Oh, it looks like 2012!

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Hello, April!  I’ve been rather indisposed this year and haven’t posted since before Thanksgiving.

The year started out well, but then lots happened at the end of January and I was out of order during February and March and am just now beginning to get back to “normal”

January 31:  took the puppy out for her morning walk, nothing unusual happened until she saw the neighbor dogs and they barked at her.  I told her to “wait” and she usually does, but not this morning.  She took one look back at me, then tore off towards the dogs.  I felt a really horrible SNAP in my left hand and hit the ground, knees first.  By the time I caught up with her, I was in agony.  Turns out my left pinky finger was BROKEN and the one next to it was pretty sore, along with the others.  My family doctor sent me for an x-ray, confirmed that it was broken and sent me to an orthopedist.  He sent me to an occupational therapist, who created a brace for me.

Well, then on February 8, my surgery was scheduled, so there I went, up to the hospital with my left hand in a brace.  They wouldn’t let me keep it on during surgery, so Ron took it home.  I ended up not wearing it again.

Surgery was tough.  The neurosurgeon only expected to have to separate three vertebrae and put a spacer in between them and then of course, the rod and screws.  BUT when he opened up my back (that sounds horrible, but the worst is yet to come LOL), my vertebrae were CALCIFIED together, so he had to DRILL the vertebrae apart.

That meant FOUR days in the neurological ICU plus two blood transfusions plus an extra drain since I was leaking spinal fluid (serious) and I had to lay flat on my back to prevent the serious headache that happens when you leak spinal fluid.  Sorry to say, laying flat didn’t help much.  The headache was astronomically huge.  The first night all I wanted to do (and did) was cry.  The second day wasn’t much fun either.  Nor the third or fourth.

Finally on the 8th day, the hospital sent me to the Monett hospital for rehab.  I had to learn how to roll, sit up and walk.  I was on huge doses of pain pills, which constipated me for two weeks, which….oh, you DON’T want to know what happened there…..

I was there almost a month.  Finally, on March 1, the second hospital sent me home.  I’m still doing physical therapy, three times a week.  I have another month still.

The worst news of all, the library didn’t hold my job for me.  Since my job was part-time, 24 hours a week, I didn’t qualify for the Family Medical Leave Act.  So I’m unemployed.

Oh, well.  God will provide.  He always does……………


Sitting here munching on a chocolate mint cookie… yum!

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I love cookies.


Yeah, I’ve lost 102 pounds and I still have an occasional cookie. Especially if there’s chocolate and mint involved LOL

Today is Friday and I worked all day. Also I work tomorrow for four hours. Then I work three days next week and then we go on VACATION! Wheeeeeeee! Time to start making my lists of things to pack. I’m obsessed with lists. Because I know that if I don’t MAKE one, I’ll forget half of what I’m supposed to pack. And in this family, I am the one who packs. We’ll be gone for 8 days so that’s a lot of clothes and stuff. Of course, my hubby says we should do laundry while we’re there so we don’t have to pack too many things, but HEY, it’s VACATION and since I’m the laundress, I REFUSE to do laundry on VACATION!

Who the heck does laundry on vacation?

Not me! If he wants laundry done, I’ll hand him a few quarters and send him on his merry way LOL

Anyway, it’s been a good week and thankfully it’s almost over.

The new movie, G-FORCE, started today. We’ll probably go see it. Maybe tomorrow?

Dinner was alright…some kind of creamy chicken stuff I found at ALLRECIPES. It was pretty basic and boring and of course, Daniel ate it up. Both Ron and I agreed that it needed something more…like mushrooms and seasoning. Of course if it had mushrooms and seasonings, Daniel wouldn’t have eaten any of it LOL

Anyway, that’s about it for me for now.

Hasta luego!

~ Patty

Happy Monday!

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I am exhausted.  Don’t ask me why, I didn’t do much today.

Woke up at 9:00 am, showered and dressed.  Ate spaghetti and meatballs for breakfast LOL  Fixed sausage for Daniel’s breakfast.  Read for a while, then we went to the library and I used the computer to check my email since my dial-up here at home makes me crazy.  Then we went to McDonald’s for lunch and then to the pool until around 3:00 p.m.  Fixed dinner (bacon cheeseburger meatloaf and mashed potatoes and corn).  Watched tv with Daniel.  He threw a load of laundry in the washer before dinner (he has to learn how!) and now it’s in the dryer.

Why am I so tired?

I think I’ll go to bed early.  Tomorrow is going to be a crazy and hectic (hopefully fun) day.  It’s the last day of our summer reading program and we’re having a huge party at 1:00 p.m.


~ Patty

Hello, is this still July? or is it August?

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Wow, I haven’t posted since forever.

Things have been busy.  We are counting down days until our week-long vacation in SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS!  Only 13 more days until we leave!  We leave on the 1st and drive all day, spend the night in Waco – then wake up on the 2nd and go the rest of the way to San Antonio.  A week later on the 8th we turn around and come home.  It’s probably going to be over 100* all week while we’re there but I don’t care.  We’re going to have to drink a lot of water, that’s for sure!

It’s been a quiet weekend.  Yesterday I did laundry all day, did the grocery shopping and today after church, took a long nap.  Before church, I put a brisket in the crock pot and then after it was finished, shredded it and poured BBQ sauce all over and wow, it was good!

HEY, good news!

I have lost a total of 102 pounds!  Yep, yesterday morning I jumped on the scale and it is down to 133!  I was so happy!

I am craving bing cherries.  Luckily there are some in the fridge….they’re calling my name LOL

Tuesday is the last day for the summer reading program at work.  We’re having a huge party and it ought to be fun.  I’m tempted to run over to my mom’s at lunch to pick up Daniel and bring him back to work with me.

Oh well, I know I haven’t been around much but really, nothing is going on LOL

~ Patty

Happy Monday!

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Wow, what a busy day this has been.

Woke up early and delivered posters for the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks blood drive next week.  Then we went to the library downtown and I typed up a news release for the blood drive and emailed that to the local newspaper.  Afterwards, went to the bank and got money out for the week and ran to Walmart and then to Subway for lunch.  Then went to my mom’s so that Daniel could mow her yard.  That took four hours (it should have only taken maybe two).  After that, I needed to go pee in a cup at the doctor’s office because I thought I had a bladder infection or UTI.  Well, that came back clear so I must have a yeast infection – so back to Walmart and finally home.  We (Daniel and I) ordered a delivery pizza since Ron is working late again.  We ate downstairs – a treat, since we never do that! and watched MTV (believe it or not), a show about “16 and Pregnant” which brought up a LOT of discussion with my 10-year old (I’m NOT ready for this, but obviously he’s curious, so I must be ready LOL).


Now I’ve loaded the dishwasher and am drinking cranberry juice again even though I don’t have a bladder infection or a UTI.  It just tastes good!  It’s low sugar, low carb, from Ocean Spray and it doesn’t make me dump or make me jittery.  It just tastes good!  And believe me, to find a JUICE that is low sugar, low carb that doesn’t make me dump or act jittery is a Very Good Thing!

I’m going to have to see if Walmart sells it in small bottles so I can take them to work.

Oh and even though it’s not even 7:00 p.m., I’m in my jammies and wearing my pink fuzzy slippers.

Tonight I’m going to bed early!

Tomorrow is going to be a BUSY day at work.  We’re having one of our librarians come over for a Reptile party of sorts.  Roxanne loves reptiles, no-legged ones and legged ones alike.  She’s bringing some with her and then she will discuss them with the children (both groups, young ones and the teens) and then they’ll do a writing exercise.  Sounds like it’s going to be great!

Ta ta for now!

~ Patty

Thursday Musings

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I woke up at 6:30 this morning to have time to shower and eat breakfast before having to wake Daniel up.  He was up late last night, watching the stars (I fell asleep).

I woke, showered and dressed and then the phone rang.  MOM!  She reported that she had thrown up all night and couldn’t watch Daniel.


I have no backup childcare.  So I had to call my boss and tell her that I couldn’t come in.


I need to call my Mom after while and make sure she can watch him tomorrow.  I can NOT call in tomorrow, I work alone on Fridays.  Hopefully she’ll be feeling better.

So he and I had a nice and quiet day.  We ended up getting groceries and I did three loads of laundry and then we went to the pool.  Speaking of pool, I got a swimsuit, size MEDIUM and it’s TOO BIG!  I swear, I started laughing so hard my boobs fell out!  This has never happened to me before, having something TOO BIG!

Well, I have permission to get in the pool since my hysterectomy scars are healed, but no swimsuit.  So I sat in the shade and read a book.  Daniel came over around 4:00 pm and told me he had fallen down…yep, he scraped his foot up pretty badly, so he went to First Aid and got bandaged up.  He complained that it was stinging a lot, so we came home.  He washed his foot up and put on some Neosporin and another bandage.  He’s outside playing so it’s better.

Dinner was good:  fried potatoes and steak (yummy!).  Tomorrow we’re having breakfast for dinner:  cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon and homemade muffins.  Breakfast for dinner is nice…breaks up the monotony of meat and potatoes and veggies.

~ Patty

So this was Wednesday…

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and I went to the gynecologist for my 3-week checkup.  He said everything was great, that the pathology report was perfect:  no cancer.  My ovary was enlarged, yes, but it wasn’t cancerous.  Just one of those things that happens for no reason.  Hmmmm.  Okay.  Anyway, he was ready to give me some hormone replacement therapy but I stopped him and reminded him about my TIAs that I was having in the fall.  So he said not to take estrogen, but to take Black Cohosh over the counter.  And to call him if that wasn’t enough.  Well, since his office is an hour from home and it’s a pain in the rear to get there, I just smiled and said, “OK” and walked out, knowing that I was going to call my family doc for anything and everything I’ll need.

Went to lunch afterwards (Wendy’s) and then headed home.  Stopped off at my family doc’s office for my B-12 shot and to make an appointment to see her next week regarding HRT and my options.

Came home after picking up ds at my mom’s and then crashed on the couch for about an hour.  Man, was I tired!  The gynecologist said that this fatigue will last quite a while.  He wasn’t kidding.

Fixed dinner, then the guys went to Lowe’s and here I sit.  Exhausted again!

Tomorrow and Friday are 8-hour workdays.  Jeepers!  I know I’ll be tired again.  Thankfully, Thursdays are pretty slow at work, but Friday will be busy.

Tonight we are supposed to get the telescope out and peek at the stars.  Hope I can stay awake long enough to join the fun LOL

~ Patty

I think it’s Tuesday…another long day!

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Wow, was today long and busy!

It was my first Tuesday at the library for the children’s summer reading club. We had a scientist come in at 1:00 pm for an hour demonstration and experiments – the children LOVED him! We had about 50 children.

And then a short break, and at 3:00 pm, we played BOWLING with the wii system. Actually, I didn’t play, just watched, but still, I’m exhausted! We had seven teens playing.

Talk about a busy day!

Now I’m here, vegging out. I think I’ll go to bed early tonight.

Tomorrow I go to the gynecologist for my three-week checkup. We’re going to discuss hormones, since he took out both my ovaries and I’m going to be tossed into menopause. Bleah!

~ Patty

So it’s been another long time since I’ve posted

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This has been a CRAZY week.  My boss has been having medical issues so she hasn’t been in at all, so I’ve been there every day for 8 hour days, plus I worked four hours Monday (my usual day off) and I’m TIRED!

I’m used to being off on Monday and Wednesday….I still have to work tomorrow (eight hours) and Saturday (four hours).


Anyway, I’m still alive, I think…..

~ Patty

So like I’ve been gone forever??

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Life has been crazy.  Work has been crazy.  I’m ready to just jump out the nearest window.


My boss (not the one that makes me crazy) told me the other day that she’s creating a new position that I can have in JULY.  How long until JULY???  I just have to get through the next couple of months.

Anyway, life is hard.  I’ll get over it.

Daniel is upstairs doing homework and Ron is helping him.

TOMORROW we are going to see Jesus Christ Superstar!!!!!   We are all so EXCITED!

Um, what else is going on?

Ron is healthy again and feeling wonderful.

Daniel is counting down days until school is out.

And until his 10th birthday (MAY 27).

Me, I’m waiting for JULY!

~ Patty

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