Wednesday again!

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I miss posting daily and being able to have time to play. Working after having so many years off is different. Not bad in the least, but just different. And it’s just 24 hours a week, so it’s not even hard or long days LOL

I’m off today and tomorrow since I went to a workshop on Monday. But I do have to work on Saturday, which is Valentine’s Day. But only from 9 am until 1 pm. Then I get to see if hubby and son have planned anything for that evening. Daniel has a basketball game that morning and it’s going to be the first time I’ve ever missed one of his events but we’ve talked about it and he’s okay with the idea.

It’s been raining since around 6 pm last night but thankfully we didn’t get any bad weather. In fact I didn’t even hear the weather radio go off once last night.

We got our taxes finished and are very happy to announce that we don’t owe Uncle Sam one red cent! Yahoo! I need to take one form to hubby and have him sign it, then they can electronically file for us and then we can get our REFUND!

Daniel is getting into the groove of his new school; the other morning he told me he gets nervous at times. It’s hard being the new kid! He had so much homework to do on Monday: math and history and penmanship. He was able to finish the math and history on Monday night but had to finish his penmanship work on Tuesday morning before school. Only thing we (hubby and I) don’t like about his new school is that they don’t have a reading program. So we’ve decided to have Daniel read nightly plus on the weekends; then he’ll do a book report for us.

Anyway that’s about it for now!

~ Patty


Hello, I think it’s Wednesday?

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Yeah, it’s Wednesday, my day off.

Things have been quiet today; after taking Daniel to school, I returned home and had a nap. First time in a long time I’ve done that. Then I woke up and went to lunch with the ladies from the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks. We’re having a blood drive next month so we had to meet and get our posters and talk about life.

I will pick up Daniel from school around 3:30 and then he wants to go to the store downtown where we purchased his Bible for school. He wants a cross necklace and I told him we could LOOK. I didn’t commit to buying, just looking.

I hope his elbow is better; he went to basketball practice last night and somehow crashed with another player and came home in pain. Hubby wrapped it in ice for him while he did homework, then he showered and went to bed complaining of the pain. I gave him some Motrin, too. He woke up complianing still, telling me he needed an X-ray. So far the school hasn’t called me so I’m hoping that he’s feeling better. If not, we’ll call the doctor after school and swing by for an X-ray. Poor kid, he’s already had a fractured wrist, he doesn’t need anything else fractured!

I worked yesterday and will go in tomorrow and Friday. Having fun at work! Wow, what a concept LOL Yesterday was my first “Storytime” with the preschoolers and I was a bit nervous but we had FUN! Tomorrow the Homeschoolers come in and we’ll talk about Washington and Lincoln and then about American Heart Health Month and make Valentines for the bulletin board.

It’s supposed to be warmer tomorrow. It was bitter cold yesterday. Silly me, I took a walk for lunch and just about froze my butt off. The walking is good but jeepers it was COLD! Maybe tomorrow I’ll eat lunch at work and then just walk around the block, it’s supposed to be in the 50s.

~ Patty

Happy SUPER Sunday!

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I’m not into football, so am not watching the game. Daniel is next door at a Super Bowl Party and hubby is here, watching the game. Football is boring, IMO.

Anyway, it’s been warm today and yesterday so the ice is melting. Daniel didn’t have school last week, except for Monday, because of the ice. He’s going tomorrow, though. They’ll have four days to catch up on. I hope he’s ready for it LOL

Just finished dinner, me and hubby. I made chicken and dumplings. Very delish. After it cools off, I’ll need to store it in the freezer for another night.

Tomorrow is Monday, my day off. My mom has a doctor appointment that I’ll need to take her to. I had forgotten all about it until she reminded me yesterday. Oh well! And then I work Tuesday, am off Wednesday and then work on Thursday and Friday. Work is fun. There’s a LOT to learn!

~ Patty

Icy in the Ozarks

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No school today.
No work today.
No school tomorrow.
No work tomorrow, either, probably.

It’s been sleeting since yesterday. Hubby went to Lowe’s for some ice-melt stuff for the driveway and thankfully he made it home safely. Tomorrow he’s got to get out and go to the office. Daniel and I have an appointment with the nurse for allergy shots and B12 shot at 4 pm. Ron thinks that by then we’ll be able to get out and around safely.

Just finished dinner. Spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic breadsticks. Daniel didn’t eat. He hasn’t eaten all day and had a low temp this morning (99.3*) and continues to complain of pain when he goes to the bathroom. I’ll call the doctor in the morning if he wakes up feverish and still complaining of the pain….

Was supposed to make bacon-cheese fritatta for dinner but ran out of eggs. Will buy some tomorrow if we get out.

~ Patty

The ICE STORM cometh!

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Just after I posted earlier, I decided to check my email and am glad that I did.  The school Daniel attends emailed all the parents telling that we were welcome to come get our children due to the storm and that there may not be school tomorrow.  I had to click a link that stated that I had read the message and was coming for my child.  So I clicked and slid over to pick him up.

The roads were BAD already, and the storm had just started.

I could barely make it up my driveway and that was in 4WD.

I hate ice.

Already they are announcing school closings for tomorrow.  Hubby says he’ll probably stay home and work from here.  The library will probably be closed, too.

Thank goodness I went to the grocery store on Friday night.  But I wish I had realized that we were low on milk.  Hubby and Daniel go through a gallon every 2-3 days.  Not me, I’m lactose intolerant since surgery.

We had dinner and it was pretty good.  Garlicky chicken, rice and mixed veggies.  Tomorrow I think my menu is for a cheesy bacon fritatta.  Going to have to check my calendar and get the bacon out.  Will make blueberry muffins to go with it.

Have I told you that I hate ice? LOL

~ Patty

It’s starting to SLEET!

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Wonder about the weather….how bad it’s going to get???  It’s starting to sleet.  We’re in a Winter Storm Warning until tomorrow at 6 pm.

The local radio stations are already telling us to listen in the morning for school closings.  I may not make it to work tomorrow; they close the local libraries if the weather is bad enough.

~ Patty

Baby, it’s COLD Outside!

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Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  And it’s pretty cold here in my office.

Daniel is at the next door neighbor’s birthday party.  He was ready to go by 1 pm, but the party didn’t start until 2 pm.

Tomorrow is my day off.  Daniel has school Mondays through Thursdays and no school on Fridays.  Lucky kid.  But he works hard for the four days he’s there.  This will be his first full week there.  He seems more relaxed.  I wish we had moved him out of that school and away from that bully sooner.

Tuesday I go in to work at the branch where I’ll be the Children’s Coordinator.  So exciting!  Just the other day while at work, I was reading "If you give a cat a cupcake" and decided that you could do a program on that book….get some plain cupcakes and bring in frosting and sprinkles….have the children frost and put sprinkles on their own cupcakes and wear kitty ears (which I will make) while we read the book.  So simple yet messy and fun!  I’m anxious to get to work!

It’s supposed to ICE tomorrow and Tuesday.  Cross your fingers that we don’t get it really badly like two years ago when we were without power for TWO WEEKS and had to move in with my mom!

~ Patty

Happy Saturday!

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It was snowing a teeny tiny bit.  If you blinked, you would miss the flakes LOL

Me and my Daniel are at the local library; he’s looking up pranks to pull on his father!  I told him he couldn’t do the warm water while he’s sleeping prank, nor the shaving cream on the face while he’s sleeping prank, so he’s looking up MILDER pranks.  As if there are any!

It’s freezing cold in the Ozarks today.

I wanted to take my mom to see "Me and Marley" but she’s really uncomfortable with her arthritis today.  She told me it’s because of the long car trip we took this week.  I don’t know about that since I don’t have arthritis like her, but I can understand her being uncomfortable and not wanting to go sit at the movies.

~ Patty

I’m annoyed (again)

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Woke up this morning with ANOTHER sinus infection.  My left ear aches something fierce and my throat feels as if it’s on fire.  Didn’t want to go to Urgent Care since last time they gave me an antibiotic that didn’t help at all.  Tomorrow my family doctor isn’t in her office but her nurse practitioner will be in, so I’ll go see her.  Hopefully she can get me fixed up since I have to travel on Thursday and Friday by myself.

My 6-month check-up is on Friday morning.  I already have my hotel reservation for Thursday night.  Sometimes I wish my bariatric surgeon’s office wasn’t 4 hours away!  Hopefully the roads will be clear and we won’t have any bad weather.

No more tornadoes yesterday.  It just rained a lot.

We just played another game of CLUE.  Santa brought it for Christmas.  It’s more complicated than CLUE, JR., but it’s fun.

For dinner we went out since I was napping and overslept.  Hubby woke me up at 4:40 wondering about dinner.  I needed to nap, felt so tired and yucky from this sinus infection.

Tomorrow Daniel is going to the dentist.  Good thing he has an appointment already!  He chipped a tooth on Christmas Day and has been needing Motrin for the pain.  Hopefully I can get in to see the nurse practitioner early enough to still take him to his appointment.

~ Patty

Tornadoes? Two Days After Christmas? OH YEAH!

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Welcome to Missouri!

I headed over to Walmart this morning to return a couple of things and we had a "Code Black" which means tornado warning.  So everyone went to the back of the store and into the bathrooms.  Ended up sitting on the floor for about 45 minutes until the "All Clear" came through.

Love this Midwestern weather!

Daniel and Ron were at my mom’s house working on the hot water heater, and we kept in touch with my cell phone.  Daniel was pretty upset about the sirens and his grammy not having a basement, poor kid.

Anyway, the skies are still gray and it’s pouring down rain but hopefully the sirens will not blow any more today.

What month is this?!?

~ Patty

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