Schatzi’s Shadow is Still Sick

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Wow, what a time we’ve had with our German Shepherd girl, Shadow.  She spent 11 days at the vet and has gone back two weeks in a row for blood work; we weren’t planning on taking her back until next week but she started acting worse yesterday.  I called Dr. Callie at the Animal Clinic of Monett to let her know what was going on and she said that even though she was booked solid with appointments for the rest of the day, to bring Shadow in and she’d find the time to check her out.

Dr. Callie lowered the steroid Shadow is on because she thinks it’s causing tummy troubles; she gave her a mild anti-anxiety medication because the poor dog is so stressed.  And, to help with the tummy troubles, I’m giving her fiber capsules, as well as baked sweet potato:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd, canned pumpkin, which she truly loves:



This morning, Shadow didn’t want to take her medications in the Greenies Pill Pockets in the flavor that I had (hickory smoke), so I had to kind of hide the Pill Pockets in pumpkin (oh, say THAT really fast five times!).  She devoured them.  My girl loves pumpkin; I knew she loved sweet potato but didn’t know about the pumpkin.

After Shadow had her medicine, breakfast, fresh water and spent time outdoors for a bit, I brought her in and crated her and went to the store for some peanut butter Pill Pockets.  She loves peanut butter.

I sure hope she starts feeling better soon.


Our Puppy Girl is Home!

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Schatzi’s Shadow came home this morning!

Hubby and I were there at 11:00 a.m. sharp.  We were able to talk with Dr. Carol and we discussed Shadow’s meds and Dr. Carol reassured us that we could handle her needs.  Basically, all Shadow needs is to rest and recuperate, finish taking her antibiotics – which Dr. Callie put her on just in case the anemia was caused by a flea or tick – and to take her tummy pills and steroid.  We go back in a week for another CBC to see how she’s doing.

Ron and I were in the room waiting for Vicki to bring our girl.  Wow, you should have seen Shadow when she realized we were there!  If you can imagine a dog smiling, Shadow smiled.  We both reached out to her and Ron held her as closely as he could.

The vet bill wasn’t quite as high as I had guessed; it doesn’t matter, we told them to do whatever it took to get our baby girl back on her feet.  Dr. Carol commented that Shadow almost didn’t make it.  Both Ron and I are aware of that fact.  This was a very frightening week.

Thank God, our baby is home!

Shadow, 2 years old

Shadow, 2 years old

Thank you to the entire staff of the Animal Clinic of Monett for their tender loving care!

Puppy Girl

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Finally:  good news!

Our baby girl is coming home tomorrow morning!

Spoke to Dr. Callie and Shadow is tolerating her oral meds well; in fact, she’s not wanting to cooperate and they’re having to force them down.  We have some pill pockets and may need to get more.  The staff is taking turns walking her outdoors and she’s doing well.  Thanks be to God!

We go tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. to pick her up.

Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes.

Schatzi’s Shadow

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Our baby girl is still in the Animal Clinic of Monett.  The vet called me this morning – while I was at Walmart – and told me that Shadow had deteriorated so severely that she needed a blood transfusion.  Dr. Callie actually had her husband bring in her own dog to the hospital for Shadow to receive 400 cc of red blood cells.

Things are going to be touch and go for the next 24 hours or so.  When I asked, Dr. Callie said that she couldn’t give us a prognosis.  The best she could say is that if – if – if Shadow can get through this crisis, she has a chance at a good life.  Shadow will tire easily; she will be on medication for the rest of her life.  Dr. Callie said that they’ve had dogs that have been diagnosed with autoimmune hemolytic anemia and they have lived decent lives.

Time is standing still.  This just feels like a bad dream.

Dr. Callie invited us to come and see our puppy girl this evening and the three of us went in around 5:00.  They’ve got Shadow in a kennel that’s so small that she can’t stand up and move around; she’s got an IV in, so she can’t move.  We walked in and I don’t know who hit the floor (on their knees) first, me or Ron.  I started to cry and kiss her and Ron was touching her and talking to her.  My poor puppy girl is so weak; she wagged her tail and she perked up a bit.  Ron said she looked better than she did on Saturday.  Daniel spent a lot of time with her, too.

Around 5:20, Shadow started getting up, so Dr. Callie cut our visit short; it’s dangerous for Shadow to get over excited, so we had to leave.  I didn’t want to go.  It’s like a piece of my heart has been cut out and it’s all the way across town…

I miss my baby.  Dear St. Francis, please, please help our pup get healthy.  We love her so much!

Our Puppy Girl

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The vet called just before supper.  The phone rang and I walked toward it and saw hubby in his recliner; he was looking at me and I don’t think either one of us wanted to answer.

No good news.  No bad news.

Shadow is the same.  Very lethargic.  Still receiving IV fluids.  Dr. Callie is going to increase her steroids and most likely do another CBC in the morning.  She promised to call me in the morning.


We’re walking around the house looking for her.  Every time I look outside, I expect to see her on the deck.  I want to go outside and throw her tire to her and chase her and let her chase me.  It’s almost warm enough for her to drink out of her bucket and slosh her whole face in the bucket and then stick her front paws into the bucket.  When she was younger and had room, she’d “dig” the water out of the bucket.

I want my baby girl home.  Healthy.

She’s never going to be the same.  Dr. Callie said that she doesn’t like giving this diagnosis; it’s very difficult to treat and then care for an animal who has been stricken with it.

Ron and I have already had a couple of moments talking about “what if…” and I ended up crying.  His heart is broken right now, too.  We want our puppy girl home.

Schatzi’s Shadow -and Last Night’s Oven Fried Pork Chops

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Last night was pork chop night; I was a mess last night and couldn’t blog.  I was so stressed over our sick German Shepherd – emergency vet visit – she stayed the night – they had to do blood work and radiographs – they’ll do more blood work today and possibly more radiographs – diagnosis:  autoimmune hemolytic anemia.  Very scary.  I’ve been praying to St. Francis non-stop and will continue to do so.  I’m still stressed over Shadow being at the vet and not knowing how she developed this and praying that she can recover; if she does recover, she’ll need special care for the rest of her life….please pray, would you?  I know that there are some out there who think, “She’s just a dog!” but she’s more than a dog to us, she’s our puppy girl and we love her so much.

Back to the chops.  My little brain came up with this idea; nothing fancy but we all enjoyed them.


3 chops

1 cup flour, more or less

1 egg

1 cup milk

1 cup Italian seasoned breadcrumbs, more or less

olive oil

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPreheat oven to 425 degrees F.  Place flour in one pie pan or on a plate; beat the egg and milk together in a shallow container; place Italian breadcrumbs on plate or pie pan.  Drizzle olive oil on cookie sheet.

Take chops, one at a time and dredge in flour (both sides).

where's the chop?Then, carefully remove from flour and put in the egg and milk and coat well.  Yep, this is the messy part.  Trust me, it will be worth it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen, remove from egg bath and dredge in Italian seasoning.  Gently place on cookie sheet and repeat with next chops.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen all chops have been taken care of, spray them with olive oil.  I use my mister.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPop into hot oven for 20 minutes.  At the end of 20 minutes, use a big spatula and carefully lift each chop, putting more olive oil on cookie sheet underneath where the chop will be replaced.  Return to oven for another 15 minutes.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACheck the internal temperature on the fattest chop; it needs to register at least 170 degrees F.  If they are finished, removed and hold for 5 minutes before serving.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI needed to tent mine with foil because my potatoes weren’t quite ready for mashing.  They sat and waited about 10 minutes but they were very moist and hot when we sat to eat.  Hubby really, really liked them and so did the picky teenager.


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