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Tonight I fixed my Linguini Alfredo.  Yum!

I needed to fix something simple because I’m rather loopy and out of sorts.  This past Saturday morning, when I woke up and went into the bathroom for my shower, I discovered that SOMETHING – probably a brown recluse spider – had bitten me during the night.  The bite was just a tad bit bigger than a quarter yet smaller than a half dollar.  I’ve been bitten before – it’s been a few years – and when that happened, my family doctor had to cut the area open and drain it and put me on antibiotics.  So, I’ve got a little experience with spider bites.

Of course, being Saturday, there was no doctor in the office, so after waking up my hubby and showing it to him, I went to the ER.  Saturday afternoon in the ER is no picnic, let me tell you….they took me to triage immediately and then told me to wait.  I mentioned to the nurse that I hadn’t eaten yet and she suggested a visit to the cafeteria since it would be a very long wait.  So, I marched down the hallway and had a turkey sandwich and a bottle of water.

Three hours later, they took me back to a room.  Thirty minutes later the ER doctor came in and without even looking at me, asked what brought me in.  I told him that it was a spider bite; he remarked that many people think that they have been bitten by spiders when in fact it’s a staph infection.  Hmm.  Okay, well, that’s nice to know.  He looked at the hole in my left flank and said, “Yes, that’s definitely a spider bite.”

Good.  My self-diagnosis was right.

He gave me an antibiotic but said not to fill it unless the bite worsened in appearance.  If I wanted to, he said I could come back to the ER and visit just the nurse in triage for her opinion before filling the prescription.  Otherwise, he said, not to worry, it was just a localized reaction and should clear up in a couple of days.  I drove home, feeling hopeful, and had my teenager take a picture so that we could keep track of the bite.

That night, I noticed that the bite area was a bit more red and larger plus there was a streak of redness from the site, aiming north.  The next morning, it was even more pronounced in redness and size.  I had my son take another picture; adding more money to a hospital bill was not a good idea, so I skipped the triage visit and got my prescription filled.  It was for Keflex, 500 mg and the instructions were to take it twice a day.

My family doctor is part of a medical community with a great communication system, so I sent her an e-mail, letting her know what happened, asking her to look for the ER visit paperwork when she got in and wondering if she would see me on Tuesday.  Mondays are her days off from seeing patients; she usually pops into the office for paperwork and other assorted things.

Monday morning came and the bite was bigger and even more angry looking and the streak seemed wider.  Hmm.  I took more pictures and wondered what to do.  My doctor’s nurse called – perfect timing!  I gave her the update.  The doctor wanted to see me on Tuesday, but if things were worse, the nurse had instructions to send me back to the ER.

I sat around most of the afternoon debating on this.  Not wanting to spend hours in the ER caused a delay in action.  My husband had gone to Springfield for the day; my son was at school and I would have to pick him up around 4:00.

I ended up leaving home around 3:30 and called school, telling the principal that I’d be coming early for my teen.  He and I ended up stopping at Sonic for a quick bite before heading over to the ER.

We arrived at the ER and explained why I was there; they immediately took me to triage, then back to a room.  Good!  Action!  I was feeling hopeful that something could be done for this nasty looking, painful bite.

My husband called once he arrived at home, and he came and picked up the teenager, knowing that he would get bored sitting around the ER with me.  The two of them left and I promised to call as soon as I knew something.

Eventually, the same ER doctor that saw me on Saturday afternoon walked in.  Oh.  Hello again.

He put on a rubber glove, took a peek and said that it was just a localized reaction.  I mentioned the streak and he said that he had seen things like that before.  Oh.  Nice.  What does it mean to me, though?  He said to fill the prescription.  I told him I had been taking the meds since Sunday afternoon.  Oh.  He said he could give me a second one, to take in addition to the first, but that it could cause problems for my gut plus you know, taking too many antibiotics wasn’t healthy, I could build up a resistance and that wasn’t smart.

Hmm.  Ok.  No, I passed on the second antibiotic but asked for something for the pain.  He gave me a prescription for a pain pill on Saturday but once I filled it, discovered that it’s on the “do not take” list that my bariatric surgeon gave me.  So, he left the room telling me that the nurse would be back in a few with paperwork and that I should be fine in a day or two.

I left without the prescription for pain meds.  I was too upset to let the nurse take my vitals again.  The doctor wasn’t taking this seriously.  I wish there had been another ER doc available but living in a small town, there’s only one.  Even though it was her day off, I called my family doc and told her what was going on, explained that I wasn’t being cared for properly, and asked her what she could do.  She was in the middle of something – I apologized, crying, but, something had to be done.  She told me to come in Tuesday, she promised to take it seriously, just go home and try to relax.

So I did.

I saw my doctor this morning.

I have an infection.

It’s not a localized reaction.  She measured the area, from one side to the other it’s 12 cm wide.  The bite area has two blisters next to it; those are new as of this morning.

She gave me a new antibiotic, one that I’ve never taken before.  And, thankfully, pain meds that I can take (they make me loopy but hey, loopy can be fun).  I have to go back and see her tomorrow afternoon.  She is concerned.  Thank you!  Someone in the medical profession is concerned!

I found a website that the State of Missouri has, for the Board of Healing Arts.  I’m going to file a complaint about the ER doctor.  My doctor asked me if the site looked like this yesterday; if the ER doctor measured the red area; if the streak was present.  I answered, “Yes, no, yes” plus she asked other questions.  I’m going to e-mail her office tonight and ask for the records of both ER visits, so that I can mail them in to the Board of Healing Arts with my complaint.

As of now, the area looks the same – I’ve only had two doses of the antibiotic.  My doctor said it might not look better; in fact, she said it might look worse before it gets better – ugh!  But, she is taking care of me, which is what a doctor is SUPPOSED to do.

Thank God for good doctors.  And my camera; I’ve been taking pictures or having my husband and son taking pictures daily.


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When it rains, it POURS

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Daniel went to basketball practice, remember I mentioned that in my previous post? Well, apparently another boy pushed him and he fell, landed on his knee and screamed in pain. He came home and I iced it while he did some homework. He was in his room, came out and fell again. So he was very upset and in serious pain so off he and I went to the ER. Three hours later we find out it’s not broken or anything, just seriously bruised. They wrapped it in an Ace bandage, he’s to ice it 3x a day and take Motrin every 6 hours, no PE for a week, no basketball either. His last game is Saturday but he has to sit it out. We just got home around 11 pm after stopping at McDonald’s for a quick dinner. Ack! Can I go back to sleep and re-do this whole day?????????

~ P


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We’re home. They couldn’t do the CT scan because he’s allergic to the dye they inject and the oncologist took him off the prednisone last weekend to see if it was affecting his sleep. He’ll have the CT scan on Tuesday here at the local hospital and then we’ll go back to the oncologist the next day. The nurse admitted to me today that the doc is concerned that it’s metastisized to the brain and that could be why he’s acting differently. Me, I hope it’s just from the chemo. But this is his second chemo and second bad problems, so I’m not sure what’ll happen. Hopefully if it’s from the chemo, there’s another kind he can try…if he decides to.

~ Patty


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Monday, Monday…

What a busy day!

Woke up, showered and dressed and got myself ready. Then woke up Daniel so he could do the same. We each had cereal for breakfast then I took him to school. After dropping him off, I went to the bank and got money for gas, ran to Walmart and then was on my way home. I was on Farm Road 1100 when I glanced over to the right field and saw a doe with twin fawns. Beautiful!

Not much further down the road, I started having chest pains. Squeezing and hard pains! They scared me. I drove down to Farm Road 2030 and turned left, towards home and called Ron. He immediately jumped in his truck and came to me. We sat together and he tried to calm me down then drove me home. I’ve got Ativan for anxiety so he gave me one and I lay down to rest for a while.

Finally I got up around 11 am and felt better. I had an appointment to see my doctor in Springfield and since this was the second time this has happened in a week, decided to keep the appointment. He put me on Effexor. I have to wean myself off of my Cymbalta starting tonight and start the Effexor once in the morning for a week and gradually build it up to one in the morning and two at night.

He listened to what I described and told me it was a panic attack. He said it wasn’t surprising that I could have one or more, since I’m under stress. He said to keep taking Ativan until the Effexor is built up in my system (could take two weeks).


I hate panic attacks. I haven’t had any in over 13 years…

Oh well. Life stinks sometimes.

~ Patty

It’s Monday….

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Last week sucked. Big time.

Saturday woke up with the earache.

On Sunday I had a stomach ache…felt like I was dumping although I hadn’t eaten much nor had eaten any sugar.

Tuesday my stomach was still hurting, so didn’t go to work. Got an antibiotic for the earache.

Wednesday went to my new therapist. After waiting 20 minutes, asked where the heck he was…wasn’t even in the building. He claims he told me my appointment was at 10:15 not 10:00 and he turned it into MY fault that he was late anyway. Walked out on that jerk and am not going back. Will go see the same therapist that Daniel is seeing. Thankfully she is taking new patients.

Wednesday night was having chest pains. Ron helped me to calm down and realize that it wasn’t a heart attack.

Thursday woke up with my right side numb. Couldn’t feel anything. Went to the ER and they said it wasn’t a stroke.

Friday went to my family doc and she put me on an anti-anxiety drug and told me to find some release for all this stress that I’m under.

Saturday, Ron was very emotional and remembering special times we had and we cried a lot, he and I.

Sunday he couldn’t eat much all day. Daniel and I worked outside Saturday and Sunday. I realized that I’m going to have to sell the house because me and Daniel won’t be able to keep it up after Ron is gone.

Crap. I’m praying that THIS WEEK will be BETTER!

~ Patty

It’s just me….

March 3, 2010 at 8:37 pm | Posted in Cancer, Prayer Works!, Stress Stinks! | Leave a comment

It’s amazing. The world keeps spinning and life keeps happening….even though I’d like the world to stop and let me catch my breath, it won’t.

Tomorrow is another day.

I just have to hang on, keep praying and trusting that God will see us through.

Oh and check out the new glasses! I can see again LOL

~ Patty

Thursday Musings

June 18, 2009 at 6:10 pm | Posted in Day in the Life, I'm a Foodie!, Stress Stinks!, Work | Leave a comment

I woke up at 6:30 this morning to have time to shower and eat breakfast before having to wake Daniel up.  He was up late last night, watching the stars (I fell asleep).

I woke, showered and dressed and then the phone rang.  MOM!  She reported that she had thrown up all night and couldn’t watch Daniel.


I have no backup childcare.  So I had to call my boss and tell her that I couldn’t come in.


I need to call my Mom after while and make sure she can watch him tomorrow.  I can NOT call in tomorrow, I work alone on Fridays.  Hopefully she’ll be feeling better.

So he and I had a nice and quiet day.  We ended up getting groceries and I did three loads of laundry and then we went to the pool.  Speaking of pool, I got a swimsuit, size MEDIUM and it’s TOO BIG!  I swear, I started laughing so hard my boobs fell out!  This has never happened to me before, having something TOO BIG!

Well, I have permission to get in the pool since my hysterectomy scars are healed, but no swimsuit.  So I sat in the shade and read a book.  Daniel came over around 4:00 pm and told me he had fallen down…yep, he scraped his foot up pretty badly, so he went to First Aid and got bandaged up.  He complained that it was stinging a lot, so we came home.  He washed his foot up and put on some Neosporin and another bandage.  He’s outside playing so it’s better.

Dinner was good:  fried potatoes and steak (yummy!).  Tomorrow we’re having breakfast for dinner:  cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon and homemade muffins.  Breakfast for dinner is nice…breaks up the monotony of meat and potatoes and veggies.

~ Patty


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Can I just share how crazy my week has been?

last Saturday, we had to clean the church basement and kitchen for our annual Fall Feast (which will be November 5). we had to clean and empty all the cabinets so they could be sprayed since we had bugs (yuck!).

then on Monday morning, we had a family therapy session at 8 am, then at 1 pm, I had to return to the church kitchen to put it back together (with the help of only 3 other ladies), it took us 2 hours and a LOT of sweat.

on Tuesday, a friend and I delivered posters for the blood drive (being held on Monday, November 6) and that took about 3 hours.

today I was supposed to go shopping to pick up the hams and turkeys for the Fall Feast but couldn’t go because I had to take my Mom to the city for tests at the hospital; they ended up NOT able to do them all (it was their fault). we went to the Olive Garden for lunch (naughty me, I overate) and then she took me shopping for TWO new pairs of shoes (I’m spoiled!). then we returned to her place and she (thankfully!) helped me color my hair, it was getting so gray!

tomorrow after Mass, I have to go shopping for the rest of the things we need for the Fall Feast, then take her to pick her car up from the shop (it needs a new battery).

I don’t think I have anything planned for Friday! OOPS! yes, I do, I have to get my mammogram at 8:30.

on Saturday, I have to bake a turkey for the Fall Feast on Sunday! and de-bone it and save the broth for gravy, yummy!

on Sunday is the Fall Feast, I’ll probably be there from 7 am until around 3 pm………but it will be yummy!

on Monday is the blood Drive, I’ll be there from 11 am until around 3 pm…..

on Tuesday, I have to take my mom back to the hospital for her testing at 9 am – they are giving her a pill, doing a scan, then she can leave the hospital but has to return in 6 HOURS for another scan.

on Wednesday, she has to go back at 9 am for who knows what else and I hope it’s not another 6 hour day!

I think that’s all that I have planned…….so what have YOU been up to this week?

hubby called me before coming home and I just about fell apart over the phone…..I am completely and utterly OVERwhelmed.

Calgon, take me away!!!

OH NO, hubby just came in and called me upstairs – he has to go to the HOSPITAL right NOW because he was working in his workshop and cut of PART OF HIS FINGER!

Of course, he doesn’t want ME to take him, he can take himself……..

GOSH – what else can happen?!?!?

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