Friday Night

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What’s up for the weekend?

Not much here.  I just need to go to the store on Sunday to purchase our ham and a few items for Tuesday’s dinner…and stop by the dry cleaner’s for some of dh’s clothes and a couple of comforters that needed washing. 

Was feeling yucky again today….had some Cream of Wheat for breakfast (with maybe 1/4 tsp. of sugar and made it with 2% milk) and around 9:30 this morning, felt the floor drop out on me.  Thought I was going to PASS OUT!  There was no juice in the teacher’s fridge so I stuffed my face with a couple of chocolate chip cookies, praying that the sugar in them would get me going again…..I sat for a few minutes and finally after about 30 minutes, felt better.  Not 100% but better.  Then at 11:00 the children came over for pizza and lemonade and cupcakes.  I had a few bites of pizza and a cup of lemonade and a bite of cupcake.  Didn’t feel like eating…..not like me at all (LOL).

After coming home (after delivering Christmas packages), I slept for a couple of hours and woke up feeling alright.  My dh took us out for Chinese and I had egg drop soup, pork fried rice and hot tea.  I feel better now than I have all day.

Okay, back to delivering Christmas packages:  ds and I went out after school with a TON of gifts for a single mom and her children.  Daniel was amazed that so many people lived in one small trailer.  I am, once again, reminded of how blessed we are, how well God is taking care of us.

My dh celebrated his 10th anniversary at work on Halloween; for an anniversary gift he chose a telescope that we can all enjoy.  I hope it comes soon!  It will be fun to scan the skies and teach ds about the universe.

Back to the diabetes, I’m monitoring still.  This am, it was 137 which is about 20 points higher than usual.  Tonight before dinner it was 111, which is good.  I’ll measure again before bedtime.  Problem:  I ran out of Byetta and ordered it tonight but it won’t come until probably Thursday.  CRAP!  I never never never let myself run out of meds and can’t figure out how this happened…….

Okay, off to see what is new in the world.

My dh might take the computer line this weekend, so am not sure if or when I’ll be back………until then………


~ Patty


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