Happy Saturday!

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Woot!  Woot!  We just got home from my ds’s soccer game – they won again!  They kicked butt, 8-0!  They haven’t lost a game all season!  And guess who made a goal?  Daniel!!!!!

He’s off at a neighbor’s house, dh is in his workshop, I’m doing laundry and decided to check in here.

Got my letter from the bariatrics center…..uh, remember the liquid diet that they warned us about?  The one that you start TWO WEEKS prior to surgery?  Mine doesn’t start two weeks prior…..it starts JUNE 9.  EEEEEEEEEEEK!

I have to have a MINIMUM of five protein drinks a day, in addition to the allowed tea/coffee, sugar free Kool Aid, Crystal Light, flavored waters (like Propel), clear broth (chicken, beef, veg), sugar free jello and sugar free popsicles.  

That’s IT.  Oh, I can do it, I think LOL 

I warned my dh that he and ds would have to be very very supportive of me and I already apologized to him for being a bitch because I’m sure I will be one occasionally, a hungry one LOL

It came with my schedule for June 12.  My day starts at 7:45 and lasts all day….finishing up with a hospital visit with the anesthesiologist.

My dh has an idea of staying in Columbia that whole week with ds, rather than trying to leave him with friends and dh traveling back and forth twice.  I am going to research and find some fun stuff for them to do while I’m in the hospital.  My ds mentioned a while back that there’s a skateboarding park there that he’d like to check out.  He’ll be overjoyed at the prospect of going with us.

There’s a load of laundry in the dryer and two baskets that need folding or clothes hung up…both are too heavy for me to drag up the stairs.  I’ll be glad to lose all this nasty weight and finally be able to make it UP the stairs by myself and to be able to handle the laundry baskets.

Okay, off to see what the rest of the world is up to!!!

~ Patty


Happy Sunday!

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It’s so COLD outside!  We froze yesterday at the soccer game and this morning when we were leaving for church, it was actually SNOWING!

Is this April?

In January we had tornadoes and ice storms and now that it’s April, we are having snow.  It won’t amount to anything, just a few flakes, but JEEPERS!

Dinner is in the oven:  SOUPer Roast.  I browned a chuck roast in a bit of canola oil, then added a can of Campbell’s Beefy Mushroom Soup and a can of water and popped it into the oven.  It’ll bake on 350* until 5:00 pm.  Then I’ll mash some potatoes and fix up some corn and we’ll be set for dinner.  I also have a package of Bisquick Cheesy Garlic biscuits.  YUMMY!

I’ve also done a few loads of laundry…three.  And have been shopping for groceries.

Tomorrow I go see my endocrinologist.  I wonder if he’ll be happy to see my weight (which is about the same as last time).  At least I can give him a positive update regarding my weight loss surgery!

One of the neighbor boys is here…he’s 12.  He and ds are doing something rather noisy…one of them just ran up the stairs and the other followed.  Hmmmm, maybe I ought to pop out of the office and see what they’re up to?

Maybe I’ll BBL.

Hello, Thursday!

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Only 12 more days until our trip to Columbia.

I’m not excited or anything, am I?  LOL

I slept in this morning….woke up with an awful headache.  Actually the feeling yucky started last night.  I took my Byetta before dinner and my Metformin with dinner and wow, by the time dinner was over, I was super-nauseated.  Thought for sure I was going to toss my cookies!  Well, thankfully, I didn’t but I went to bed by 8:00 pm.  Stayed awake until 9:30 pm, when I felt sure I could get up and take my night meds.  I couldn’t get to sleep without them….thankfully I was able to take them, keep them down and then I fell asleep.  But when the alarm went off this morning, I couldn’t get up.  The back of my head was aching so badly!  So I asked dh if he could take ds to school and thankfully he was able to.  Then i slept until 10:00 am and thank God, woke up feeling myself again.

I’m at the library again.  I had an overdue book, me bad!  And I put my name on the list for Sharlene MacLaren’s new book that’s coming out in April.  She has a book that came out in 2002 that they can’t find in the system.  I really like her and hope that they can find it somehow!

Tonight is the awards ceremony for ds’s Upward Bound basketball program.  He’s had a good season, except for the bronchitis and asthma problems.  I paid for him to start soccer at the YMCA; practices will begin the week of March 17.  He decided he didn’t want to play baseball this year, much to my sadness.  He has the potential to be a good player but was so bummed out last spring without dh to play with him.  Oh well, it’s his choice.

Okay, off to explore my Friends’ Page and see what’s new in the world of LiveJournal!

Hasta manana!

~ Patty

It’s Thursday!

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My ds is home from school today.  Nope, he’s not sick, it’s a Holy Day – All Saints Day.  I would have hoped to sleep late on a day with no school but nope, we didn’t get to.  My podiatrist appointment was at 8:15 this morning and then I had an appointment for lab work at 9:00 so I was up and out of bed at 6:00.  At least ds got to sleep until 7:00.

The good news is that I don’t have to see the podiatrist again!  He’s very happy with the way my toe has healed.  He said it would be gunky and leaky for about another month but then should be fine.  I’m actually wearing SHOES again, thank goodness, because it’s gotten rather chilly!

And the lab tech at Dr. P’s office didn’t terrorize my veins this morning!  I was quite concerned when I went in and almost grabbed Penny, Dr. P’s nurse and asked her to do the poking…but thankfully I didn’t need to.  She took a LOT of blood…I lost count of the vials.  There were big ones and little ones.

Then we came home from running around and I crashed on the couch.  For two hours!  Nap time is nice!

Tonight ds has soccer practice, we have to have supper and then he has basketball evaluations.  He’s never played team basketball and is so excited about it.  We didn’t sign him up at the local YMCA because I’ve heard from others that the coaches only play the really good players, and this is through Upward Bound, which is, from what I’ve been told, an excellent program.

Tomorrow I have to stop at the store for those disposable roasting pans to bake my ham and turkey in (for the Fall Feast on Sunday).  Then I have to bake the ham on Friday and the turkey on Saturday.  I need my dh to carve them up for me into the roasting pans after they’re baked.

Last night, Trick or Treating was good…my child came home and counted his candy:  almost 200 pieces!  He did very well and I have no idea how he’s going to EAT all that stuff without rotting his teeth!  I cheated and had a PAYDAY candy bar, it was a miniature…me bad!  Oh it was so good!

Okay, off to play around…

Tra La Laaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Patty

Happy Saturday!

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Well, shoot!  The soccer game was a bust…we lost 4-1.  Our team has struggles with passing the ball…we need our coach and his fiance to have them work on this on Thursday.

In other news, I have chicken and dumplings on the menu for tonight’s dinner.  My dh is finally out of bed and looks a bit better.  He makes wonderful chicken and dumplings…I’ve never tried but decided this morning that maybe it would help him feel better.  After three hours of stewing, the chicken just fell off the bones…my cats were circling around my feet, hoping that I’d drop some for them, but I didn’t.

Oh and my toe feels better, too.

Ta-ta for now!

~ Patty

And How Are We Feeling Today??

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Ha ha!I am feeling fine….my toe feels better today than yesterday.  Surgery went well on Tuesday.  I drove all the way to Carthage and got there early.  What took the longest was waiting for my foot to “fall asleep” from the anesthetic shots (three of them).  I didn’t look during surgery, they had me reclining in the chair and I just closed my eyes and tried to think of happy things.My foot “came to” on the way home and jeepers, it hurt!  Luckily my mom spoiled me and fixed dinner for us.  After dinner, Daniel and I went home and I plopped onto the couch with my foot up on a pillow.  Yesterday I took ds to school and came home to plop back onto the couch.  Today the pain is gone, thank God! but I’m not ready to dance yet…And of course, it’s gross.  I have to remove the bandage and clean the spot and then re-bandage it every day.  I won’t tell you how gross it is, but it’s pretty gross.  Daniel helped me yesterday and I kept asking him if he was alright…ha ha.  I should have asked MYSELF if I was alright.

Tonight is soccer practice.  Hopefully it won’t rain on Saturday’s game.

My hubby comes home tonight from Minnesota.  Yesterday they went to the Mall of America.  He told me that he bought Daniel a rubber snake.  Oh joy!  Better than a spider, though, I’m terrified of spiders.  I’m not sure what time he’s coming home, maybe he’ll call and let me know.  He’s been calling twice a day, I think he misses us.

Okay, time to go to  bother my mom and see if she wants to take her nine-toe-nailed daughter to lunch.

Hasta manana!

~ Patty

Welcome to Saturday….

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Does anyone have a car battery they want to give me?  This is not a good time for a dead battery.  My dh just replaced the battery in his truck a few weeks ago.  My car must have gotten jealous…

We were all set to go to McDonald’s for breakfast and then to ds’s soccer game.  But my car battery POOPED OUT on me and the car wouldn’t start.  I offered to stay home and let the guys go without me because we’ve never all three gotten into the truck before…it’s not a big truck, it’s a small Ford.  Well, dh said we’d fit if we squeezed in tight and believe it or not, we fit!  There was still time to get to Cassville, eat at McDonald’s and get to the game.  When we returned home, dh jump-started my truck and was going to Walmart to have them put a new battery but he changed his mind.   He’ll try and start the car later this afternoon after he gets down with the mowing.

Soccer?  We lost 2-1.  The children did a great job.  One of the girls scored a goal, but it didn’t count because we were OFF SIDES, whatever that means.  Needless to say, I was peeved.  Being one of two girls playing with nine boys isn’t easy…so it was wonderful for “C” to have scored, but they took it away from her.  Bummer!

I’ve already folded two baskets of laundry and have another load in the washer.  Daniel has had a bath – thankfully the bathroom floor didn’t get one at the same time (ha ha).  The chicken wings are in the fridge from yesterday so all I have to do is peel and boil potatoes to smash.  I bought a can of asparagus tips the other day; haven’t eaten any since I was pregnant and I loved them then…wonder if I’ll still like them.  I have no idea what possessed me to get them the other day.  NO, I’m not pregnant, either!  ha ha!

Okay, off to the races to keep up with the work…….


~ Patty

Tomorrow is Soccer!

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Tomorrow is Daniel’s second soccer game.  It’s at 11:00 am in Cassville.  The weather promises to be gorgeous!  Go, team!I’m glad the weather will be nice tomorrow.  I hope that the fall weather doesn’t turn nasty during soccer season.  Last year, the teams practiced and played in some cold and rainy weather.  There was one game that was so wet and nasty that we parents got together and ganged up on the coaches and referee and made them call the game.  We had to forfeit the game, but it was silly to have the children out in the cold rain.

We just got in from having dinner.  Yes, I fried chicken and even made a pitcher of lemon tea but when dh got home from work, he didn’t want fried chicken.  So he took us out to the family restaurant in town.  He had blueberry pancakes, ds had chicken strips and I had a BLT.  We’ll have the chicken tomorrow, nice and cold the way they like it.
I just started the dishwasher…I’m such a messy cook!  I don’t clean up as I work, the dishes get piled up in the sink and I don’t do anything with them until I’m finished.  What a lousy housekeeper!  Well, I’m TRYING to change!  Just this week, I’ve joined the Flylady’s emailing list and have her book, Sink Reflections.  Checked it out at the library and might have to buy my own copy.  She has her own website, too and I’ve gone there for inspiration (ha ha!).  I asked dh the other day if he would build me a pantry in the basement so that I can de-clutter my kitchen and he’s agreed to do it.  Yay!  So, see I’m trying!Well, I’ve got jeans in the dryer to take out and hang up…the kid needs a shower before bed.  If he gets in now he ought to be done by 8:30…that child takes the longest shower!

Ta-ta for now!

~ Pattyp.s., I just remembered that today is my sobriety anniversary – thank you, God for 21 years of sobriety!

Hello, Friday! Thank Goodness You’re Here!

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Ahhhhhhhh, I think I’ve recovered from yesterday.  I found the website for the activity we had, click here and you can learn all Food Power.  The webpage shows the layout of the program…I was the stomach and the small intestines. I didn’t do a puppet show like it mentions, though…I just had to talk alot.  The children loved it, they said it was GROSS!  They loved the jar of “Belly Barf” and the photo on the wall of stomach contents.  Eeew!

Just called the bariatric center and they STILL haven’t received their Center of Excellence standing YET.  It’s still pending.  So my file just sits and waits.  Like me.  Oh well.  I’ve done everything I’m supposed to.  Waiting is hard.

Last night after soccer practice, ds and I went to Mazzio’s.  We had a medium pizza and couldn’t finish it.  There are three slices in the fridge for my lunch.  There’s also the leftover macaroni and cheese from two nights ago, so I can have either.  NOT both, haha!

After while I need to fry those chicken wings for dinner tonight.  We’ll have them with mashed potatoes and a veggie.  I need to fry them early and then stick them in the fridge because the guys like their fried chicken cold, not hot.

And since it’s Friday, I’ve started my laundry.  Right now there’s a load of jeans in the wash.  I need to do all of dh’s workclothes since he leaves on Tuesday morning for Minnesota.  OH that reminds me, he needs a jacket to take along and it hasn’t been washed since he wore it last…it probably needs washing.

Okay, time for me to check the rest of my email……BBL!

~ Patty


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I’m POOPED!  What a morning…this morning was the “Stomach” tour at school.  Lucky me, I was the stomach and small intestines.  We got there at 8:30 for orientation and then we got to visit until the children started coming in at 9:00.  The sixth graders were first and boy, were they rowdy!  They came in groups of five or six.  It was quiet at first until all of the stations were filled with noisy children, then we presenters had to speak up louder and louder.  The Home & School president brought ice cold bottles of water for everyone because she knew we’d need them and boy did we!  I almost lost my voice towards the end.  It was so much fun!  It’s too bad “J” couldn’t do it but I’m glad I got to.  We finally finished up with the touring around 11:00 and then we tore down the exhibit and loaded it up in the van.  They came from the University of Missouri at Columbia.  Tomorrow they’re going to a neighboring town to set up again.

Then I called my hubby and asked if he’d treat me to lunch in the cafeteria at work.  He said to come over around noon.  That left me with 25 minutes to go to the library and return some books (a couple were late!) and find some new ones to read.  I got to his office at about 10 ’till 12:00 and called him and he was able to come out right away.  He had a salad for lunch and I had a hamburger.  I told him that BEING a stomach all morning made me hungry, haha!

Tonight, Daniel has soccer practice.  Thankfully the rain has stopped.  But poor dh has to come home and mow.  He’s leaving town on Tuesday morning for a conference in Minnesota and the grass has gotten really out of hand, due to all the rain we’ve had lately.

I’m so tired…it’s always fun volunteering at school, but they wear me out!  

After soccer, Daniel and I get to go out for dinner.  Maybe he’ll want pizza?  Sounds good to me!

Gotta run – bye for now!

~ Patty

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