my best girlfriend died from breast cancer. So I’m sitting there trying not to cry in front of everyone in the waiting room…sigh. It’s still so hard, I still miss her so much. So I don’t complain about the mammogram because it can’t be as bad as what Doris went through the 15 months she was so horribly sick.

Oh and I forgot that Daniel’s teacher phoned me to let me know he was glad that I signed up to be Room Mother for the 5th grade and that he was concerned because Daniel didn’t complete last night’s homework assignment, that he sure hoped this wasn’t going to be a continuing problem and to please call him back to discuss this…sigh. I called him back and left word that I could and would come in and visit with him after school, but never heard back from him. Tomorrow morning when I drop off my child, I’ll see if the teacher has a few moments.

Went in for our injections (Daniel: allergy and me: B-12 and depo provera). I needed my depo provera because I’ve been having HORRID hot flashes at night again. Wednesday night I woke up dripping sweat. It felt like I had ran a marathon…I almost got up and changed the sheets and my pajamas but was too hot and tired. I love menopause!

Fixed dinner…didn’t each much because my stomach hasn’t been feeling 100% for the past couple of days. Even the nurse told us there was something going around; the doctor has been out of the office for the past couple of days because she’s been sick. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow morning; if not, I’m calling in sick. I don’t get sick days but it’s no biggie. Thursdays are generally slow at work.

Okay, there’s my big post for the day LOL

Hasta luego!

~ Patty

So if this is Wednesday….

August 19, 2009 at 6:32 pm | Posted in School! | Leave a comment

tomorrow is Thursday? I only work half a day tomorrow since I have to work half a day on Saturday. Oh well. Saturdays are fun. This weekend will be busy because it’s Howdy Neighbor Days in the tiny town where I work. Tonight began the carnival rides and they’re selling food and having all kinds of activities through Saturday night. Maybe we can all go out on Friday night and Daniel can ride the carnival rides.

We’ve decided to make plans to hit the Gulf of Mexico in May 2010. We fell in love with the beach! I’ve emailed a realtor today asking her to find us a rental near the water. Our budget isn’t huge but we ought to be able to get something nice. All we need is someplace to sleep, a kitchen, living area to crash into and of course, a television for Daniel. We hope that the neighbor girl next door can come with us. She and Daniel would have a blast together.

Today was a busy day for me. I needed to go down my mom’s to get groceries for her; she hasn’t been well lately and is so bad off that she can’t even walk (so she says). This morning when I popped in, she was sitting in her recliner eating toast, so she made it to the kitchen and then back to the living room. It’s so hard to be a daughter sometimes. As soon as I came in with her groceries, she booted me out of the house. She didn’t want me there. She wanted me to get her darned groceries but that was all she wanted from me…so I left. Not much else I can do. Besides complain LOL

Daniel has survived two days of being a 5th grader. Tonight he had math homework. Luckily, Ron came home while he was doing it and finished helping him. I am NOT a math person! Ask me about writing or spelling and I can do it, but math is NOT a friend of mine.

Dinner tonight was a tuna macaroni casserole. It was pretty good. I’m not nuts about tuna but it has a lot of protein, so I force myself to eat it at least once a month. Daniel hates tuna (I swear he’s never even tried it LOL) so he made himself a grilled cheese sandwich. Thankfully he can take care of himself sometimes!

Oh well, that’s life here in the Burke household for now.

Hasta luego!

~ Patty

School starts tomorrow!

August 17, 2009 at 7:34 pm | Posted in Facebook Friends, School! | Leave a comment

Oh boy, are we ready for school to start. It’s been an incredible summer but it’s definitely time to go back to school. I still can’t believe that my BABY is going to be in 5th grade! I remember when he was just 3 and starting preschool. Time sure flies, doesn’t it?

And I found out today that a girlfriend I’ve known for a number of years is expecting her 10th baby – how incredible! I’m so happy for them! We met through La Leche League (this must have been in 2001?) and she lived about 30 minutes away from us. At the time she was a mother of four and during her time in Missouri, she had her fifth baby. Now she’s having #10. She and her family moved from Missouri not long after her 5th baby was born. Now they’re in Wisconsin. Too far away, but thankfully we can keep in touch over the internet.

Dinner tonight was really tasty: pork chops with mandarin oranges, spiced with a touch of ground cloves and I baked tiny red potatoes in the oven. They had some delicious looking corn on the cob at the store, so I grabbed three ears and fixed them, too. Oh wow, were they as good as I had hoped!

So, tonight Daniel has all of his school stuff organized and labeled with his name. His jeans are all washed, his polo shirts are all washed and hanging up, he’s got clean underwear and socks…I think we’re all set for lift-off LOL

~ Patty

Happy Sunday!

August 16, 2009 at 7:24 pm | Posted in At the Movies, I'm a Foodie!, School! | Leave a comment

We had the most excellent dinner tonight. It was from one of my Gooseberry Patch cookbooks. A yummy polish sausage and potatoes and onion and garlic and corn dish. Total comfort food! And I even fixed dessert – a rare occasion for sure. It was from my new Bisquick cookbook – a chocolate chip and peanut butter bar cookie. Naturally, I had a tiny bar. Yummy – chocolate! I can’t remember the last time I had anything chocolate. Thankfully it wasn’t enough to make me dump – just enough to make my tummy gurgle LOL

I’ve been doing laundry all day. Daniel helped out with his, so that helped. But still, I swear I’m on my sixth load and still have three more upstairs to do. Guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow? Oh well.

Last night we went to see G-Force. Very cute. Lois, talking animals in 3-D! It rocked. At first we were the only ones in the theatre but just before it started, three families poured in. We brought our next door neighbor and we all snarfed down on buttered popcorn (my biggest vice these days), candy (except me) and pop. I had one drink of Diet Dr. Pepper and it gave me the burps, which is quite embarrassing when you’re at the movies LOL

Daniel starts school on Tuesday. He’s pretty excited. We went to Open House on Thursday night and met his new teacher. I pray that this will be a great year for him. Last year was so stressful, dealing with the bully and then switching schools in January…I’m praying really hard that this year Daniel will shine.

Okay, the dryer just buzzed at me. Time to run and hang up clothes, toss more into the dryer and one more load into the washer. A mom’s work is never done!

Ta-ta for now!

~ Patty

Wednesday Evening Musings

April 8, 2009 at 8:10 pm | Posted in Day in the Life, School!, Supper, Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Yes, it’s Wednesday.  Finally.  I thought it’d never get here.

My hubby finally got released from the hospital on Monday morning.  It was almost noon, actually.  He was ready to go by 8 am and they said that if his fever was gone and his blood work came back fine, he’d be released in the morning.  The morning was ALMOST over by the time he got wheeled out the front door.  Let me tell you, it’s good to have him home again.

He found out that his ulcer was caused by the H. Pylori bacteria.  He’s on TWO heavy-duty antibiotics now.  The doctor thinks that this will clear up the bad bacteria and he shouldn’t have any relapses.  THANK YOU, GOD!

We three just want things back to NORMAL, please.

Today was my day off and I ran errands all day.  Got my hair colored and cut…pretty red and pretty short.  Got paperwork signed to get Daniel tested for dyslexia.  The good news is that they’ll go to his school to test him and I won’t have to take him out of school and travel into town for the testing.  So he shouldn’t miss much of class.  Already filled out pre-enrollment forms for next year and paid our $100 and signed up for the automatic payments out of my checking account.

Dinner tonight was a disaster.  Found a recipe for "Beef & Corn Casserole" at and it was terrible.  Threw away the recipe and promised that I would never fix that again LOL

Daniel went to AWANA with the neighbor girl.  He’s due to come home in about half an hour.  He’s out of school now (for Easter break!) until Tuesday.  Lucky kid!

Ron might get to go back to work on Monday, it depends on his blood work from today.

I got my B12 shot today and had blood taken so they could test my Potassium; it was low AGAIN last Tuesday.

Can we have NORMAL, please?!?

~ Patty

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