Doctor Visit and a New Camera!

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Hubby had an appointment this morning with Dr. Waites.  It was a good appointment; his blood pressure  was nice and low and the doctor was happy with everything he saw and heard.  He told Ron that he was glad to see him up and about; that he had been a very sick man and that it was great to see him feeling as well as he is.

Afterwards, Ron and I went to the Springfield Family Restaurant.  He had breakfast and I had lunch; we both had banana cream pie for dessert (I know, I shouldn’t have but it sounded so good when Ron ordered his slice!).

Then, we went to the Sam’s Club.  Since I dropped my other camera and had been using my phone (which was alright but not as good as a real camera), we looked at cameras and picked out an Olympus SZ-12.  It came with a case and 4GB memory card, which is not a very big one, so I put in my 16 GB card.

I’ll use it tonight while preparing supper!


Another thrift store WOW!

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Today we went back to the thrift store downtown…found some jeans for Daniel, just $12 a pair plus a shirt for $5.  Then found myself a BOB MACKIE 3-piece outfit from QVC, regular $50 and paid $12 for it!  It’s so cute!  It’s got a top with a huge sunflower on it, black capris and a white skirt with black sunflowers all over it.  Gee, I love shopping!

I used to always love to shop but now that I’ve lost so much weight, it’s so much more fun, kwim?

Anyway, got my release in the mail today, so I can return to work on Thursday.  It’s only half a day on Thursday, so I won’t have to work too hard.  Then I have to work all day by myself on Friday, and then half a day on Saturday.  My paycheck for July 1st is going to be pretty small…darn it!

~ Patty

Well, shoot, back to work in a couple of days

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My doctor’s office is mailing my release so that I can return to work on Thursday.  Yeah, it’s been almost two weeks since surgery and I think I’m ready to go back.

Surgery was the 27th, came home the 28th and went to Walmart grocery shopping on the 29th and started my chores (cooking, cleaning, laundry) on the 30th.  Going up and down the stairs can hurt, I have to hold onto my belly still.  Oh and I tried on my swimsuit today (size 6) and my belly is still puffy, so I couldn’t wear it LOL

Took Daniel to the pool today for a few hours.  It was cloudy and windy, felt too cool to me to be swimming but he doesn’t seem to mind.  I can’t get into the pool yet (stitches) but sat in the sun and read.  Visited with a few of the moms from Daniel’s old school.  It was nice to be outdoors.

Made a killing at the thrift shop today – got a four-piece outfit from Sport Savvy (from QVC) regularly $60 and I got it for $15.  It’s a top, jacket, capris and skirt set.  Very cute!  And I got a really cute polo dress, from Sport Savvy for about $9.  Love to go thrifting!  Love to have a paycheck to spend, too!  My next paycheck is going to be little but oh well.

~ Patty

Monday Afternoon

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It’s been a long day.

Went shopping last night while in the city for Daniel’s dental appointment.  Purchased a few sale items at Target and Cato!  Showed them off to my mom when we delivered her Krispy Kreme donuts.  Yeah, she’s addicted.  I used to be, too, but only took one bite of the hot & fresh sample they gave me while we were waiting to buy hers.

I love buying clothes these days!

~ Patty

Monday Morning Musings

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Got in to see the nurse practitioner first thing this morning.  She gave me a Z-pack of Zithromyacin (sp?) and I hope it works.  Bleah!

Good news!  When I went in to see her, they weighed me and I lost TWO POUNDS this week and I’m at 155!

Had to buy new undies again yesterday, size 6 believe it or not!  I am so grateful to my surgeon and his team and, of course, to GOD, for this surgery that has saved my life and given me a new chance to live again.

Daniel’s dental appointment was moved up to 3 pm.  Hopefully the dentist can do something about that chipped tooth.  Right now, Daniel’s friend is here and they’re playing video games.  I told them I’d take them to McDonald’s at 11:30.

~ Patty

4th Sunday of Advent!

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Christmas will soon be here!  We are planning on attending Midnight Mass this year.  We’ve gone two years in a row to the 10 pm Mass but this year Daniel thinks he can stay up for the later one.  I’m excited about it; growing up, my family always went to Midnight Mass.  Maybe we can come home and open ONE present afterwards?

It’s so COLD outside.  Just ran to Walmart with the grocery list that hubby and I compiled for our Christmas feast.  I had already gotten groceries yesterday but knew that he’d have a special list for the feast.  Of course he wanted asparagus (almost $4 a pound!) and sweet potatoes but also needed a couple things like yeast (for homemade rolls) and allspice and more whole cloves.

We FINALLY put our tree up today.  It’s rather skinny but still very pretty.  I need to take some pictures.  And I need ot address Christmas cards too LOL  

Dinner tonight will be a new recipe, hamburgers fixed with bread crumbs, egg and water chestnuts, in an orange marmalade glaze.  Yummy!  And I’ll fix rice and a veggie.

That’s it for now!

Feliz Navidad!

~ Patty

Hello, Saturday Evening!

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We have all been busy today.  Hubby helped a friend move, then went onto Springfield to do some shopping.  Daniel and I cleaned all day.  We’re all tired now.  Hubby came home and napped and Daniel and I just finished supper (eggs and sausage links, toast and bagels, grape juice and milk).

Also Daniel played next door for a couple of hours, which gave me a chance to run to get groceries.  Spent over $100 and still have to pick up the ham on Wednesday.  Ordered it today from the butcher!  Yummy!

We are FINALLY going to put up our Christmas tree tomorrow.  We’re all too tired to do it tonight.

Okay, off to see what the rest of the world is doing!

Hasta manana!

~ Patty

Hello, I think this is Thursday??

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Daniel finally went to school today!  It was pretty foggy all night and I swear I heard something falling from the sky onto the back deck, but it was clear this morning.  There are some area schools closed but nothing in the immediate area.  He didn’t want to go to school, he who was so bored yesterday LOL

Went to lunch with my mom.  She purchased an adorable Jim Shore piece, of a lion with a lamb.  She’s going to put it under her tree.

Going to the diabetic shoe store after I pick Daniel up from school.  With Medicare and my hubby’s health insurance plan, I can get one pair of diabetic shoes each year.  Last year I got a very cute pair and this year I am hoping they’ll have the Mary Jane’s that I saw last time…I can wear them when the weather isn’t too cold…and can definitely wear them in the spring and summer.

Tonight Daniel is going to the Kiwanis Club’s children’s Christmas party.  One of the parishioners from church called the other night to invite him and get directions out to our place.  He’ll pick him up, take him to the party and then bring him home.  They’re having pizza and pop and Santa will be there giving out gifts.  Sounds like fun, but they didn’t invite me!

Okay, that’s enough for now, hasta luego!

~ Patty

Sunday Night

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Hubby and I just finished dinner…..cheeseburger pie.  Yum!  Daniel isn’t here, he’s with the next door neighbors.  The 10-year old daughter has a Christmas program tonight and has a singing role, and she invited Daniel to go watch.  He won’t be home until 8 pm.

Today, I’ve done a load of laundry and cleaned the basement.  It needs mopping but I didn’t want to do that with Daniel around, since he’d have a hard time staying OFF of the wet floor.  I can mop tomorrow.  Oh yay!

I’ve been ordering catalogs from tons of websites – I’m going to need new clothes in a couple of months and then hopefully once I reach my GOAL and I’m not shopping from Woman Within anymore…..I’m not having to shop at the Women’s Department anymore… more 1X or 3X for me.  I’ve already warned hubby about needing new clothes in a couple of months.  And I’ve decided that once I hit my goal, no matter what it costs, I’m buying a REAL CASHMERE sweater from Lands’ End.  It’s going to be my reward, if you know what I mean!

Anyway, off to see what’s new in the rest of the world.

Hasta Manana!

~ Patty

Saturday Afternoon…..Whazzup?

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Not much here, anymore.  I am just about finished for the day LOL

So far today, Daniel and I cleaned the living room, went to get groceries for next week and I have fried chicken for dinner.  All I need to do is make some mashed potatoes and open a can of corn.

The chicken is in the fridge.  My guys like COLD fried chicken.

Daniel wants to make gingerbread cookies after dinner.  Maybe we will, maybe we won’t…..depends on my mood, I guess.

Right now, Daniel and the little girl who lives next door are playing basketball.  It’s freezing outside but they don’t care.  Kids!

Hubby spent the morning in his workshop and is currently napping.

OH, and I almost forgot:  Daniel and I found the perfect Christmas tree at Walmart and it was only $12!!  Hubby needs to trim the trunk and put it in water…..gonna have to remind him after his nap.

I’m ready for chicken!

~ Patty

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