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Does it seem as though I’m obsessed with yogurt?  I think so LOL

I have ordered a case of 12 (vanilla) from the health food store; they should be in store in about a week.  YIPPEE!  The owner says she LOVES it with chocolate stevia, so I’ll have to invest in some of that too!

Meanwhile, what do I eat?  The other yogurts that I can get at Walmart and the regular grocery store all stink, compared to the Greek yogurt.  So I guess I’ll stick with cottage cheese.  I can have soft fruits as of Thursday, so I’ll stock up on pears and peaches and some bananas to go with the cottage cheese.

~ Patty



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Is this really Tuesday?  Okay.  I guess it is.

Daniel crashed his bike again yesterday (he did it a week ago Sunday, too) and sprained his arm.  The doc didn’t put it into a sling or cast or anything, just said that we should ice it yesterday and keep it warm today.  Daniel sure has been complaining; I bet it hurts really badly.  He’s sitting in front of the television right now with it wrapped up with the heating pad (on low).

I am craving MORE of that yummy Greek Yogurt that I had the other day but the health food store doesn’t open until 9:30 and then I’m not sure she’ll have any to sell.  I will call her and ask her to order some.

Stripey is SNEEZING.  Not sure what’s up with that, but since he’s so young, we are taking him to the vet as a precaution.  Don’t want him to get a respiratory infection.

Vacation Bible School started yesterday; we got out of the doc’s office just in time to get Daniel there at 1:00.  It lasts all week.

Thursday is our day to get to Columbia for my 1-month visit.

I want Greek yogurt!

~ Patty

MMMMMMM, doing a happy dance!

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Went to the Herb Depot after dropping off Daniel’s friend tonight and guess what?  She sells Stonybrook Farms yogurt AND had some of their Greek yogurt, too!  That’s right, OIKOS Organic Greek Yogurt is available to me here, in the middle of nowhere, Missouri, USA!  She had some that she had to pull from the shelf due to the expiration date but as she explained to me, yogurt is fermented, and it doesn’t really “go bad” like other foods would.  So she sold me one carton of vanilla, at cost, and I had it for supper.  MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!  It was rich and creamy, reminded me a bit of sour cream.  I ate the whole carton, which is something I hadn’t done before with the other yogurts I’ve tried since surgery.  Tomorrow I will try the other yogurts I purchased from the Herb Depot (forgot the brands, but they’re not Greek, although they ARE organic).  Afterwards, I will see about asking Soni if she can order some regularly, or semi-regularly for me.

~ Patty

OH, I have a craving!

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For some yummy YOGURT.  I’ve been eating all kinds of brands from our Walmart and Ramey (Price Cutter) but have called the local health food store and they carry Stonyfield Farms Organic Yogurt.  So after taking Daniel’s friend home, we are headed to the Herb Depot.

Bowling was cancelled.  The bowling alley is closed until 3 pm.  They are off of their summer hours already – go figure!  It’s not even August and they’re back to their fall schedule.  But the boys are in Daniel’s playroom, playing videos and I think they even have the big television on in the family room, so they’re happy.

What I’d really LOVE to try is some GREEK YOGURT.  But I’ve done a couple of searches and calls and none of the health food stores around here carry it.  The lady at the Herb Depot says that they used to carry it but not anymore.  When I go in, I’m going to ask if she can order me a special order, just to try it and see if it’s as YUMMY as everyone claims.

OOPS!  I just realized I haven’t gotten anything out for dinner yet………

All this talk of food reminded me.  I think I’ll pull out a couple of cube steaks for the guys.  Me, I can reheat some macaroni and cheese, or maybe have some YOGURT if the health food store has some good flavors.

~ Patty

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