Happy Thanksgiving!

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The bird was stuffed and in the oven by noon and we were all stuffed and on the couch by 5:00 pm.  Wow, what a meal.  We had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and homemade gravy, homemade rolls, green beans and glazed carrots and homemade cranberry sauce.  And we had cherry pie and mincemeat pie.  Oh and cool whip for the cherry pie.  I am not going to eat again until tomorrow!  

My dh and ds are watching television, “Honey, I Blew Up the Kid” but it was too saccharine for me, I couldn’t watch it.  So I decided to come here and check my email and to blog.  I’ll go to my “Friends Page” next and see what’s new in the rest of the world.

After stuffing ourselves, I took my mom home and we made a pit-stop at Walmart…do you know that they already have their Black Friday prices marked?  We made a purchase for ds…something he REALLY wants…saved $20 from the internet price at Toys R Us and from the manufacturer’s website.  Woo hoo!

I am thankful for so many things:  God, my sobriety, serenity, my family and friends….what are you thankful for??

Anyhow, that’s what I’ve been doing today.  I hope that everyone had a good day.

~ Patty


Okay, well, Happy ALMOST Turkey Day!

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My turkey is thawing, my cranberry sauce is made, the flour and sugar and yeast are ready for tomorrow’s homemade rolls…we’ll have corn and greenbeans, too…I need to get the sausage out for dh’s stuffing…and bake a cherry pie.  And then we’ll be ready for our feast.  My mom is coming over.  We go get her around 1:00 and we’ll have supper around 3:30.  Yes, I said 3:30.  My dh likes to eat in the middle of the day for some reason on holidays…who knows?

My phone is working.  They called me on my cell phone around 1:00 today to let me know.

My ds got out of school at 12:20 today, lucky kid.  Ha, lucky us, we both get to sleep late on Friday while dh has to go to work.

I’m poking around looking at homemade soaps…that’s the only thing I’ll use since I discovered them back in 1999.  Right now, I’m shopping at Italian Handmade Soaps and drooling over her “Strawberries n’ Cream” soap.  They’re only $5 a bar, which is a good price.  I purchased some of her “Root Beer Float” soap for ds a few months ago and he loved it.  Mmmmm, there’s one more bar of it in the bathroom, I just took it out for tomorrow.  I wonder how many bars I ought to get???  OOH, there’s only ONE available, I’m going to have to wait until she makes more…how about “Pineapple”?  That must smell heavenly!  Oh I love homemade soaps!

Right now, I’m finishing up my next-to-last bar of  “Spearmint and Rosemary” from Tami’s Soaps.  Hers are the first  homemade soaps I tried and they are great.  But there are so many handmade soap makers out there on the internet and I love to try them all!

Okay, time to run.  We’re eating a quick and easy dinner  tonight:  Totino’s pizza.  I might hear complaints from my customers but I’ve still got some cleaning to do before tomorrow.

Ta-ta for now!

~ Patty

Feeling Yucky!

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I woke up at midnight, ended up throwing up for 20 minutes.  And ever since then have felt like you-know-what.

Managed to get to the store to buy Thanksgiving stuff, including the turkey.  Thank goodness!

Okay, that’s all for today.

~ Patty

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