Kitchen Organization

Oh, the fun of keeping everything where you’ll be able to find it!  When we moved into our home almost twelve years ago, I put things away and they were all happy where they were for a while.  Eventually, though, I kept adding so many things that my stuff became very unhappy and so did I.

So, with a suggestion from my husband and lots of energy, I re-did my kitchen organization.  Lately, I did a few things that I discovered on Pinterest, too, that have made my life easier and cooking more fun.

This is one cabinet.  It used to hold all of my storage containers with the lids separated from the containers.  Whenever you opened it, things fell out.  Not fun.  So, I decided to quit that game and matched lids with containers.  My guys know NOT to put anything away without its lid attached:

Top shelf: ceramic cooking and serving dishes
Middle shelf: tall containers
Bottom shelf: shorter containers

Now, my pantry used to hold just food.  I thought that’s what a pantry was for, kwim?  So everything was in there, kind of “together” by item but it was really hard to find stuff in the back.  Hubby made the suggestion to put the pots, pans and lids in the pantry.  Here’s the pantry today:

Top shelf: my husband’s Ensure, miscellaneous things that I don’t often need
Middle shelf: cereal, instant cereal (yes, we eat that kind) and granola bars
Bottom shelf: lids to pots and pans

Lower shelves:
Top: pans
Second shelf: pots and colanders
Third shelf: drink mixes (cat is optional)
Bottom shelf: tall cereal containers, my Crock Pots

Next, we go to the place where the pots and pans used to live:  a lower shelf next to the stove.  This was another place that seemed “natural” for them to live, right next to where I’d be using them.  Well, they decided to revolt (like the Lock’N’Lock) and start jumping out of the cabinet every time someone opened the door.  So!  Since the lazy Susan had a new job (you’ll see that later), the cabinet became home to my dry goods:  flour, sugar, pasta, corn meal, etc.

I try to keep everything in a storage container, but if I’m lazy (like today) after coming home from the store and know I’ll be using something “soon” then I just set it in the cabinet.

Now, off to the lazy Susan.  Why do they call it a lazy Susan?  I’ve often wondered….

My canned goods are on the top of the lazy Susan (except for those sneaky cans of chicken you see) and the boxes and plastic bottles are on the bottom.  Much neater than all over the tall pantry where I couldn’t see everything and things expired before I found them.

Below you can see my rusty cookie sheet (need to toss that, don’t I?) along with other baking pans and dishes.  Also, my plastic baggies are in this area.  I purchased a plastic organizer that you’re supposed to be able to use to hold up your plates in the cabinet; it works great for my cookie sheets!

Ah, now check out these cute little cabinets that my husband built for me!  I just love them – and of course, my spices ARE in alphabetical order:

I have some spices that don’t fit…told you I keep buying things!  They are on a small lazy Susan on the countertop.

Next, we go to my cabinet where the spices used to congregate:

On the top shelf, I have some utensils that I use often:  flour sifter, egg beater bowl (I don’t know what else to call it LOL my mom gave it to me, it’s the red one on the right and it came with its own whisk), and my tortilla warmer and mandolin.

The second shelf is baking needs:  my hand mixer, baking powder, cornstarch, cinnamon sugar, etc.

Bottom shelf:  the left side is hubby’s, it’s where he keeps his coffee filters, coffee bean grinder and coffees.  The right side is mine:  measuring utensils and garlic.

Take a peek at my cabinet door:  I love this idea, it came from Pinterest.  Check out my link!

Hope maybe I’ve helped you get your kitchen organized.  I’m always open to ideas, so e-mail me if you come up with anything!


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